Olia Lialina: Vernacular Web 2
The space that we’ve researched as a new medium for the last ten years has turned into the most mass medium of them all. Nothing more than a mass medium, permeating our daily lives to the point of becoming invisible. Its numerous users are busy working, having a good time or expressing themselves, and they have almost perfect tools and services at their disposal. Connection never breaks, distinction between a server and a hard disk, between your desktop and that of another person has almost vanished, and there’s nothing that could contribute to the development of user-media relationship, nothing to provoke us.
webdesign  internet  users  userfriendliness  platforms  computing_history  1990s 
23 hours ago
The Elements Of Style: UNIX As Literature
But the most recurrent complaint was that it was too text-oriented. People really hated the command line, with all the utilities, obscure flags, and arguments they had to memorize. They hated all the typing. One mislaid character and you had to start over. Interestingly, this complaint came most often from users of the GUI-laden Macintosh or Windows platforms. People who had slaved away on DOS batch scripts or spent their days on character-based terminals of multiuser non-UNIX machines were less likely to express the same grievance.
macintosh  interface  userfriendliness  unix  code  difficulty 
5 days ago
Hawaii missile alert: How one employee ‘pushed the wrong button’ and caused a wave of panic - The Washington Post
From a drop-down menu on a computer program, he saw two options: “Test missile alert” and “Missile alert.” He was supposed to choose the former; as much of the world now knows, he chose the latter, an initiation of a real-life missile alert.
design  ux  users  webdesign 
7 days ago
MoMA's Thinking Machines Explores the Effect of Computation on Artistic Production | | Eye on Design
“So much anxiety around our current moment is embodied by how we interface with new media and technology,” says Sean Anderson, the show’s curator and MoMA’s associate curator in the Department of Architecture and Design. “By exhibiting and narrating these objects from the museum’s collection, we not only deepen the story of postwar art and design, but also engage in a meaningful conversation about present-day realities, which are informed and implicated by developments in cybernetics, programming, and computing.”
The exhibition juxtaposes artworks, design items, and proposals in order to trace how computers have transformed aesthetics, and how machines entirely reshaped the way we approach designing, creating, and working.
typography  apple  design  code  computing_history  1980s  kare  art 
8 days ago
“Weird Facebook” and “Leftbook,” explained: How absurd meme groups could change Facebook for good
Welcome to the Facebook underground — a hidden network of meme communities and affinity groups that may just be the future of the social network as we know it.
facebook  wtf  experimental  alt-lit  memes 
13 days ago
The Weird Thing About Today's Internet - The Atlantic (May 2017)
Outside of the open-source server hardware and software worlds, we see centralization. And with that centralization, five giant platforms have emerged as the five most valuable companies in the world: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook.
centralization  internet  facebook  platforms  google 
13 days ago
Elspeth Diederix's Fine Art Photography | Time.com
The physical contact of working with the objects themselves is essential in creating the images. Although raindrops made with buttercups or a black dust fog may seem computer manipulated, they have carefully been sewn by hand or created by using a long aperture. I love creating the installations for the photographs: sewing flowers together, covering a motorcycle in pink pigment, creating a cloud from collected plastic bags. Most images take days of preparation and some objects I have with me for months until I find the right location in which to shoot them. By working with the material itself, I can make the objects more animated and the image easier for the viewer to see and believe.
art  photography  objects  materiality 
13 days ago
A Final Word on #notyourshield – Ashley Lynch – Medium
#notyourshield was always intended to be a culture jamming campaign to disrupt and silence rather than an innocuous grass roots campaign to give voice to the voiceless
gamergate  4chan  feminism  harassment  hashtag 
17 days ago
What Technophiles Need To Know: Part One – Howard Rheingold – Medium (1998)
Are we awake to the world we’re building, or are we, as an old Sufi saying goes, merely asleep in life’s waiting room?
rheingold  mediastudies 
6 weeks ago
From Hate Speech To Fake News: The Facebook Content Crisis Facing Mark Zuckerberg : All Tech Considered : NPR (Nov. 2016)
It's hard to remember this sometimes, but Facebook has never claimed to be a free-speech platform. The company is trying to create a safe space where, unlike on Twitter, people can share without being trolled or shamed.
