Post-apocalyptic life in American health care | Meaningness
I suspect increasing “patchiness” of systems may be typical of our post-systematic atomized era. Understanding the medical case may help predict the texture of cultural and social life as atomization proceeds.

A central research topic in ethnomethodology is the relationship between formal rationality (such as an insurance company’s 1600 pages of unworkable rules) and “mere reasonableness,” which is what people mostly use to get a job done. The disjunction between electronic patient records and calling around town to try to find out who wrote a biopsy report that arrived by fax seems sufficiently extreme that it may produce a qualitatively new way of being.
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Hashing a string with the Web Cryptography API Uint8Array(buf), x=>(('00'+x.toString(16)).slice(-2))).join('')
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Giving back to our community has also been a goal of A&D since day one. Here are some of the organizations that we are honored to work with or have contributed to in the past:
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