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git - Configuring diff tool with .gitconfig - Stack Overflow
Shows, for example how to set a diff / merge tool that isn't one of the regularly supported ones like vimdiff for example.
stackoverflow  howto  example  set  diff  merge  tool  global  git  config  custom  configure  command  bbdiff  guide  reference 
12 weeks ago by racl101
PHP_CodeSniffer: Code Beautifier and Fixer, Symfony and PhpStorm
Neat blog tutorial explaining how to set up PHP Code Sniffer Beautifier and Fixer tool (phpcbf) as an external tool in PHPStorm and assign a custom keyboard shortcut.

Then you can run the tool for any PHP project so that it runs the tool via the custom keyboard shortcut.

It works well but the only caveat is that in the code navigator you need to be within the project root directory. You can do this easily by running the Command Key + Up Arrow and then using the arrow keys to navigate to the project root.
blog  tutorial  howto  example  setup  external  tool  php  commandline  phpcbc  code  sniffer  beautifier  fixer  custom  keyboard  shortcut  command  phpstorm  configuration 
november 2018 by racl101
Use a custom framework in a playground - Xcode Help
Sort of works on Xcode 9.2, but the steps under the last heading 'Use a custom framework' is a bit ambiguous, most likely, due to my inexperience with iOS development and Xcode.
apple  mac  ios  playground  xcode  xcode9  xcode9.2  import  custom  framework  files  swift  howto  example  guide  reference  documentation  tutorial 
february 2018 by racl101
jquery - Datatable styling so bootstrap button appears on same row as other elements - Stack Overflow
Really good example showing how to alter the Datatables top row layout (where the filter menu and/or dropdown menus are) to add custom buttons on the same div row. It also, gives insight on how to do your own custom buttons.
stackoverflow  howto  datatables  style  layout  dom  same  row  filter  menu  plugin  addon  button  custom  example  guide  Reference 
october 2017 by racl101
php - Lumen HTTP Basic Authentication without use of database - Stack Overflow
Shows how to implement Basic Auth using custom Middleware, that doesn't require a Users database table to check against. Worked on Lumen 5.1
stackoverflow  lumen  http  basic  auth  user  database  less  no  lumen5.1  howto  example  guide  reference  middleware  custom 
september 2017 by racl101
Custom data pagination with Laravel 5 – psampaz.github.io
Really good tutorial on how to do custom database record pagination on Laravel 5. Works for Laravel 5.4.
blog  tutorial  howto  guide  reference  custom  database  record  pagination  laravel5  laravel5.4  example 
august 2017 by racl101
php - Laravel 5.3 Password Broker Customization - Stack Overflow
This is a good guide to give you an idea of how to fully customize the password broker down to the behavior of how and when emails are sent and with what info. It worked for Laravel 5.4 with slightly looking bit of code. See the comments of the winning response.
stackoverflow  howto  override  laravel  laravel5  laravel5.4  laravel5.3  password  broker  reset  service  provider  custom  manager  fix  example  guide  reference 
june 2017 by racl101
Creating Custom Facades on Laravel 5.3
Even though nobody explicitly validates a right answer here, this actually has the meat of what you need to do achieve custom facades in Laravel 5.4.
laracasts  custom  facade  laravel5.4  laravel5.3  laravel  forum  howto  example  guide  reference  troubleshoot 
may 2017 by racl101
Custom Facades
Really good video that explains the principles for creating custom facades in Laravel. Not directly applicable to Laravel 5.4 but to do that check out this Laracasts forum post:

laracasts  screencast  lesson  custom  facades  laravel  tutorial  guide  reference 
may 2017 by racl101
ACF | Query posts by custom fields
This technique worked for me when I used the Date Time Picker add on plugin and need to sort on date fields saved as time stamps. Use 'NUMERIC' type and use <= >= > < as compare symbols.
ACf  Guide  ReferencE  Documentation  Tutorial  Howto  query  WP_Query  custom  fields  values  compare 
october 2015 by racl101
devise/README.md at master · plataformatec/devise
If using Rails 4 and you are adding custom fields to the User Model then to whitelist or allow the fields to be passed to the User Model for creation or updating, as opposed to Rails 3, where you'd define mass assignable fields in the User Model, in Rails 4, you must do it in the ApplicationController (app/controller/application_controller.rb) using a before_action filter in the controller. Like so: before_action :configure_permitted_parameters, if: :devise_controller? protected def configure_permitted_parameters devise_parameter_sanitizer.for(:sign_up) { |u| u.permit(:email, :password, :password_confirmation, :first_name, :last_name, :profile_name) } end
Github  Devise  readme  strong  parameters  custom  fields  attributes  Rails  rubyonrails  Rails4  controller  model  sanitize 
september 2015 by racl101
Installing a dependency with Bower from URL and specify version - Stack Overflow
Great example showing how to add a library hosted on Github that cannot be found in the bower repository.
version  Howto  install  repository  Stackoverflow  custom  Url  project  example  Github  bower 
august 2015 by racl101
How to Add Ringtones to iPhone (Updated for iOS 7)
As of August 4, 2018, on iTunes 12.8, all you need to do is convert your mp3 to an m4a and then from the m4a create the .m4r and then simply go in iTunes, find the section for your iOS device, click on the Tones tab and just drag and drop the .m4r file.
Howto  Tutorial  iphone  ringtone  custom  Blog  Guide  ReferencE 
may 2015 by racl101
php - Laravel 4 - Using Eloquent Models in a custom library class - Stack Overflow
Explains how to access Eloquent Models in custom classes such as event handlers that one would define with their own namespace. It turns out you need to prefix the model name with a slash like so: $user = \User::find((int) $data['user_id']);
custom  example  model  eloquent  handler  Event  Class  Howto  orm  Laravel  Stackoverflow  Laravel4 
january 2015 by racl101
Pagoda Box Portal | Deploy and Scale PHP Apps app-name.gopagoda.com forwards to custom...
Demonstrates how to add directives to .htaccess file to make a pagodabox app given a pagodabox domain (e.g. my-app.gopagoda.com) redirect to a custom (e.g. domain my-app.com) whenever a request is made to the pagodabox domain. Similar to WP Engine.
Apache  howto  domain  redirect  pagodabox  forum  custom 
october 2014 by racl101
JQuery trigger() Method : How to Create Custom Events in jQuery
Really good guide of how to create custom events with jQuery and it works well with IE9 and IE10.
events  JavaScript  Tutorial  Blog  JQuery  Reference  Guide  custom  howto 
april 2014 by racl101
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