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Setting CORS (cross-origin resource sharing) on Apache with correct response headers allowing everything through | Benjamin Horn
This actually works.

# Always set these headers.
Header always set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"
Header always set Access-Control-Allow-Methods "POST, GET, OPTIONS, DELETE, PUT"
Header always set Access-Control-Max-Age "1000"
Header always set Access-Control-Allow-Headers "x-requested-with, Content-Type, origin, authorization, accept, client-security-token"

# Added a rewrite to respond with a 200 SUCCESS on every OPTIONS request.
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ $1 [R=200,L]

I used it on the DCIDA API app which is an Angular JS app, and where we had CORS issues on Safari, but not Google Chrome. This worked. I pasted this into an .htaccess file, and put it in the webroot and then tested it out and it worked.
blog  tutorial  howto  set  cors  cross  origin  resource  sharing  apache  example  guide  reference  linux  server  headers  options  post  get  delete  put  toread  tolearn  tounderstand  angularjs 
november 2017 by racl101
Sort and Filter a Table Using Angular | Scotch
Good tutorial to show filtering of items rendered with ng-repeat.
Angularjs  filter  scotch  ReferencE  example  Howto  JavaScript  Tutorial  table  Blog  Ng-repeat  Guide 
september 2016 by racl101
javascript - AngularJS : Insert HTML into view - Stack Overflow
There are 2 steps: include the angular-sanitize.min.js resource, i.e.: <script src="lib/angular/angular-sanitize.min.js"></script> In a js file (controller or usually app.js), include ngSanitize, i.e.: angular.module('myApp', ['myApp.filters', 'myApp.services', 'myApp.directives', 'ngSanitize'])
Angularjs  HTML  Tag  example  Howto  View  Guide  render  Stackoverflow  Ngsanitize  Reference  Ng-bind-html 
september 2016 by racl101
Force Redraw after container change · Issue #185 · angular-google-chart/angular-google-chart
I used this approach: angular.copy( ... ) to force an array used in an ng-repeat directive to re-render every item so that CSS animations bound to ng-enter were triggered and thereby show animation effects consistently.
Github  Forum  Guide  ReferencE  Angularjs  Deepcopy  Angular.copy  Array  trigger  Animation  render  Howto  force  example 
september 2016 by racl101
The DCIDA Web front-end project used by the ABJHI. Consumes the API project.
Abjhi  decisionaid  Github  contractor  Angularjs 
september 2016 by racl101
AngularJS: Timing Multiple resource Resolves in ngRoute and ui-router – Phil Puleo
Excellent tutorial showing how to properly set up resource resolves in AngularJS ui-router. It shows how to properly resolve multiple resource objects (e.g. a list of blog posts that is not necessarily a pagination or a complete list. E.g. the number of objects depends on parameters sent in the request for the resources.)
Reference  Tutorial  Blog  Angularjs  multiple  resolving  Howto  example  resource  Timing  UI-router  Guide 
august 2016 by racl101
How can I add some small utility functions to my AngularJS application? - Stack Overflow
Needed some functions to be available to AngularJS HTML templates so I thought this was the best way to do it.
Angularjs  Stackoverflow  Howto  utility  helper  methods  functions  APp  Service  factory  $rootscope  scope  template  HTML  Guide  ReferencE 
july 2016 by racl101
javascript - Delaying AngularJS route change until model loaded to prevent flicker - Stack Overflow
Using this approach of returning a promise and delaying until the promise is resolved works on UI-Bootstrap Modal directive's open method within the resolve option to load a list of items, queried to api, before the modal loads.
fulfilled  Route  resolved  finished  $timeout  Howto  UI-bootstrap  delaying  Bootstrap  Stackoverflow  promise  $q  Angularjs  change  model  modal  loading 
july 2016 by racl101
Promises in AngularJS, Explained as a Cartoon
Really cool tutorial with images showing (in a very simplified example, albeit) how $q service and promises work on AngularJS.
ReferencE  Service  Blog  promise  Guide  explanation  $q  Tutorial  Angularjs 
july 2016 by racl101
javascript - How to display length of filtered ng-repeat data - Stack Overflow
Ironically, the way that works for me is the Angular prior to 1.3 approach even though I'm using newer Angularjs.
Howto  DATa  Stackoverflow  Ng-repeat  Ngrepeat  example  result  filter  count  Angularjs 
july 2016 by racl101
pagination - How to do paging in AngularJS? - Stack Overflow
Really greate stackoverflow post on the subject of pagination in AngularJS. Forced me to get acquainted with AngularJS UI Bootstrap library which contains directives for pagination.
Bootstrap  Howto  Angularjs  ReferencE  Angularuibootstrap  Guide  Angular-ui-bootstrap  explanation  pagination  example  Stackoverflow 
july 2016 by racl101
javascript - Append html to an element in directive and make a local function to interact with it - Stack Overflow
Great example that shows how to append HTML to a directive and have this HTML be generated, in part, to data sent from controller scope.
injection  Angularjs  Insert  example  dynamic  controller  ReferencE  append  directive  scope  Stackoverflow  Howto  HTML  Guide 
june 2016 by racl101
angularjs - Angular factory returning a promise - Stack Overflow
Shows how to return a promise object resulting form $http call from a function within an AngularJS factory. Works well with an AngularJS provider as well.
Howto  example  return  promise  Stackoverflow  promises  Angularjs  JavaScript  $http 
june 2016 by racl101
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