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Backup (mysql dump) all your MySQL databases in separate files - Running with Ruby
Really good, simple to understand Bash shell script demonstrating how to backup all the databases in a given mysql server installation into a single file or into separate files (one for each database).
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november 2018 by racl101
Backing Up Mysql Databases Remotely Using cron & ssh - Andy Croll
Really good blog tutorial that demonstrates how to write a Bash Shell script to log into a remote server using SSH (by way of a previously set up public SSH key) and run the MySQL backup command (mysqldump) to create a database backup (or more), download those backups to the local machine, delete the no longer need backups remotely, and clean up old backups locally (based on an arbitrarily chose number of days to keep them) and how to set a Cron job to run this script regularly. Great tutorial.
Database  Shell  backup  Toread  Server  CRon  Remotely  Mysql  Linux  Script  mysqldump  Ssh  Blog  Bash  tounderstand  Howto  Tutorial 
october 2015 by racl101
How to use Cron to Backup CloudSites to CloudFiles | Cloud Computing and Web Hosting Knowledge Center by Rackspace
Could be useful if Crons actually fired off when they're supposed to. Probably won't work for a giant site. Nevertheless the Cloudfiles PHP API code was indeed useful and the Bash script can be made to work on a local machine.
example  howto  mysql  database  backup  tutorial  kb  knowledgebase  cloudsites  cloud  rackspacecloud  rackspace  cron 
march 2012 by racl101
Backup Your MySQL Database Using PHP
Looks useful especially if I don't have bash script privileges.
php  mysql  backup  database  howto  tutorial  db  code  david-walsh 
april 2010 by racl101

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