facebook  moderation  harassment  hate  fakenews  algorithm  platforms 
6 weeks ago
10 years of Take Back the Tech! | GenderIT.org (Nov. 2016)
Online VAW or TRVAW (technology related violence against women) is being taken seriously for how it effects women and their well being, how it is patriarchal and wilful suppression of the voices of women, and actively contributes to a culture of silencing and censorship.
women  misogyny  harassment  censorship  socialchange 
6 weeks ago
The Internet Isn’t the Wild Wild West Anymore. It’s Westworld. (april 2017)
last week both the Senate and the House — overwhelmingly with Republican votes — voted to overturn those limits, and to ban the FCC from ever imposing them again. President Trump is expected to sign the legislation, permanently making the internet a place for rapacious data collecting from largely unwitting consumers.
privacy  data  tracking  netneutrality 
6 weeks ago
The Challenge That's Bigger Than Fake News | American Federation of Teachers
Below, we describe some of the most powerful strategies employed by fact checkers and how educators can adapt them to help our students become savvy web users. (For examples of classroom activities that incorporate these strategies, see the box to the right.)
fakenews  teaching  crapdetection  hoaxes  com200 
6 weeks ago
The Ambivalent Internet: An Interview with Whitney Phillips and Ryan M. Milner (Part Three) — Henry Jenkins
it wasn’t internet memes—like Ken Bone’s sweater, Marco Rubio’s baby chair, or Ted Cruz’ alleged serial murders—that most conspicuously characterized the election. It was age-old memes—regressive stereotypes, blinding misogyny, blanket anti-elitism, and good old fashioned fear of the other—that made 2016 the meme election.
election  memes 
6 weeks ago
A history of the American anti-feminism behind Clinton’s defeat | History News Network
his victory over a female candidate in a battle fought and won with apparent contempt for women’s rights makes a curious kind of sense if we read it as just the latest manifestation of a misogynist and anti-feminist line in American cultural life, stretching back to the 1940s and beyond. ... For Wylie, women in political life are “crooked” by definition, and part of a national slide into “moral degeneration, civic corruption, smuggling, bribery, theft, murder, homosexuality, drunkenness, financial depression, chaos and war”.
history  feminism  women  misogyny  politics  election 
6 weeks ago
Captives of the Cloud: Part I - Journal #37 September 2012 - e-flux
We are the voluntary prisoners of the cloud; we are being watched over by governments we did not elect.
government  privacy  NSA  surveillance  centralization  censorship  internet  cloud  facebook 
8 weeks ago
Tropico Vernacular: A recent history of graphic design and nationalism in the Philippines. - Triple Canopy
Why was Helvetica, with its idealized geometries floating above pristine white fields, yoked to the Technicolor identity of the Philippines, where nothing is the color of snow (too much dust and smog), and the very notion of blankness seems utopian (too little empty space)? Filipino graphic design is as over-crowded as the landscape of our country, which has the region’s second-highest urban population density rate. Here, minimalism can be understood as a sign of poverty, only surfacing when the designer does not possess enough technical or financial prowess for the addition of borloloy (lavish ornamentation), and fills the gaps with decorations that cost time and signify money. A white void might also denote a spiritual lack. There is no greater Filipino sorrow than being alone, and the singular focus—the whiteness—of minimalism can hardly be sold to a people whose idea of visual pleasure is an explosion of the colors and textures that constitute the experience of community. To us, variety is necessary to attract the eye and soul. Universality in design is not about the blurring of all colors into white—a color we wear to funerals—but rather the representation of every facet of the community
helvetica  design  modernism  graphicdesign  global  aesthetics  whiteness  webtext 
8 weeks ago
Internet Ugly and the Aesthetic of Failing on Purpose - The Atlantic
Why has the meme-based web gone for quantity over quality? A few reasons. The first is speed. Many of these pieces are iterative, they respond to one another, and they happen on threads that move quickly and in some cases are deleted within a few days, or even within a few minutes. “Polish your reply in Photoshop for an hour and the thread might be done before you are,” Douglas writes. The second is that there’s nobody stopping someone from posting their work. There aren't traditional gatekeepers, no formal process of vetting anything. The approval comes in the form of shares and comments and spin-offs. And the people doing that sharing and jugging and iterating, ultimately, are fellow meme lovers who care more about jokes than about shading and brushwork.
