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Soundtrack: Future's Purple Reign mixtape, "Perky's Calling". @ Fort Greene Park
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february 2017 by raafi
Peace to The young bucks on Fulton Mall. Legendary Ty, I see you.
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may 2015 by raafi
RT : Director and the lovely erinnwestbrook chopping it up btwn takes.
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january 2015 by raafi
Bed-Stuy, do or die. Spike Lee's block party.
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june 2014 by raafi
Chuck D Fighting the Power at Spike's block party.
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june 2014 by raafi
kate young nyc | Contact
stylist for Maggie Gyllenhaal, Salma Hayek and others. Lives in Brooklyn
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june 2014 by raafi
David Hill
writer of the Fading the Vig series from McSweeneys, as well as Grantland, etc
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may 2012 by raafi
Freeform + Deform
architecture studio in BK, met guy at wedding in Ireland.
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march 2012 by raafi
(404) http://t.co/a9
RT : Judge declares himself "shocked" by "cowboy culture" at narcotics squad; convicts a detective ...
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november 2011 by raafi
Here Is This
NYC / SF prodco, docs and commercials. Did the great "Up There" video for Stella Artois.
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march 2011 by raafi
word bk
photos by Brandon King. a great look at the BK life.
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january 2010 by raafi
Amanda Adams Louis
Party pics photographer from BK dance parties. i.e. the Cobra Snake of the BK scene.
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august 2009 by raafi
Rands In Repose: The Makers of Things
Notes on the audacity of the construction of the Brooklyn bridge.
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march 2009 by raafi

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