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docker - Dockerized nginx is not starting - Stack Overflow
Docker container runs as long as the command you specify with CMD, ENTRTYPOINT or through the command line is running. In your case the service command finishes right away and the whole container is shut down.

One way to fix this is to start nginx directly from the command line (make sure you don't run it as a daemon).
stackoverflow  howto  troubleshoot  nginx  image  container  server  not  starting  fix  issue  daemon  CMD  ENTRYPOINT  configuration  command  example  guide  reference 
december 2018 by racl101
git: fetch and merge, don’t pull | Mark's Blog
Really good tutorial explaining the nuances between git pull and git fetch & git merge combination and why it's important to not always use git pull.
blog  tutorial  git  pull  fetch  merge  refspecs  branches  remotes  tracking  set  upstream  configuration  explanation  howto  example  guide  reference 
december 2018 by racl101
PHP_CodeSniffer: Code Beautifier and Fixer, Symfony and PhpStorm
Neat blog tutorial explaining how to set up PHP Code Sniffer Beautifier and Fixer tool (phpcbf) as an external tool in PHPStorm and assign a custom keyboard shortcut.

Then you can run the tool for any PHP project so that it runs the tool via the custom keyboard shortcut.

It works well but the only caveat is that in the code navigator you need to be within the project root directory. You can do this easily by running the Command Key + Up Arrow and then using the arrow keys to navigate to the project root.
blog  tutorial  howto  example  setup  external  tool  php  commandline  phpcbc  code  sniffer  beautifier  fixer  custom  keyboard  shortcut  command  phpstorm  configuration 
november 2018 by racl101
How to upload a generic file into a Jenkins job? - Stack Overflow
Use the file parameter to be able to provide an upload, such as an Ant build.xml, on every build.
howto  example  stackoverflow  upload  file  build  build.xml  buildfile  ant  jenkins  server  parameterized  configuration  setting  guide  reference 
november 2018 by racl101
Jenkins from the command line
This shows how to control jenkins with a Python tool. This could be interesting.
blog  tutorial  jenkins  commandline  cli  configuration  example  howto  guide  reference  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  python  tool  api  package 
november 2018 by racl101
Template for Jenkins Jobs for PHP Projects
Really excellent guide that teaches you a lot about how to set up a server that can act as a Jenkins master or slave for building and testing PHP projects.
jenkins  howto  guide  reference  php  projects  tools  job  template  continuousintegration  continuous  integration  configuration  automation  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  testing 
october 2018 by racl101
Installing MySQL (with Debconf) | Servers for Hackers

echo mysql-server mysql-server/root_password password root | debconf-set-selections;\
echo mysql-server mysql-server/root_password_again password root | debconf-set-selections;\
apt-get install -y mysql-server mysql-client libmysqlclient-dev

So that you don't have install mysql server interactively and can set the root password programmatically.

Works for installing MySQL 5.7 on Ubuntu 16.04 as well.
blog  tutorial  screencast  video  howto  install  mysql  mysql5.7  server  debian  configuration  root  password  programmatically  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  script  bash  shell  example  guide  reference 
october 2018 by racl101
Theme Kit Configuration
This commandline tool works really well and has every command you could need for working on Shopify themes. It's also not dependent on any editor, the way certain tools were (e.g. with TextMate). So you can you use your favorite editor like SublimeText, for example, with this tool.
shopify  theme  development  tool  kit  themekit  documentation  guide  reference  configuration  commandline 
august 2018 by racl101
PHP-FPM: Multiple Resource Pools | Servers for Hackers
Good video explaining how might one set up multiple PHP-FPM resource pool config files and multiple virtual hosts for multiple websites (with Nginx). Although the creator of the video makes a lot of mistakes and it can be confusing at times, he does a good job at explaining the rationale for doing so. If you want to see a written blog post version of this you can refer to:


Works on Ubuntu 16.04
video  screencast  tutorial  howto  setup  serversforhackers  multiple  php-fpm  config  pool  resources  configuration  websites  virtual  hosts  explanation  example  guide  reference 
july 2018 by racl101
Configuring Access to Systems Manager - AWS Systems Manager
To be able to use AWS SSM service on EC2 instances (which allows one to run shell scripts by having AWS invoke script execution directly) you need to configure the users invoking the ssm service directly with the right policies and configure the EC2 instances with the proper roles.
aws  documentation  guide  reference  ssm  systems  manager  prerequisite  toread  tolearn  tounderstand  configuration  policy  policies  roles  ec2  iam  users 
july 2018 by racl101
Full Example Configuration | NGINX
A great example of a fully filled Nginx main configuration file which shows exactly where the options are supposed to go.
nginx  guide  reference  sysadmin  configuration  example  full  server  documentation  manual  howto 
november 2017 by racl101
ulimit - Ubuntu 16.04 Server MySql open_file_limit won't go higher than 65536 - Server Fault
Really good example to follow in case increasing max_connections and increasing limits in /etc/security/limits.conf doesn't work.
serverfault  stackexchange  howto  create  mysql  service  override  configuration  file  increase  maximum  open  limit  database  server  example  guide  reference  ubuntu  ubuntu16.04  linux 
november 2017 by racl101
amazon web services - AWS ELB -> Backend Server over HTTPS with Self-Signed Certificate - Stack Overflow
Very influential question that helped me make sense out of how to create self signed certificates for backend authentication process when setting up Amazon AWS (elastic) classic load balancers and protect the connection from load balancer to EC2 instances. Especially the part where I need to configure each EC2 instance running Nginx. This example shows the Nginx config file.
stackoverflow  howto  guide  reference  example  set  up  ssl  load  balancer  elastic  elb  classic  self  signed  certificate  openssl  pem  configuration  server  nginx 
november 2017 by racl101
How To Host Multiple Websites Securely With Nginx And Php-fpm On Ubuntu 14.04 | DigitalOcean
The value of this tutorial is that it demonstrates how to set up different PHP-FPM pool configurations for different websites to be run under different users and different Nginx virtual hosts. This is important because it limits the amount of resources that different websites might need to their specific PHP-FPM pool file, as well it helps protect other sites should the website users be compromised. I.e. the same system user can't read and write to all your websites. Works on Ubuntu 16.04
digitalocean  blog  tutorial  howto  host  multiple  sites  securely  nginx  php-fpm  ubuntu  ubuntu14.04  guide  reference  security  pool  configuration  virtual  virtualhost 
october 2017 by racl101
Optimize nginx and PHP-FPM (max_children) | Guillaume Moigneu - nls.io
Really good tutorial showing how to set Nginx settings and PHP-FPM settings to optimize web server settings.
blog  tutorial  tounderstand  tolearn  toread  nginx  php-fpm  php  configuration  max_children  process  workers  cpu  cores 
august 2017 by racl101
Boxes - Getting Started - Vagrant by HashiCorp
Of interest for the purposes of having multiple versions of Laravel Homestead are: config.vm.box and config.vm.box_version .
LAravel  config.vm.box_version  Box  Settings  virtual  Guide  Vagrant  configuration  virtualmachine  machine  config.vm.box  homestead  virtualbox  Documentation  Tutorial  ReferencE 
february 2017 by racl101
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