Software Studies: A Lexicon
The distinction between a “user interface,” an “Application
Program Interface” (API), and a computer control language is purely arbitrary.
3 days ago
Why Do Fantasy Novels Have So Much Food? - Gastro Obscura
Another famed fantasy writer was similarly shaped by World War II: Brian Jacques. Jacques was most famous for his children’s fantasy series, the Redwall books. Throughout the 21 books, anthropomorphized animals fight evil and hold lavish feasts. Just one pages-long feast includes 12 kinds of salad, eight types of bread, 10 drinks, “fresh cream, sweet cream, whipped cream, pouring cream, custardy cream,” and a giant fish. In interviews Jacques said that his book’s fictional meals stemmed from childhood food fantasies during the years of British rationing. Many early readers enjoyed them for a similar reason.
8 days ago
Conflict of Interests Statement – Bob's Blog
This is a public statement by Bob Summerwill, last updated on 11th April 2018, giving a full enumeration of his associations and financial arrangements.

This is made in the spirit of full disclosure, to avoid any possible future accusation of conflict of interests or unethical financial conduct.

Position statement – Being a friend is the best relationship of all. It trumps employment, contracting, consulting, advising.

TODO – Version-control this document in git, and then anchor the hash on Ethereum mainnet periodically (a la Factom).
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Discursive and Non-Discursive Philosophy | Aberrant Monism
Let us call a philosophy a discursive philosophy, following Hume, if it seeks to resolve controversies and problems by coming to a clearer explanation of the terms that are being used. Much of Anglo-American philosophy can be understood to be a form of discursive philosophy in that it seeks to use various discursive tools (logical analysis, set theory, etc.) to clarify terms and resolve problems and controversies. Hume, however, points out the limitations of a discursive approach when it comes to understanding taste. What may be necessary at this point, therefore, would be a non-discursive philosophy, or a philosophy that prioritizes the non-discursive as the condition or principle of sufficient reason for the discursive. For Deleuze this is philosophy, properly so-called, and it is for this reason that philosophical taste will become an essential concept in Deleuze and Guattari’s What is Philosophy? In a radical extension of Hume’s project, therefore, Deleuze and Guattari will come to the conclusion that discursive philosophy is merely an aspiring science, or a complement (handmaiden) to science. It is time, they would argue, to do a philosophy that is independent of and irreducible to science.
12 days ago
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