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PHP: array_reduce - Manual
This function is useful in situations where you need to deal with arrays of associative arrays with numeric keys and you want to merge them into one while preserving the numeric keys.

Like so, for example:

$arr1 = [ [ 1 => 'foo'], [3 => 'bar'], [7 => 'yo'], ..., [101 => 'dogg'] ];
$result = array_reduce($arr1, function ($carry, $item) { return $carry + $item; }, []);

This returns: [ 1 => 'foo', 3 => 'bar' .... 101 => 'dogg'];
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march 2018 by racl101
PHP: call_user_func_array - Manual
What this function allows you to do is to pass the name of a function as the first parameter (or a lambda) and an array of arguments to plug into the function passed as the first argument. This is good for a function that can accept a variable number of arguments such as array_merge. Say you have an array of arrays. You can bring all the contents of the sub array to the first level with this call_user_func_array function.
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july 2017 by racl101
PHP: array_combine - Manual
Use this if you want to assemble an array from two arrays. One containing just keys, the other just values.
php  array_combine  function  assemble  combine  array  values  keys  guide  reference  manual  documentation 
may 2017 by racl101

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