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siquylee/jenkins-php: Jenkins jobs with Docker for PHP projects inspired by http://jenkins-php.org
This is a Github project showcasing how to adapt Sebastian Bergmann's PHP Jenkins Template Ant buildfile and adapt it to a website / app project built with Laravel and implementing the buildfile (build.xml) with the Phing build tool (a tool that uses Ant buildfile syntax but has PHP specific tasks/ options and only requires PHP (not Java) to run.)

For the Laravel project look within the BookStack directory.
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november 2018 by racl101
How to upload a generic file into a Jenkins job? - Stack Overflow
Use the file parameter to be able to provide an upload, such as an Ant build.xml, on every build.
howto  example  stackoverflow  upload  file  build  build.xml  buildfile  ant  jenkins  server  parameterized  configuration  setting  guide  reference 
november 2018 by racl101
Parameterized Build - Jenkins - Jenkins Wiki
Use the file parameter to be able to provide an upload, such as an Ant build.xml, on every build.
jenkins  wiki  guide  reference  documentation  tutorial  parameterized  build  upload  build.xml  ant  buildfile  howto  example 
november 2018 by racl101
Docker ARG vs ENV · vsupalov.com
Really good tutorial explaining ARG vs ENV directives found in Dockerfiles when using Docker Compose software.
blog  tutorial  guide  reference  explanation  docker  arg  env  keywords  statements  directives  difference  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  dockerfile  build  time  run  buildtime  runtime 
november 2018 by racl101
javascript - Vue JS 2.0 not rendering anything? - Stack Overflow
This line is important:

From the author -- 2.0 standalone build means (compiler + runtime). The default export of the NPM package will be runtime only, because if installing from NPM, you will likely pre-compile the templates with a build tool.
stackoverflow  howto  troubleshoot  issues  vuejs  vue2  not  rendering  build  compiler  runtime  npm  export  package  include  tool  explanation  guide  reference 
april 2018 by racl101
Rails Versioning
Great explanation explaining the difference between major, minor and tiny (or patch) version numbers in the context of rails gems / builds
tiny  explanation  Howto  APp  Tutorial  Blog  MAjor  rubyonrails  Rails  ReferencE  build  Guide  Minor  version  patch 
september 2015 by racl101
Build an Instagram clone with AngularJS, Satellizer, Node.js and MongoDB - HackHands
Really advanced tutorial by Satellizer AngularJS module creator. Try to read and understand this when you have a chance to truly understand the following concepts: AngularJS development, Satellizer, NodeJS apps and JWT authentication.
Blog  Tutorial  instagram  Angularjs  satellizer  jwt  nodejs  Howto  APp  build  example  mongodb 
august 2015 by racl101
How to Use npm as a Build Tool
Must read this and understand it. Will give lots of insight into how package.json files work and how nodejs works in general.
totry  explanation  ReferencE  Tool  Toread  build  Howto  Blog  Npm  Tutorial  example  tounderstand  Guide 
august 2015 by racl101
Gradle: Build Automation for the JVM, Android, and C/C++
Being used on Android Studio for Android Development
gradle  build  automation 
may 2015 by racl101
Contributing | Fine Uploader Documentation
Clear instructions on how to download FineUploader from Github and build it using NodeJS. Works on MacOSX.
Fineuploader  howto  instructions  build  nodejs  github  Guide  Reference  Documentation 
april 2014 by racl101
sstephenson/ruby-build · GitHub
Needed this to install basic ruby and rails environment for mdna. It is a plugin used by rbenv to install different versions of ruby on Mac OS X
github  ruby  build  ruby-build  Plugin  rbenv 
january 2013 by racl101
How to build an android app with external libraries using ant? - Stack Overflow
Just put them in libs/, as Ant will add everything in there to your build path. See this project, and this project, and this project for examples.
jar  libs  stackoverflow  build  howto  ant  library  external  android 
april 2012 by racl101

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