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Nick Carbone shared a collection of covers for Pride and Prejudice from the NYTimes Sunday Book Review. Great fodder for discussions of how book covers work to appeal to readers and persuade people to pick up a book.
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february 2013 by rachaelsullivan
Visual case study: Cadillac CTS
When was the last time you saw a woman use her sex appeal to sell a car without her being an objectified, silicone-filled vixen? Years ago, I went to a derby, where I witnessed Gretchen, the Snap-On Tool girl, who sat happily on the sunroof of a souped up VW Golf, looping the track and waving at the crowd. These are the expected female roles when it comes to the auto industry. But the times, they are a changing. Marketers have to find a way for products to be attractive to both sexes. Did you know that, according to www.womenbuycars.com, women influence 85% of all the car buying decisions, 74% of the maintenance decisions and purchase 45% of automobiles annually?
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november 2009 by rachaelsullivan

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