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Subway, lifeblood. |
A collection of great photos from the boogie-down era taken in or around NYC subways. Bruce Davidson, Jamel Shabazz, John F. Conn.
graffiti  nyc  photo  culture  cmm 
october 2010 by raafi
Dirty Pilot - Jamel Shabazz Photographs
classic nyc subway photos from the early hip-hop era by Jamel Shabazz.
photo  hip-hop  graffiti 
october 2010 by raafi
From the Bronx, Clothes to Match Your Kicks. -NYT
Graffiti guys customize T-shirts to match kicks, make it a successful biz. Hip-hop = art + entrepreneurism:
nyt  nyc  kicks  gear  hip-hop  graffiti  cmm  grustler 
may 2010 by raafi
The Ghostvillage Project
A scottish ghost town turned into a canvas by six graffiti artists.
art  graffiti  cmm  video 
december 2009 by raafi
mural and street art in Latin America.
design  blogs  art  street  graffiti  cool  cmm  destemps 
july 2009 by raafi
blog of street art by owner of an underground nyc gallery
blogs  art  culture  nyc  street  graffiti 
january 2009 by raafi
"Shinique Smith's Street Art, Taking the High Road" By Blake Gopnik
Shinique Smith is as fine a mixture of street and salon as any artist could be.
graffiti  design  art 
march 2008 by raafi

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