photoshop  memes  internet-culture  internet  failure 
8 weeks ago
The Computer Scientist Who Prefers Paper - The Atlantic
reflection on the vulnerability and ephemerality of digital data
"design and function have a way of diverging when millions of people enter the equation."
security  election  democracy  paper  memory  hacking  cybersecurity 
10 weeks ago
Is The Internet Good or Bad? Yes. – Matter – Medium (2014)
Zeynep Tufekci
" Twitter isn’t a traditional broadcast company; there’s no editor-in-chief who can be bought or pressured. So when the hundreds more protesters showed up, and were met with police, tear gas, and water cannons, people learned about it again on social media. Soon the protest was an order of magnitude larger. "
. . .
"Even if it were possible to catch us through mass media, messages that work for one person often fail to convince others. Big-data surveillance is dangerous exactly because it provides solutions to these problems. Individually tailored, subtle messages are less likely to produce a cynical reaction. Especially so if the data collection that makes these messages possible is unseen. That’s why it’s not only the NSA that goes to great lengths to keep its surveillance hidden."
surveillance  internet  activism  wikileaks  NSA  tracking  violence  algorithm  panopticon  bigdata 
11 weeks ago
Decolonizing technology: A reading list | Beatrice Martini – blog
One example of the ‘borderless colonial’ phenomenon comes from digital technology. While many technical innovations are asserted as universally positive and beneficial to communities worldwide, beyond borders and across cultures, a closer analysis of who holds the power, who has agency, and whose interests are promoted, can often reveal a very different picture. Questioning how and for whom tools and services are created, and with which rights and restrictions they are made accessible, shows how closely and frequently technology can reproduce colonialist paradigms, also exacerbating its consequences through the large and fast scale of the mechanism which spreads it.
platforms  postcolonial  power  digitaldivide 
11 weeks ago
"The Internet of Hate" (2016)
After Charlottesville, Nazis, white supremacists, and the alt-right have become a lot less welcome on the web. So they’re building their own.
(with clever illustrations)
racism  misogyny  trolling  harassment  election  moderation  internet  hashtag  illustration  hate 
11 weeks ago
All the Feelings: Jennifer Doyle’s 'Hold It Against Me'
In other words, when we have strong or unresolved feelings about a work of art, we aren’t just dealing with the art, we’re also being forced to deal with ourselves, if only briefly. Doyle seems to be asking us to look at why we choose to stay in or promptly exit those difficult moments, and what can be gained in examining those impulses.
affect  emotion  difficulty  difficult-lit  art  pain 
11 weeks ago
Why Artificial Intelligence Is Still Waiting For Its Ethics Transplant | WIRED
“New ethical frameworks for AI need to move beyond individual responsibility to hold powerful industrial, governmental and military interests accountable as they design and employ AI"
"Often when we talk about ethics, we forget to talk about power. People will often have the best of intentions. But we’re seeing a lack of thinking about how real power asymmetries are affecting different communities."
agency  AI  ethics 
11 weeks ago
Ed Benguiat - YouTube
"what is graphic design? placing things in the correct order so they're pleasing to the eye"
"I don't really like anything I've ever designed"
"the computer is only as good s the person operating it"
typography  graphicdesign  interview  art 
11 weeks ago
Scripting News: May 31, 2017
Get a blog. If your ideas have any value put them on the open web. Facebook is trying to kill it. Trust me you will hate yourself if they succeed. Same with Google.
facebook  facebookworldtakeover  blogging 
12 weeks ago
Daring Fireball: Fuck Facebook (2017)
You might think it’s hyperbole for Winer to say that Facebook is trying to kill the open web. But they are. I complain about Google AMP, but AMP is just a dangerous step toward a Google-owned walled garden — Facebook is designed from the ground up as an all-out attack on the open web.
facebook  facebookworldtakeover 
12 weeks ago
A new tool called Hoaxy lets you search for terms and articles, and shows you how claims spread on Twitter as well as efforts to fact-check them.
fakenews  hoaxes  news  tools  visualization  com201  socialmedia 
12 weeks ago
How typeface influences the way we read and think
"There is a lot that is going on within any given font, often imperceptible to the eye."
typography  fonts  visualrhetoric 
12 weeks ago
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