Writer Megan Boyle on on documenting your entire life in your creative work – The Creative Independent
Sometimes when people talk about autobiographical novels, it seems like authors can get frustrated when the line is blurred between them as an individual and the character(s) in the book. For example, if I was referencing your book and I said, “And then you did this,” you might say, “No, that’s a character named ‘Megan.’” Do you feel like that’s an important distinction?

Not to me at all, really. But, I feel like for some people making that distinction is something they enjoy. It’s just a different way of looking at it, but I don’t quite understand it. It seems very “MFA-y.” What do you think about that?
5 days ago
To think that you could go to your country’s consulate to get paperwork for an upcoming wedding and be killed and dismembered because of your writing is horrific. It’s evil. And to know that the regime responsible for that has a best friend in the most powerful country in earth!
12 days ago
Readers' advisory - Wikipedia
Direct readers' advisory is based on a non-judgmental assessment of the personal preferences of the reader through a series of questions, called a readers advisory conversation. The assessment focuses on reader likes and dislikes with regard to a number of factors, including subject, reading level, genre, writing style, the level of characterization, plot elements, storyline, pace, tone, frame, and setting. The hoped-for outcome of this interview is the identification of three or more appropriate suggestions (sometimes referred to as "readalikes"—especially when the interview was initiated by patron interest in new authors/titles similar to one enjoyed in the past). In identifying suitable suggestions, a readers' advisor combines personal knowledge of material with a variety of specialized print and online resources to come up with appropriate suggestions. The goal of direct readers advisory is to suggest titles based on a readers' individual interests and tastes. Librarians who simply recommend their favorite books with little or no regard for the patron's own interests are not performing readers' advisory.
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15 days ago
Managing Secrets for Amazon ECS Applications Using Parameter Store and IAM Roles for Tasks | AWS Compute Blog
Instead of creating and distributing your AWS credentials to the containers or using the EC2 instance role, you can associate an IAM role with an ECS task definition or the RunTask API operation
20 days ago
Taj Describing Ketamine
ok tried k ok its ok reminds me of getting to that point 8 beers and a bowl but cognizant peculiar trying to notice a difference between a thing and a thing an experienced thing traces of many experiences many oks just wobbly peculiar trace amounts of a funny thought on repeat like how many dolphins hid in the banana briefcase anyway that's me reaching little nemo's astral projection falls back into himself

cup of river sediment

a ghost is a state of mind

it started raining

kai said the entire shark she drew was poisonous then whispered in my ear "scientist's say even the butt is poisonous"

when you enter a new room
"this is how i draw a bird"
what did you say this is how i draw a bird?
"no this is how i draw a bird"
that's what i thought you said
"scientists say it lives in rainbows, so tell me how do you draw a bird and what do scientists say"?
literature  drugs 
20 days ago
Jane Gallop - Wikipedia
Feminist Accused of Sexual Harassment
politics  criticism  literature  art 
20 days ago
Lorine Niedecker - Poetry
What horror to awake at night
and in the dimness see the light.
          Time is white
          mosquitoes bite
I've spent my life on nothing.

The thought that stings. How are you, Nothing,
sitting around with Something's wife.
          Buzz and burn
          is all I learn
I've spent my life on nothing.

I've pillowed and padded, pale and puffing
lifting household stuffing—
          carpets, dishes
          benches, fishes
I've spent my life in nothing.
20 days ago
Donald Winnicott - Wikipedia
Playing can also be seen in the use of a transitional object, Winnicott's term for an object, such as a teddy bear, that has a quality for a small child of being both real and made-up at the same time. Winnicott pointed out that no one demands that a toddler explain whether his Binky is a "real bear" or a creation of the child's own imagination, and went on to argue that it's very important that the child is allowed to experience the Binky as being in an undefined, "transitional" status between the child's imagination and the real world outside the child.[28] For Winnicott, one of the most important and precarious stages of development was in the first three years of life, when an infant grows into a child with an increasingly separate sense of self in relation to a larger world of other people. In health, the child learns to bring his or her spontaneous, real self into play with others; in a false self disorder, the child has found it unsafe or impossible to do so, and instead feels compelled to hide the true self from other people, and pretend to be whatever they want instead.[29] Playing with a transitional object can be an important early bridge between self and other, which helps a child develop the capacity to be genuine in relationships, and creative.[30]

Playing for Winnicott ultimately extended all the way up from earliest childhood experience to what he called "the abstractions of politics and economics and philosophy and culture...this 'third area', that of cultural experience which is a derivative of play".[31]
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20 days ago
Trembling Blue Stars - Wikipedia
The band name comes from The Story of O
5 weeks ago
Preserved for 500 Years, The Mummies Of Llullaillaco Show What Incan Child Sacrifices Entailed
The bodies' displays (often just the 13-year-old girl's, while the other two remain in storage) are tube-like enclosures, which are highly temperature-controlled. Since many people are distressed by the sight of dead bodies, the curators designed the exhibit to present in complete darkness - until someone wants to see the body and turns on the light.
6 weeks ago
Monica Lewinsky - Wikipedia
In May 2018, Lewinsky was uninvited from an event hosted by Town & Country when Bill Clinton accepted an invitation to the event.[75]

6 weeks ago
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