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Soul Surfer
blog that blends hip-hop and surf style perfectly.
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march 2011 by raafi
Shapeways | Passionate about creating
3d printer company in the Netherlands that takes 3d designs and prototypes them. they've done Kid Robot-like toys too.
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october 2010 by raafi
From the Bronx, Clothes to Match Your Kicks. -NYT
Graffiti guys customize T-shirts to match kicks, make it a successful biz. Hip-hop = art + entrepreneurism:
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may 2010 by raafi
IceModels - Michea Crawford
The chick from the Yimmy's / Grustler pic!!!
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march 2010 by raafi
Russian Prison Tattoos | Lost In A Supermarket
Yo! Take all the Russian prison tattoo mythology you could ax for and you get a monster. here!
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march 2010 by raafi
Vruchtvlees - moodgallery
clothing company with Yimmy's-like photo blog.
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january 2010 by raafi

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