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A detour from more traditional paths of composition | Jacket2
An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris was written by Georges Perec during a gray Parisian weekend in October 1974. The stated intention was to “describe … that which is generally not taken note of, that which is not noticed, that which has no importance: what happens when nothing happens other than the weather, people, cars, and clouds.”
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june 2014 by rachaelsullivan
Formulating a Thesis - Writing Commons
by Andrea Scott, Assistant Professor at Pitzer College. published in April 2013.
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february 2014 by rachaelsullivan
Marcel Proust, Writing In Search of Lost Time: Proust's Notebooks and Paperoles | Palimpsest
any other paper lying about would do. Envelopes, magazine covers, scarps of paper of different length and format were used: Proust called these "paperoles". Pages were torn out of notebooks and pasted elsewhere, and paperoles were often stuck together sometimes forming two-metre long scrolls. The creative process for Proust involved "writing fragments, putting them together and then separating them in order to re-assemble them in another way", writes Jean-Yves Tadie.
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february 2014 by rachaelsullivan
Toward a Composition Made Whole | Aesthetically
Shipka advocates for those of us who teach and research multimodal composition to “expand our disciplinary commitment to the theorizing, researching, and improvement of written discourse to include other representational systems and ways of meaning making” (131).
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may 2013 by rachaelsullivan
Rhetorical Theory/Bruno Latour | Enculturation
A very short video outlining why I think the work of Bruno Latour is important and necessary for rhetoric and composition
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march 2013 by rachaelsullivan
Beyond the Book Report: Ten Alternatives | Edutopia
A Reading Guide: At the end of some novels there are a set of questions that are designed for a book club to use in discussion. This is a challenging project, but one that some readers love because it allows them to direct the conversations of others. In order to formulate good questions, they are required to have a deep understanding of the book. This activity is also great if you have book clubs or literature circles as students can provide their peers with this guide.
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february 2013 by rachaelsullivan
Nick Carbone shared a collection of covers for Pride and Prejudice from the NYTimes Sunday Book Review. Great fodder for discussions of how book covers work to appeal to readers and persuade people to pick up a book.
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february 2013 by rachaelsullivan
Hybrid Pedagogy: A Digital Journal of Teaching & Technology | Home
Our goal is to think critically about both sides of each binary (and not to neatly privilege either) toward the (perhaps distant) goal of a more thorough deconstruction of our pedagogies. Hybridity is about the moment of play, in which the two sides of the binaries begin to dance around (and through) one another before landing in some new configuration. Thus, this article (and the work of Hybrid Pedagogy) is not just about what will become of us in the wake of technological and cultural transformation, but also (and perhaps more predominantly) about the process of becoming itself.
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december 2012 by rachaelsullivan
Digital Writing Uprising: Third-order Thinking in the Digital Humanities | Collaboration | HYBRID PEDAGOGY
Yet again, doesn’t this perceived notion of “usefulness” introduce a dramatic cultural bias against new forms of writing which are novel or experimental (a la J. Joyce’s Ulysses), perhaps perceived as without a “use” at first? For that matter, who can identify the “use” of Ulysses? Perhaps there is none.
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december 2012 by rachaelsullivan
Career Advice: Writing IS Thinking - Inside Higher Ed
Many of us hold an incredibly limiting set of beliefs about the writing process, the relationship between our thoughts and the physical act of writing, and what it takes to sit down and write. When I ask people to describe their writing process, what often surfaces is the idea that writing is what happens AFTER they have read everything there is to read, clearly and thoroughly worked out an idea in their heads, and have large blocks of time to empty the fully-developed idea onto the page (or into the computer). In other words, “writing” is simply the physical act a scholar engages in after she’s gotten everything figured out internally.
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july 2010 by rachaelsullivan
CCCC 2004 - Made Not Only in Words: Composition in a New Key, by Kathleen Blake Yancey
Yancey’s consideration of deicity – “Deixis, linguistically, refers to words like “now” and “then,” words whose “meanings change quickly depending on the time or space in which they are uttered” or read.” – focused on how the speed of technological change was affecting literacy and, by extension, our teaching of writing.
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may 2010 by rachaelsullivan
Ink - The Official Website
Ink is a persistent alternate world (PAW) -- an enduring, online, multiplayer space. Ink was designed from scratch with two main goals: teaching writing and fostering community. A PAW has great potential to meet these goals:
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may 2010 by rachaelsullivan
Stanford Study of Writing - Home
The Study has several major goals: to provide an overview of student writing at Stanford; to trace student development in writing across a five-year period; and to use findings to inform the work of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric, the Stanford Writing Center, and, if appropriate, our Writing in the Majors courses.
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june 2009 by rachaelsullivan
Melanie Yergeau || aut(hored)ism
Within the frameworks of digital media studies and disability studies, I examine how those with ASDs are ideologically authored into passing, into various levels of “functioning,” into cloaking their socially inappropriate instincts and autistic commonplaces by guise of normalcy. In the same manner that neurotypicality is constructed, autism, and narratives of what autism should be, further complicate transparency for the autistic college student. In my project, I assert that this dichotomous construction of neurotypicality and neurodivergency lends autism to narratives of telepresence, especially within the composition classroom: Lev Manovich defines telepresence as “anti-presence,” a hegemonic ideal for those with communication differences.
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june 2009 by rachaelsullivan
Minimovies - A new series of documentaries made for the digital age
A Minimovie is an episodic documentary consisting of 8 to 10 episodes. Episodes are 7 to 10 minutes each. Put together, they form a self-contained story. With MiniMovies SubmarineChannel explores a new narrative and visual style of documentary filmmaking.
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june 2009 by rachaelsullivan
Dene Grigar, Ph.D.
I have been involved in some aspect of digital media for the last 17 years, using computers and computing devices to create literary works, engage in textual analysis, pioneer online environments, and create multimedia performance pieces. For the most part I see it as the duty of artists and scholars to take control of electronic technology in order to shape it, else we will, without a doubt, be shaped by it.
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june 2009 by rachaelsullivan
Creating a Canvas of Knowledge: An Interview with Larry Sanger
If you’ve got a lot of writing students, especially if their writing is at all serviceable, we would be delighted to have people use Citizendium and, in particular, our Eduzendium project. Eduzendium is essentially Citizendium for college teachers. There are those who’ve actually used Wikipedia as a way of giving a certain kind of assignment. You can do the same kind of thing with Citizendium.
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april 2009 by rachaelsullivan
A Brief History - March 20, 2009
The concision of telegrams created poetry and wit born of economy.
"STREETS FULL OF WATER. PLEASE ADVISE," is what humorist Robert Benchley
sent his editor at The New Yorker upon arriving in Venice for the first time.
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march 2009 by rachaelsullivan

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