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Nginx: 413 - Request Entity Too Large Error and Solution - nixCraft
Encountered this with huge uploads even though I changed the PHP post and upload max size settings. It turned out, I had to also set client_max_body_size in my nginx virtual host file.
cyberciti  blog  tutorial  howto  fix  troubleshoot  linux  http  error  code  413  request  entity  too  large  file  upload  max  post  settings  config  virtual  host  virtualhost  client_max_body_size  setting  example  guide  reference 
8 weeks ago by racl101
Solving the Error: route [login] not defined in laravel 5.5
This is important if building an api with Passport on Laravel5.

Also, if using a roles and permissions library such as the Spatie Laravel Permissions library consider doing something like this:

public function render($request, Exception $exception)
if($exception instanceof \Spatie\Permission\Exceptions\UnauthorizedException && $request->expectsJson()) {
return response()->json([
'status' => $exception->getStatusCode(),
'success' => false,
'error' => [
'code' => null,
'message' => 'User does not have the right permissions'
], $exception->getStatusCode());

return parent::render($request, $exception);
medium  blog  howto  example  fix  troubleshoot  route  not  defined  error  response  json  javascript  exception  handler  401 
february 2019 by racl101
javascript - A Parser-blocking, cross-origin script is invoked via document.write - how to circumvent it? - Stack Overflow
How to deal with the: "A Parser-blocking, cross-origin script, http://example.org/script.js, is invoked via document.write. This may be blocked by the browser if the device has poor network connectivity." from Google Chrome browser.
stackoverflow  howto  troubleshoot  google  chrome  error  parser  blocking  cross  origin  script  javascript  example  guide  reference  async 
june 2018 by racl101
ajv@^6.0.0 is missing · Issue #9691 · angular/angular-cli
I fixed this for myself by installing: npm install ajv@^6.0.0 from within the project directory. Not sure if this is the best way of dealing with the issue.
github  forum  angular  angular-cli  npm  install  howto  troubleshoot  issue  error  ajv  dependency  project  guide  reference 
april 2018 by racl101
Error: Cannot find module 'internal/util/types' · Issue #1124 · remy/nodemon
I was only able to fix this for myself by installing NodeJS / NPM with nvm and by installing the LTS Boron NodeJS version (v6.14.1) and npm version (v3.10.10) as of April 27, 2018.

I encountered this error when trying to run the DCIDA Web app Grunt task.
github  nodejs  npm  internal  util  types  error  howto  troubleshoot  fix  dependency  grunt  guide  reference 
april 2018 by racl101
MySQLdb User's Guide
I don't get it, but I guess you're supposed to use %s as a placeholder even for integers (so not %d) in a query string that is used in a cursor.execute() statement. I tried it with pymysql. I'm not sure why, but it worked.

This is the explanation: In this example, max_price=5 Why, then, use %s in the string? Because MySQLdb will convert it to a SQL literal value, which is the string '5'. When it's finished, the query will actually say, "...WHERE price < 5".
mysql-python  howto  troubleshoot  cursor  mysql  pymysql  query  python  python2.7  string  format  number  error  fix  guide  reference  examples 
april 2018 by racl101
mysql - MySQLdb Python insert %d and %s - Stack Overflow
I don't get it, but I guess you're supposed to use %s as a placeholder even for integers (so not %d) in a query string that is used in a cursor.execute() statement. I tried it with pymysql. I'm not sure why, but it worked.
stackoverflow  howto  troubleshoot  cursor  mysql  pymysql  query  python  python2.7  string  format  number  error  fix  guide  reference 
april 2018 by racl101
insertion - Python MySQLdb issues (TypeError: %d format: a number is required, not str) - Stack Overflow
I don't get it, but I guess you're supposed to use %s as a placeholder even for integers (so not %d) in a query string that is used in a cursor.execute() statement. I tried it with pymysql. I'm not sure why, but it worked.
stackoverflow  howto  troubleshoot  cursor  mysql  pymysql  query  python  python2.7  string  format  number  error  fix  guide  reference 
april 2018 by racl101
Error: duplicate listen options for [::]:443 · Issue #5550 · certbot/certbot
This happened to me when I tried to create an SSL certificate for two virtual hosted sites that share the same top level domain but have different subdomains and their www versions.

E.g. site1.myawesomesite.com and site2.myawesomesite.com (and their www versions www.site1.myawesomesite.com and www.site2.myawesomesite.com )


change listen [::]:443 ssl ipv6only=on; to listen [::]:443;
github  forum  letsencrypt  ssl  certificate  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  howto  troubleshoot  fix  duplicate  listen  options  error  virtualhost  example  guide  reference 
march 2018 by racl101
I 'm getting error "Class 'PredisClient' not found" in Laravel 5.2 - Stack Overflow
Had this issue on Laravel 5.5 when I wanted to set Supervisord to do some queue work on a Beanstalkd Queue. Fixed issue by simply installing predis/predis package.
stackoverflow  howto  troubleshoot  laravel  laravel5  laravel5.5  error  message  supervisord  beanstalkd  queue  redis  fix  guide  reference 
january 2018 by racl101
Errors & Logging - Lumen - PHP Micro-Framework By Laravel
If you have problems with errors not being shown on the browser or not being logged to the storage/lumen.log file then chances are the permissions for storage/lumen.log are the issue. Give it read and write permissions so that the www-data user group can write to it too.
lumen  lumen5.5  error  logging  guide  reference  documentation  tutorial 
january 2018 by racl101
Getting Nginx fpm.sock error | DigitalOcean
If you encounter this error, perhaps the error is with your pool settings. Namely, the max_children and the like type of settings.
digitalocean  forum  troubleshoot  fpm  sock  missing  file  error  php-fpm  pool  nginx  php 
december 2017 by racl101
Prevent nginx 504 Gateway timeout using PHP set_time_limit() - Stack Overflow
Really helpful example showing how to set max execution time on an nginx server running php fpm. Works for PHP 7, Nginx and PHP FPM on Ubuntu 16.04
stackoverflow  howto  example  guide  reference  increase  max  execution  time  limit  nginx  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  php  php7  php-fpm  virtualhost  prevent  504  timeout  error 
september 2017 by racl101
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