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Ecommerce University | Shopify - using if statements within js.liquid files - Shopify Design
This forum contains a good explanation of why certain liquid template keywords like: {{ template }} do not return what you expect in .js.liquid files. So don't use it to try to detect the template from within the .js.liquid files. Instead, in the theme.liquid template, in the head tag do something like this:

var template = {{ template | json }};

and then use that variable in your JavaScripts that you include externally, like so:

if(template === 'index'){
console.log('homepage loaded');
shopify  ecommerce  university  forum  guide  reference  explanation  css  javascript  assets  template  detection  liquid  syntax  caveat  proviso  toread  tolearn  tounderstand 
august 2018 by racl101
Sass: Sass Basics
If using Laravel Mix then you want the SASS syntax
sass  css  compiler  documentation  guide  reference  toread  tolearn  totry  tounderstand 
may 2018 by racl101
laravel-mix/installation.md at master · JeffreyWay/laravel-mix
This guide actually talks about how to use Laravel mix in stand-alone, non-laravel projects and it seems to work well.
github  documentation  guide  reference  laravel  mix  laravel-mix  webpack  howto  setup  install  standalone  project  non  laravel5  tutoria  javascript  css  compiling 
april 2018 by racl101
Can't import css from node_modules/ · Issue #412 · JeffreyWay/laravel-mix
This example demonstrates to add / import a CSS dependency, such as the Animate.css library, that is installed via NPM (i.e. npm install --save-dev animate.css), into a Sass file using the @import statement and having Laravel (Webpack) Mix compile the single .css file.
github  forum  howto  example  css  npm  dependency  animate.css  sass  package  laravel  webpack  mix  guide  reference  jeffreyway 
april 2018 by racl101
gulp - Laravel elixir and autoprefixer - Stack Overflow
How to prevent browser vendor prefix rules from being removed in output when you need them there. Set, elixir.config.css.autoprefix.enabled = false;
override  CSS  Elixir  Stackoverflow  Howto  config  LAravel  prefix  Browser  Gulp  disable  autoprefixer  vendor  example 
august 2016 by racl101
jquery - Wrapping a div around every three divs - Stack Overflow
jQuery way of creating Bootstrap .row wrappers every 3 or 4 items to create nice flush grids where every item has either a col-md-4 or col-md-3 class.
wrap  elements  HTML  grid  multiple  example  trick  Row  wrapper  Bootstrap  Stackoverflow  CSS  JQuery  Howto 
may 2016 by racl101
jQuery - use wrap() to wrap multiple elements? - Stack Overflow
jQuery way of creating Bootstrap .row wrappers every 3 or 4 items to create nice flush grids where every item has either a col-md-4 or col-md-3 class.
wrap  elements  HTML  grid  multiple  example  trick  Row  wrapper  Bootstrap  Stackoverflow  CSS  JQuery  Howto 
may 2016 by racl101
Reen theme uses this. Amazing, straight CSS animation ligrary.
demo  Animation  library  CSS  animate  REen  CSS3 
march 2016 by racl101
daneden/animate.css: A cross-browser library of CSS animations. As easy to use as an easy thing.
Reen theme uses this. So does Bootstrap nofify plugin. Really great animation library.
Github  CSS  animate  Animation  library  Script  REen 
march 2016 by racl101
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