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FAN HO, Hong Kong Master Street Photographer #1
Fan Ho specializes in mesmerizing vertical images. A feast for the eyes.
journalism  photo  leica  cmm 
august 2018 by raafi
Chester Higgins | Photography Portfolio
Online portfolio of master photographer Chester Higgins, Jr. His practice is often concerned with capturing what is not able to be photographed - the spirit. Paraphrasing an interview of his, his argument is that In moving from life in multiple dimensions, as we experience it, to the two-dimensional plane of photography a lot is lost. Attempting to capture this additional information helps give the photographs more depth. I was lucky enough to meet Higgins recently and in parting he said, "keep one with the light."
portfolio  photo  photographer  cmm  inspiration 
august 2018 by raafi
America, Looking in — JBF
Photo project 'America" by @jmsbfz - dope -
portfolio  photo  cmm 
june 2018 by raafi
mert & marcus
image search of fashion photographer duo with excellent control of colors
cmm  fashion  photo 
november 2015 by raafi
photo portfolio by Chris Wilson, who is also an architect
photo  portfolio  cmm 
june 2015 by raafi
Steven Counts
photographer, met at Brodie's bbq
photo  portfolio 
may 2015 by raafi
Andréanne Lupien "Crazy Cat Lovers" | MASHKULTURE
"Crazy Cat Lovers" - photos by Adréanne Lupien
photo  cmm 
april 2015 by raafi
Similaar - www.similaar.com
site with tons of lens comparisons and video tests
photo  gear  video 
march 2015 by raafi
portfolio site by photographer and helicopter pilot Bruno Pagnanelli
photo  italy  cmm 
february 2012 by raafi
Bill Biggart: Photographer
ace photographer killed in 9/11
photo  cmm 
december 2011 by raafi
Love Story
series that recreates vibe from In the Mood for Love
photo  cine  china  cmm  fashion 
december 2011 by raafi
Maurizio Cattelan + Pierpaolo Ferrari: Toilet Paper Magazine
covers and interior pages from Toilet Paper magazine.
art  photo  cmm 
december 2011 by raafi
ELISABETH SUNDAY: Mirror Photography
photos with interesting distorted mirror technique. Mostly shot among the Akan in Africa.
photo  cmm 
october 2011 by raafi
Trash Land
series by José Ferreira
photo  cmm 
october 2011 by raafi
~ Joseph O. Holmes Photography ~
Photographer, Brooklyn based, won Hey Hot Shot competition.
photo  portfolio 
may 2011 by raafi
United Staes of Nothing But Poetry
photo  portfolio 
march 2011 by raafi
Fictional architecture by photographer Filip Dujardin | Rethinking Architecture | architecture and design blog
Fictional architecture photography by Filip Dujardin. In another life I was an architectural photog. But not as good.
cmm  photo  from twitter
february 2011 by raafi
Hedi Slimane, the best photoblog you'll read today:
photo  fashion  blogs  cmm 
february 2011 by raafi
creative group: portfolios across the design / art direction / photog spectrum
design  photo  illustration 
february 2011 by raafi
Sun City: Life After Life | Luceo Images
a photo essay, Sun City: Life After Life.
photo  essay 
december 2010 by raafi
Home - Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep
a foundation that pairs portrait photographers with families with dying newborns. photos can be helpful in the healing process -- good photography.
december 2010 by raafi
David Maisel :: Photography :: Works (Fine Art)
David Maisel's aerial landscape photos look like abstract paintings.
photo  landscape  aerial 
november 2010 by raafi
iPhone photos from the war in Afghanistan -- NYT
Finding the Right Tool to Tell a War Story: Damon Winter in Afghanistan - NYTimes.com
iphone  war  photo  nyt  cmm 
november 2010 by raafi
Malik Sayeed
The website of cinematographer/director extraordinaire Malik Sayeed.
cmm  film  dp  photo  design 
november 2010 by raafi
Subway, lifeblood. |
A collection of great photos from the boogie-down era taken in or around NYC subways. Bruce Davidson, Jamel Shabazz, John F. Conn.
graffiti  nyc  photo  culture  cmm 
october 2010 by raafi
Dirty Pilot - Jamel Shabazz Photographs
classic nyc subway photos from the early hip-hop era by Jamel Shabazz.
photo  hip-hop  graffiti 
october 2010 by raafi
asahisuper-takumar200mmf42 - davidimagephotography
guide to fixing pentax m42 screw mount lenses.
photo  repair  diy  cameras 
october 2010 by raafi
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