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Uploading Files With VueJS and Axios - Server Side Up
This actually worked well. It shows how to create a form with a file upload field and submit it via ajax (using Axios.js) library and how to handle, or receive the file upload on the server using Laravel (PHP framework.)
blog  tutorial  howto  example  create  form  file  upload  vuejs  vue2  vue  multipart  html5  ajax  axios  javascript  guide  reference  laravel  php  server 
6 weeks ago by racl101
FormData - Web APIs | MDN
Used this class for sending form submissions via Ajax that include file uploads using the axios.js library.
mozilla  mdn  developer  network  documentation  guide  reference  form  data  class  ajax  request  manual  tutorial  howto  example 
6 weeks ago by racl101
Ecommerce University | Contact Form Country/Province Dropdown - Shopify Design
The short of it is: if you are using shopify's country_option_tags variable you'll need to include the 'shopify_common.js' | shopify_asset_url | script_tag JavaScript library to be able to dynamically populate the province / state field. Look to the Shopify Debut theme to see how this is done.
shopify  forum  ecommerce  university  contact  form  addresses  customer  country  province  dropdown  howto  example  guide  reference  jquery 
august 2018 by racl101
How to load default form values into Vue object
Shows how to populate a component's data from data provided to it by a parent component by props.
laracasts  forum  howto  load  form  field  data  component  from  parent  props  example  guide  reference 
may 2018 by racl101
jQuery formBuilder | Drag & Drop Form Creation
Took ideas from this for Onboard V2. Might need to implement it fully later on.
drag  drop  form  builder  jquery  plugin  editor  json  javascript  library 
october 2017 by racl101
Actually pretty decent tool. Haven't fully used it in production, but am using some ideas from it on Meritcore Onboard V2 app
jquery  formbuilder  plugin  library  dynamic  form  creator  creation  fields 
july 2017 by racl101
javascript - How to change onClick handler dynamically? - Stack Overflow
This method came in handy in hijacking / taking over REDCap onclick/click handler of front facing survey forms when jQuery submit method wasn't working.
onclick  change  JavaScript  Howto  REdcap  dynamically  Submit  Surveys  click  example  JQuery  form  Fix  Stackoverflow  ReferencE  Guide  handler 
december 2016 by racl101
Where to put HTML macros in laravel 5? - Stack Overflow
I opted to follow this approach for Live Audio Cast ported to Laravel 5.1. when re-instating form macros.
form  provider  Stackoverflow  Laravel5  Laravel  Service  example  macros  Laravel4  Howto  Serviceprovider  Laravel5.1 
december 2015 by racl101
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