Enabling further research of information operations on Twitter
we are committed to understanding how bad-faith actors use our services. We will continue to proactively combat nefarious attempts to undermine the integrity of Twitter, while partnering with civil society, government, our industry peers, and researchers to improve our collective understanding of coordinated attempts to interfere in the public conversation.
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12 weeks ago
Can Mark Zuckerberg Fix Facebook Before It Breaks Democracy? | The New Yorker
Like it or not, Zuckerberg is a gatekeeper.
- -
Facebook’s free-speech dilemmas have no simple answers—you don’t have to be a fan of Alex Jones to be unnerved by the company’s extraordinary power to silence a voice when it chooses, or, for that matter, to amplify others, to pull the levers of what we see, hear, and experience.
facebook  democracy  moderation  hate  hoaxes  facebookworldtakeover 
12 weeks ago
Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn - YouTube
"we have an army of digital soldiers"
November 14, 2016
october 2018
The dark depths of hatred for Hillary Clinton - BBC News
In Mercieca's view, the rhetoric of this election has gone dangerously far.
"When we treat politics like sport or war, then we treat ourselves as fans or soldiers, cheering or booing or following orders," she says.
"When we treat politics like that, then those who hold differing views from us are not wrong, they are evil. They are not mistaken, they are enemies."
misogyny  election  rhetoric 
october 2018
Trump Lets His Followers Know ‘Hillary Clinton Can’t Satisfy Her Husband’ – Talking Points Memo
The potential presidential hopeful on Thursday shared a fan’s tweet that read “If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?”
election  misogyny 
october 2018
Hillary Clinton vs Misogyny – The TLS (Oct. 2016)
At the fiery centre of this campaign is a village like Salem, where suspicion and hostility rapidly escalate to witch-burning ecstasy.
- - - - -
During September, HRC and Trump were mainly tied or he was actually ahead. Meanwhile he heckled and attacked her in absentia, as weak and lazy, and then as sick and diseased. And, of all the times for it to happen, she got pneumonia. In general, HRC seems tireless.
misogyny  election 
october 2018
Elections integrity (Oct. 17. 2018)
In line with our principles of transparency and to improve public understanding of alleged foreign influence campaigns, Twitter is making publicly available archives of Tweets and media that we believe resulted from potentially state-backed information operations on our service.
Also see: https://blog.twitter.com/official/en_us/topics/company/2018/enabling-further-research-of-information-operations-on-twitter.html
election  twitter  russia  trolling  fakenews 
october 2018
The Agency - The New York Times
Russia’s information war might be thought of as the biggest trolling operation in history, and its target is nothing less than the utility of the Internet as a democratic space.
fakenews  hoaxes  russia  trolling  facebook  war 
october 2018
Jeff Giesea. It’s time to embrace memetic warfare. | StratCom
"trolling, it might be said, is the social media equivalent of guerilla warfare, and memes are its currency of propaganda"
election  memes  war  trolling 
october 2018
Exclusive: Russians Impersonated Real American Muslims to Stir Chaos on Facebook and Instagram
After an American admirer of ISIS massacred 49 people at an Orlando nightclub in June 2016, the community quickly created an event titled “Support Hillary. Save American Muslims!” that presented Clinton’s name in an Arabic-style font.
election  facebook  fakenews  war  memes 
october 2018
Meme versus Meme
suggests two different kinds of memes: those with a humorous purpose, and those that are militant.
quote from Sen. Warner on the memes that influenced the election.
- - - -
These memes are not meant to educate; they rely on and play off of internet users’ existing knowledge and understanding of culture and current events. They are not meant to change our mind, but to validate our existing opinions through humor. And because our knowledge and understanding of culture and current events often varies directly with political ideology, as a we scroll through our Facebook feeds, the plethora of political memes perpetuate our existing echo chambers.
Trump himself uses memes in this way. On July 2 of this past summer, Trump tweeted out a video of himself body-slamming someone whose face is covered by a CNN logo. This meme, understandably, was met with confusion and frustration from his opponents. While it is easy to criticize Trump’s treatment of the media, it is different entirely to try and criticize a meme—which is a joke. While this tweet was undoubtedly immature, it was so immature that taking it seriously seemed like the wrong reaction entirely.
election  memes  fakenews  war  facebook  democracy 
october 2018
‘I made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’: meet the data war whistleblower | News | The Guardian
Its expertise was in “psychological operations” – or psyops – changing people’s minds not through persuasion but through “informational dominance”, a set of techniques that includes rumour, disinformation and fake news.
