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Reel Talk Online
film blog by black woman author and podcaster. I had bookmarked one of her older blogs way back.
blogs  film 
july 2016 by raafi
The Possibility of Today
Sybil Chavis' blog about living a more intentional life
june 2016 by raafi
Chocolate Girl in the City | On Being A 20 somethin' Black Girl
film review blog of woman with Columbia MA in film studies
blogs  film 
april 2016 by raafi
L'Entre-Deux by FASHIZBLACK.com
tagline: Magazine Afropolitain haut-de-gamme / High-End Afropolitan magazine. MODE. BEAUTE. FASHION. BEAUTY. CULTURE. LIFESTYLE.

translation: fashion blog that focuses on black people. nice layout
fashion  blogs  style  design  cmm 
december 2015 by raafi
The Cauldron — Medium
Medium's answer to Grantland
may 2015 by raafi
film scientist blog
technical look at various film gear.
blogs  film  tech 
february 2015 by raafi
DV Info Net — The Digital Video Information Network
film blog similar to Nofilmschool or NewsShooter -- emphasis on gear reviews. Adam Wilt writes articles for them occasionally.
film  cine  blogs 
february 2015 by raafi
GOMI * Get Off My Internets
blog that tracks the movements of prominent bloggers, editors, and writers. VERY active comment section. Feminist slant.
blogs  internet  women 
february 2015 by raafi
News Shooter | Making the real world look as good as cinema
film news site similar to 4kshooters, eoshd, nofilmschool, and others
dslr  film  blogs 
january 2015 by raafi
Coffee & the Newspaper
Coffee & the Newspaper matches great style photos with photos of delicious foods of the same color palette.
blogs  tumblr  food  style  from twitter
august 2014 by raafi
Film Memory
film blog with black author. Also home of Two brown girls film podcast.
film  blogs  race 
july 2013 by raafi
Yodonbleekraps | Entertainment News | Fashion | Music | Reality TV
Hip-hop fashion blog. janky design but good coverage of who wore what.
blogs  hip-hop  fashion 
july 2013 by raafi
designer who did 8-bit illustration of Notorious BIG.
design  blogs  8-bit  cmm 
march 2013 by raafi
The Roosevelts
bro-ish blog in the vein of Maxim
blogs  culture  howtosteal  bro 
february 2013 by raafi
blog of street-wear company similar vibe to Mishka
blogs  gear 
september 2012 by raafi
The Wire Blog--A Guide to HBO's Modern Masterpiece
an episode by episode, scene-by-scene, guide to the show.
thewire  blogs 
september 2012 by raafi
The musings of Brian Newman on the business of independent film.
blogs  film  business 
december 2011 by raafi
Ouvrez Vos Yeux
visual, masculine blog kinda like Yimmy's
blogs  culture 
november 2011 by raafi
Field Study
another blog of mixels -- this one from the same person. great
mixel  blogs  design 
november 2011 by raafi
Soul Surfer
blog that blends hip-hop and surf style perfectly.
blogs  surf  hotc  grustler 
march 2011 by raafi
Hedi Slimane, the best photoblog you'll read today:
photo  fashion  blogs  cmm 
february 2011 by raafi
soul music blog, cool retro design
blogs  music  urban  design 
january 2011 by raafi
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