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Launching an Instance from a Launch Template - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
Launch templates actually work if you launch ec2 instances the same way every time. By 'same way', however, I mean same volume size, same volume type, same security groups, same subnet, etc. However, this service is not ideal for launching, say LAMP servers, with same configuration. For that you should either use an Ansible playbook or and/or create your own AMI and launch instances from that. In other words, don't use the User Data EC2 setting to run a bunch of commands as it is not reliable.
aws  documentation  guide  reference  howto  tutorial  launch  instance  ec2  from  template 
august 2018 by racl101
ansible - how to define ssh private key for servers fetched by dynamic inventory in files - Stack Overflow
if you don't want to have to create a file in group_vars with an odd name like tag_Name_server1.yml and you happen to know that all your AWS EC2 instances might share the same SSH keys you could do something like this: ansible -i ./inventory/ec2.py --limit "tag_Name_server1" -m ping all and then just create this file: ./inventory/group_vars/all.yml . So even though you're using all the --limit option filters the number of hosts to only those with the right tag/value combination.
stackoverflow  ansible  howto  define  ssh  private  key  aws  ec2  servers  hosts  fetched  from  dynamic  inventory  scripts  connection  interpreter  example  guide  reference  group  variables  group_vars 
july 2018 by racl101
javascript - LoDash: Get an array of values from an array of object properties - Stack Overflow
Does the job that Laravel's Collection pluck method does for a key in an array of associative arrays.
stackoverflow  howto  get  array  of  properties  property  values  from  objects  pluck  lodash  _.map  map  example  guide  reference  javascript 
may 2018 by racl101
How to load default form values into Vue object
Shows how to populate a component's data from data provided to it by a parent component by props.
laracasts  forum  howto  load  form  field  data  component  from  parent  props  example  guide  reference 
may 2018 by racl101
vue.js - Is there any way to trigger component method from parent in VueJS? - Stack Overflow
In short, refs is a nice way for a parent component to refer to a particular child component after instantiation (when communicating via props might not be an option), and even execute a child component's method directly.
stackoverflow  vue  vuejs  vue2  howto  trigger  execute  component  child  method  from  parent  example  guide  reference 
may 2018 by racl101
python - Take multiple lists into dataframe - Stack Overflow
Note, that each is that makes up your dataframe should be a column of values. That is, each value in a given list makes up a value in a given column. The number of items in the list must be the same for all lists since the index position of a given element in the lest corresponds to a row.
stackoverflow  howto  create  panda  dataframe  from  multiple  lists  column  values  example  guide  reference  python  python2.7 
april 2018 by racl101
How can I send on behalf of my users? - Postmark Help
Need to really understand this well in order to send mail on behal of other users.
postmark  Howto  Guide  ReferencE  MAil  Send  Email  behalf  Other  users  Documentation  from  replyto  reply  address 
september 2016 by racl101

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