SCL Elections had used a similar suite of tools in more than 200 elections around the world, mostly in undeveloped democracies that Wylie would come to realise were unequipped to defend themselves.
election  facebook  facebookworldtakeover  data  war  fakenews 
october 2018
Watch VICE News Tonight's full episode "Charlottesville: Race and Terror" – VICE News (Aug 2017)
On Saturday hundreds of white nationalists, alt-righters, and neo-Nazis traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia, to participate in the “Unite the Right” rally. By Saturday evening three people were dead – one protester and two police officers – and many more injured.
racism  politics  activism  extremism  BLM 
july 2018
Take control of your research photos with Tropy, a tool that shortens the path from finding archival sources to writing about them. Spend more time using your research photos, and less time searching for them.
photography  research  tools 
july 2018
The Link Between Racism and PTSD | Psychology Today
Racism-related experiences can range from frequent ambiguous “microaggressions” to blatant hate crimes and physical assault. Racial microaggressions are subtle, yet pervasive acts of racism; these can be brief remarks, vague insults, or even non-verbal exchanges, such as a scowl or refusal to sit next to a Black person on the subway. When experiencing microaggressions, the target loses vital mental resources trying figure out the intention of one committing the act. These events may happen frequently, making it difficult to mentally manage the sheer volume of racial stressors. The unpredictable and anxiety-provoking nature of the events, which may be dismissed by others, can lead to victims feeling as if they are “going crazy.” Chronic fear of these experiences may lead to constant vigilance or even paranoia, which over time may result in traumatization or contribute to PTSD when a more stressful event occurs later (Carter, 2007). In fact, one study of female veterans found that African Americans scored higher on measures of ideas of persecution and paranoia, which the authors attributed to an adaptive response to racism (C’de Baca, Castillo, & Qualls, 2012).
hate  racism  study  violence  harassment 
july 2018
Facebook’s Secret Censorship Rules Protect White Men… — ProPublica
Facebook has used these rules to train its "content reviewers" to decide whether to delete or allow posts. Facebook says the exact wording of its rules may have changed slightly in more recent versions. ProPublica recreated the slides.
facebook  racism  algorithm  race  censorship  hate  moderation 
july 2018
How Social Media Silences Debate - The New York Times (2014)
The Internet, it seems, is contributing to the polarization of America, as people surround themselves with people who think like them and hesitate to say anything different. Internet companies magnify the effect, by tweaking their algorithms to show us more content from people who are similar to us.
socialmedia  politics  filterbubble  democracy  PEW 
july 2018
Did Media Literacy Backfire? – Data & Society: Points (Jan. 2017)
In the United States, we’re moving towards tribalism, and we’re undoing the social fabric of our country through polarization, distrust, and self-segregation. And whether we like it or not, our culture of doubt and critique, experience over expertise, and personal responsibility is pushing us further down this path.
Media literacy asks people to raise questions and be wary of information that they’re receiving. People are. Unfortunately, that’s exactly why we’re talking past one another.
fakenews  facebookworldtakeover  facebook  news  election  digitalliteracy  boyd 
may 2018
Life of Objects: An Interview with Mary Mattingly - Art in America
I’ve been bundling my possessions into these boulder-like forms. Composed of computers, photographs, books and clothing, the sculptures are extremely heavy and cumbersome, which makes moving them arduous and Sisyphean.
nonhuman  objects  consumersociety  materiality  trash  hoarding  art 
april 2018
Grid by Example
This site is a collection of examples, video and other information to help you learn CSS Grid Layout.
css  grids  webdesign 
april 2018
Withering Under the White Gaze: The Hart Family Tragedy
“As if our lives have no meaning and no depth without the white gaze,” Morrison says.
The white gaze is the product of a culture that automatically centers whiteness and gives white people the benefit of the doubt. This is why, for days after the deadly crash, some people were refusing to even entertain the possibility of foul play because it did not compute with the familiar “white savior” narrative Jennifer and Sarah embodied.
blackness  race  whiteness 
april 2018
What smartphone photography is doing to our memories - Vox
“Just taking photos in general was enough to decrease scores on a memory test,” says Emma Templeton, a Dartmouth psychological researcher who was a co-author of the study.

