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MakeDCP: Indie Film DCP Creation
affordable DCP house. (in Brooklyn?)
3 minutes ago by raafi
The Completist
essays on films, beautifully designed and laid out.
film  design  culture  cmm 
february 2018 by raafi
What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?
stunning essay: What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?
writing  feminism  blogging  longreads  film  from twitter
november 2017 by raafi
Reel Talk Online
film blog by black woman author and podcaster. I had bookmarked one of her older blogs way back.
blogs  film 
july 2016 by raafi
Aerocity | Free Listening on SoundCloud
royalty free cinematic music that's decent
music  film 
may 2016 by raafi
Chocolate Girl in the City | On Being A 20 somethin' Black Girl
film review blog of woman with Columbia MA in film studies
blogs  film 
april 2016 by raafi
CS visual storytelling
filmmaker and Senior Editor of Video at the New Yorker, formerly at NYTimes.
april 2016 by raafi
Welcome to NYFA Source!
online database of arts grants and residency programs
grants  film 
december 2015 by raafi
Atif Ateeq
director/shooter who works with a bunch of fashion brands shooting BTS and creative footage
cmm  video  film  portfolio 
november 2015 by raafi
Info & Rules | Panavision
panavision new filmmaker program
film  panavision 
september 2015 by raafi
Lens Gear - Althaus Film Equipment Cordvision.com
company that makes Delrin follow-focus rings at affordable prices.
film  lenses  gear 
september 2015 by raafi
lists cameras and lenses that were used on popular films. Shot on what?
film  video 
april 2015 by raafi
film scientist blog
technical look at various film gear.
blogs  film  tech 
february 2015 by raafi
DV Info Net — The Digital Video Information Network
film blog similar to Nofilmschool or NewsShooter -- emphasis on gear reviews. Adam Wilt writes articles for them occasionally.
film  cine  blogs 
february 2015 by raafi
News Shooter | Making the real world look as good as cinema
film news site similar to 4kshooters, eoshd, nofilmschool, and others
dslr  film  blogs 
january 2015 by raafi
Cinema Glass
another company that rehouses still lenses for cinema work
lenses  film 
january 2015 by raafi
LockCircle - tools with a vision
Italian company that rehouses Zeiss ZF lenses for cine with canon mounts.
lenses  film 
january 2015 by raafi
SLR Magic UK - Lenses for Photo & Cine
company that makes $2k full-frame cine lens that has similar characteristics to Cooke
film  lenses 
january 2015 by raafi
chinese company that cine mods lenses from other manufacturers including Zeiss, Canon, Leica
film  lenses 
january 2015 by raafi
NYC Performing Arts Spaces | Fractured Atlas
site to book rehearsal space for productions and auditions
space  rehearsal  film  theater 
september 2014 by raafi
Need For Speed: Innovation, Gear and Cinematography | Hurlbut Visuals
With our tight schedule and budget, I knew that I could light 4.5 miles of a street racing course with no condors and no huge generators.
film  cameras 
august 2014 by raafi
Harmony Korine for Supreme | Dazed
Two Harmony Korine shorts for Supreme. #trippy
film  ledunk  trippy 
june 2014 by raafi
Dexter Britain | Composer & Creative Director
composer with some good creative-commons music, useful for film/doc stuff.
creative-commons  film  music  composer 
march 2014 by raafi
20 strangers are asked to kiss for the first time. the results are sweet.
film  viral  video 
march 2014 by raafi
CC Music Electro
Collection of interesting Creative-Commons licensed electronic tracks.
music_  film 
november 2013 by raafi
Artisan DCP | by Zak Forsman
guy who makes DCP files for distro simply and cheaply.
film  dcp  tools 
october 2013 by raafi
trailer for film with DJ Qualls
howtosteal  film 
october 2013 by raafi
Next Wednesday Films
production company of Mary Jane Skalski -- Pariah, Win/Win, The Visitor
august 2013 by raafi
Film Memory
film blog with black author. Also home of Two brown girls film podcast.
film  blogs  race 
july 2013 by raafi
NYC Theatrical Weapons Permit | Prop Agenda
special instructions for the theatrical permit here
film  gun  permit 
march 2013 by raafi
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