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AEMP Telematics Data Standard
Over the last year, volunteer developers from McFadyen & Associates; Caterpillar, Inc.; John Deere
Construction & Forestry; Volvo Construction Equipment; and Komatsu America Corp. worked as the standards
subcommittee to develop a standard format for the transfer of telematics data from the providers’ servers to end
users. The standard was developed to facilitate programmatic retrieval of critical machine data for import into
the end user’s database in order to simplify telematics implementation in a mixed-fleet environment. The
standard provides basic machine data, such as cumulative operating hours, cumulative miles travelled (for
vehicles), cumulative fuel consumed (where supported), and current location in a common xml document. The
provision of this basic information in a common format allows end users to develop one API to parse the data
and import it into their databases for use by the fleet management application, allowing telematics data to feed
the existing reports that equipment managers use to manage their fleets. The same API can be used to retrieve
the data from each OEM (using unique authentication credentials and server information for each), greatly
reducing implementation expense
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