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Download files from a specific directory path in github repo
github  downloader  git 
5 days ago by psychemedia
Closing issues using keywords - User Documentation
Close issues automatically when a PR branch that addresses the issue is merged into default branch.
github  issues  workflow  TM351 
7 weeks ago by psychemedia
Untitled (
Handy - online app that will zip and download contents of a subdirectory in a github repo
git  github  from twitter
june 2017 by psychemedia
Should really have a play with s/thing seeded from Github & Gov one day eg
govdata  github  gov  ukgov 
april 2017 by psychemedia
IPython notebooks and git
Methods for using notebooks with git to prevent eg cell run numbers have changed, remove data from particular output cells
git  github  ipynb  filter  publishing  reproducibleResearch  jupyter 
march 2017 by psychemedia
Keeping IPython notebooks under Git version control
Extension that lets you add metadata to a cell that can be used to strip contents of particular output cells.
ipynb  sharing  publication  github  publishing  gh  workflow 
march 2017 by psychemedia
commaai/openpilot: open source driving agent
Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Lane Keeping Assist System
github  autonomousVehicles  code  opensource 
december 2016 by psychemedia
Introducing Prose: A Content Editor for GitHub — Development Seed
@jimgroom re: lo-fi, s/thing on OUr radar (@catrah articulated it for me) is stuff like &
github  jekyll  editor 
march 2016 by psychemedia
See your CSVs
MT @mhawksey: Another reason to host #opendata on github: automatic rendering of .csv/.tsv files via @cpjobling #ddj
github  git  csv  schoolOfData  ddj  opendata 
august 2013 by psychemedia

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