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Is The Internet Good or Bad? Yes. – Matter – Medium (2014)
Zeynep Tufekci
" Twitter isn’t a traditional broadcast company; there’s no editor-in-chief who can be bought or pressured. So when the hundreds more protesters showed up, and were met with police, tear gas, and water cannons, people learned about it again on social media. Soon the protest was an order of magnitude larger. "
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"Even if it were possible to catch us through mass media, messages that work for one person often fail to convince others. Big-data surveillance is dangerous exactly because it provides solutions to these problems. Individually tailored, subtle messages are less likely to produce a cynical reaction. Especially so if the data collection that makes these messages possible is unseen. That’s why it’s not only the NSA that goes to great lengths to keep its surveillance hidden."
surveillance  internet  activism  wikileaks  NSA  tracking  violence  algorithm  panopticon  bigdata 
november 2017 by rachaelsullivan
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