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Craft CMS
CMS used by Optimal Payments as evidenced by a Monster Jobs, job position for a web developer. It looks a lot like ExpressionEngine. Costs money.
CMS  CRAft  expressionengine 
september 2015 by racl101
Member-Related Links – ExpressionEngine Documentation
Use this to determine what links are activated by the member module.
expressionengine  ee1  Documentation  Guide  Reference  member  links 
may 2013 by racl101
Best/Proper method for CP AJAX Posts? / Forums / Community / EllisLab
Very helpful tutorial regarding how to do Ajax POSTing to module methods (that usually display Control Panel module pages).

Not complete but very helpful
POST  method  module  javascript  cp  controlpanel  howto  ajax  support  forum  ee2  expressionengine 
january 2013 by racl101
Structure for ExpressionEngine
This plugin is used on InHouse Society EE1 installation.
builder  hierarchy  menu  addons  extension  modules  cms  plugins  ee  ee2  expressionengine 
december 2012 by racl101
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