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Roger Ebert: The Essential Man
Esquire's feature on the new, voiceless, and prolific Roger Ebert.
art  culture  film  article  ebert  cmm 
february 2010 by raafi
Dieter Rams: ten principles for good design
Always a good idea to get your Dieter Rams check-in from time to time:
design  article  reference  tips  cmm 
february 2010 by raafi
The Death of Vibe And The Future Of Magazines :: A Roundtable with Alan Light and Raymond Roker
A conversation about publishing a magazine for the "urban" demographic, and, primarily, its pitfalls in this era.
article  media  publishing 
july 2009 by raafi
How David Beats Goliath: The New Yorker
Malcolm Gladwell article about beating long odds.
article  cmm  destemps 
may 2009 by raafi
Rands In Repose: The Makers of Things
Notes on the audacity of the construction of the Brooklyn bridge.
article  nyc  brooklyn  history  cmm 
march 2009 by raafi
Hong Kong filmmaker aims high - The Boston Globe
Chris Doyle article from Boston Globe 2004
film  article 
april 2008 by raafi
USATODAY.com - New rap problem: criticism from within
article about shifting attitudes towards hip-hop
article  rap  hip-hop 
october 2007 by raafi

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