Why? The simple answer is that the camera is a distraction. “It could just be that we’re using these devices, distracting ourselves from the experience, and because of that distraction, we don’t remember the thing we’re supposed to be paying attention to,” says Templeton.

And because of the ubiquity of smartphones, “we’ve just inserted into our daily lives potentially a giant source of distraction.”
photography  cellphones  memory  socialmedia  attention 
april 2018
A healthcare algorithm started cutting care, and no one knew why - The Verge (2018)
Algorithmic tools like the one Arkansas instituted in 2016 are everywhere from health care to law enforcement, altering lives in ways the people affected can usually only glimpse, if they know they’re being used at all. Even if the details of the algorithms are accessible, which isn’t always the case, they’re often beyond the understanding even of the people using them, raising questions about what transparency means in an automated age, and concerns about people’s ability to contest decisions made by machines.
Idaho has since agreed to improve the tool and create a system that Eppink says will be more “transparent, understandable, and fair.” He says there might be an ideal formula out there that, when the right variables are entered, has gears that turn without friction, allocating assistance in the perfect way. But if the system is so complex that it’s impossible to make intelligible for the people it’s affecting, it’s not doing its job, Eppink argues. “You have to be able to understand what a machine did.”
- - -
No one seemed able to answer basic questions about the process. “The nurses said, ‘It’s not me; it’s the computer,’” De Liban says.
tags: healthcare algorithm machineagency agency rhetoric
march 2018
'Utterly horrifying': ex-Facebook insider says covert data harvesting was routine | News | The Guardian
“It was well understood in the company that that presented a risk,” he said. “Facebook was giving data of people who had not authorised the app themselves, and was relying on terms of service and settings that people didn’t read or understand.”
Parakilas said he lobbied internally at Facebook for “a more rigorous approach” to enforcing data protection, but was offered little support.
facebook  privacy  facebookworldtakeover  data  election  terms 
march 2018
How your Facebook 'likes' helped Trump steal the 2016 election | Will Bunch - Philly
What does political cyber warfare look like? As you might imagine, pretty ugly. In an election where most voters’ preferences are deeply rooted, a campaign like the one engineered by Cambridge Analytica tried to tap into the psychology of the voters who could most easily be peeled away from Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton — young people who might be convinced to vote third-party, or blacks who’d been enthusiastic about Barack Obama but could be discouraged from showing up in 2016. Data seemingly as trivial as what sneakers or candy bars you like helped develop profiles of the persuadable.
facebook  facebookworldtakeover  election  democracy  data  psychology  fakenews  war 
march 2018
Thinking About Google Search As A Colonial Tool – Joshua Adams – Medium
3/17/19 - So how do prevailing ideas about the democratic potential of the internet and search engines blind us from the ways these tools privilege the values, beliefs, ideologies, and ontologies of the Western world? Though these are serious topics that deserve thoughtful study and research, they show the how digitals tools can reinforce oppressive social structures.
google  postcolonial  algorithm  search  democracy  society  race 
march 2018
On YouTube Kids, Startling Videos Slip Past Filters - The New York Times
“Algorithms are not a substitute for human intervention, and when it comes to creating a safe environment for children, you need humans,” Mr. Golin said.
Nov. 2017
algorithm  youtube  platforms  moderation  youth 
march 2018
YouTube Restores Account For Far-Right Activist Jerome Corsi
March 2018

“Debate and let ideas rise to the top in the marketplace of ideas”
moderation  youtube  conservatism  politics  speech  censorship 
march 2018
This Design Generation Has Failed
We need to slow. The. Fuck. Down. And pay attention to what we’re actually designing. We’re releasing new things into the world faster than Trump is causing scandals.
design  users  ethics  interface  error  userfriendliness  ucd 
february 2018
Trump's real plan for 2018 - Axios
A source close to the White House tells me that with an eye to getting Republicans excited about voting for Republicans in midterms, the president this year will be looking for "unexpected cultural flashpoints" — like the NFL and kneeling — that he can latch onto in person and on Twitter.
election  politics  postman  publicsphere  public_opinion  hate  twitter 
february 2018
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