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reactjs - Fine Uploader with Webpack & ES6 - Stack Overflow
Potential example of how to set up a fine uploader uploader within a Reactjs component.
reactjs  JavaScript  Howto  es6  Stackoverflow  example  Fineuploader 
may 2016 by racl101
fine uploader add prefix to file name on s3 - Stack Overflow
My own answer of how to prefix uuid generated filename to bucket folder path (prefix).
Amazon  S3  stackoverflow  Fineuploader  howto  Uuid  aws  Bucket 
april 2014 by racl101
Contributing | Fine Uploader Documentation
Clear instructions on how to download FineUploader from Github and build it using NodeJS. Works on MacOSX.
Fineuploader  howto  instructions  build  nodejs  github  Guide  Reference  Documentation 
april 2014 by racl101
Note: you can use the software but without a commercial license you must build it first with NodeJS sort of the same way you compile source files and you get no support from the company that made it.
github  Fineuploader  uploadprogress  progress  project  upload 
april 2014 by racl101

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