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Setting Up Conditional Payments in Gravity Forms - Gravity Forms Support
This is how you can have the same form handle one-time or recurring subscription Stripe payments. By using two feeds and checking if a form field choosing between 'one-time' and 'recurring' payment values.
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january 2016 by racl101
WordPress › Gravity Forms + Stripe « WordPress Plugins
Potentially good plugin but we need to verify if there's a demo we could try given that it's a paid plugin which costs about 65 CAD to buy.
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october 2015 by racl101
Does Stripe offer email receipts? : Stripe: Help & Support
Basically explains that email invoice receipts only get made for charges made in live mode.
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june 2015 by racl101
Fixed admin invoice USERNAME_FIELD AttributeError by cphalpert · Pull Request #79 · pydanny/dj-stripe
One of these forum replies explains a goodway to go about billin cycles. A suggestion of sorts: Hi, I've looked into this for the past few days, and if my interpretation is correct, most membership website have a policy like this: When a customer upgrades to a higher plan, set the benefits to the upgraded plan immediately and prorate the charge. When a customer downgrades to a lower plan or cancels, don't change the benefits until the next billing cycle, and don't refund any prorated charges either. I think a policy like this solves two issues: It avoids money outflow while being fair with the customer It prevents a loophole in the current scheme wherein a customer could "upgrade" (without prorated charge) 1 day after the billing date, and "downgrade" 1 day before the billing date and repeat this over and over again. This assumes that as soon as the customer upgrades, they get the higher benefit right away (which is what's expected). Right now, I can't implement this scheme. So I propose we make the prorate a parameter to the subscribe function with a default value of False to be compatible with the current code base. Thanks, Melvin
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september 2014 by racl101
Building a custom payment form
Simple and to the point to tutorial on how to create custom Stripe form to charge a credit card
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september 2014 by racl101

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