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Why America is Self-Segregating – Data & Society: Points
In “Why America is Self-Segregating,” danah boyd looks back at the unraveling of two historical institutions through which social, racial, and class-based diversification of social networks was achieved — the US military and higher education — and asks how trends towards content personalization on social media continue to fragment Americans along ideological lines.
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InCoding — In The Beginning – MIT MEDIA LAB – Medium (may 2016)
Whoever codes the system embeds her views. Limited views create limited systems. Let’s code with a universal gaze
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The World is Designed for Men – HH Design – Medium
designing for the extremes often yields disproportionate rewards which benefit the general use case as well
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WMC Speech Project » Pizzagate: American politics get the Gamergate treatment (by Brianna Wu)
One of the side effects of women being discriminated against in software engineering is that our information-sharing systems were built by men for the comfort of other men.
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The overwhelmingly male social media site Reddit operates of the concept of upvotes, stories and comments that the community agrees are sent higher – and comments that the community disagrees with are often hidden from view altogether. As a result, these communities are built to be hostile to women – ask any woman that’s pointed out sexism on Hacker News or tried to participate in an open-source software project.
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Feminist Tech Tools | GenderIT.org
They are the kind of tools that we haven’t seen in the past, because of the hierarchy of whose needs have been met and the preferential way in which voices and opinions have been valued. But things are changing – feminist priorities are being recognised within the realm of tech tools and innovation. Slowly but surely, the default “user” is moving from being a white cis-gendered heterosexual man, to including other, diverse possibilities for human preferences and needs.
Building upon the feminist principles of the internet, the above tools are practical examples of how feminist attitudes towards technology are manifesting themselves online.
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White men dominate Silicon Valley not by accident, but by design — Quartz
Too often, discussions about women in tech frame suggest that it’s necessary to inject diversity into an industry that has been successful without it. Attempts to close the gender gap might be more successful if they acknowledged that women have been involved in the field all along. “Unlocking the clubhouse” seems a lot less radical when it didn’t start out as “no girls allowed” to begin with. As Gloria Steinem once said: ‪”Women have always been an equal part of the past. We just haven’t been a part of history.” Women of color have been particularly subject to such erasures, and have faced even more limitations in hiring—including in the tech sector.
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