Immersive Math
Interactive 2D and 3D demos for linear algebra concepts.
book  math 
march 2019
Can Python be run from within the vim editor? - Stack Overflow
:w !python - [args] -- save and run script with arguments from vim
python  programming  vim 
june 2018
Vendoring Python dependencies with pip
Build private dependencies into a .zip and import them from inside a Docker container.
Underdog.io Engineering
developer  tool  python  docker 
december 2017
A fast algorithm for finding the pole of inaccessibility of a polygon. Created by the good people of Mapbox.
november 2017
Free stock photos · Pexels
Creative Commons Zero licensed photos
september 2017
Sattolo's Algorithm
Why does Sattolo's algorithm produce a permutation with exactly one cycle?
math  algorithm 
august 2017
Free themes for Bootstrap
design  web 
august 2017
TV reviews and recommended settings
review  hardware  config 
august 2017
Standard Ebooks
Free and liberated ebooks, carefully produced for the true book lover. via @gruber
reading  book 
june 2017
Ars staffers’ crazy home lab experiments
In particular, Lee Hutchinson's setup is pretty cool.
april 2017
The Cult of DD
Caveat: must be root to do most of this, which is inconvenient on macOS.
april 2017
Findings for Mac - Your lab notebook, reinvented.
via @seoulbrother - he uses it for recipe development
mac  app  science 
march 2017
Beautiful Racket by Matthew Butterick
how to make your own pro­gram­ming lan­guages with racket
march 2017
Automate deployment of "Let's Encrypt" certificates
web  developer  tool 
january 2017
Migrating from Dropbox
Resilio / Bittorrent Sync on VPS
data  storage  tool 
november 2016
Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool - via @notch
tool  design 
february 2016
Disabling Versions and Reclaiming Space
Michael Tsai. Document versions in 10.10 are broken.
mac  terminal  fix 
july 2015
OS X on OS X
How to install OS X on VirtualBox.
developer  mac  software 
june 2015
Apple API Errors. via Michael Tsai.
june 2015
Better documentation for Swift. via NSHipster.com
developer  code 
may 2015
Rodina R005 Bauhaus Watch Review
Minimalist automatic mechanical watch. $120.
may 2015
Programming tutorials via @ttscoff
developer  code 
march 2015
Fixes the way Github serves raw files so that they can be used in web applications.
developer  tool 
january 2015
that thing in swift
The Swift Way™ for common Obj-C patterns
developer  code 
august 2014
Monospace font
font  code 
august 2014
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