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I Know You Are (But What Am I?) | audiofic
Lassie isn’t evil, Shawn thinks, as he runs down the road. He’s just misguided. Like a train. He’s been set down the wrong line, and instead of heading en route to Awesomesauceland has ended up at Primnproper. It was a heist. A whole bunch of criminals came and stole the carriage holding Lassie’s sense of humour, imagination and willingness to share. But he isn’t horrible. Shawn actually likes him. In the same way he likes liquorice. It’s kind of never sweet enough, always leaves him with a weird taste just at the back of his mouth, and it turns his tongue black. But whenever he sees it, he just has to have it. It’s a fascination. Shawn’s not stupid enough to think it’s anything less or anything more.
psych  podfic  shawn/lassiter  a:lozenger8  r:unadrift 
january 2013 by Pslasher
Vacation Interruptus - podfic
John and Rodney take a vacation to Santa Barbara, but their trip does not got as planned.
podfic  psych  SGA  a:pennyplainknits  r:reena-jenkins  McKay/Sheppard  r 
december 2011 by Pslasher
Psychfic :: A Psych Fanfiction Archive
Welcome to! Here we have the very first archive of Psych fanfiction for the popular new USA show. Come and follow more adventures into the lives of Shawn and Gus, because we all know they keep on getting into trouble after the credits roll. I hope you enjoy yourself and come back again. And please, spread the word about!

PLEASE NOTICE: This archive does not allow stories containing slash or stories containing sexually explicit content. The "M" rating on this site is for stories containing graphic violence or sensitive subject matter, not anything sexual.
psych  archive  fanfiction  Gen  het 
january 2011 by Pslasher
Tell It Like It Is
There's got to be a morning after. Unfortunately, they're even more difficult when you wake up to discover you got drunk and slept with a man you profess to hate. Poor, poor Lassiter. Can we say "hetereosexual freakout"? Shawn/Lassiter. ~5000 words.
a:regann  fic  psych  shawn/lassiter  r  FirstTime 
november 2010 by Pslasher
I Rather Think the Gun Helps
“Now let me get this straight,” Mal said, staring at the humming object suspiciously. “We’re going to steal the Lassiter...before the Lassiter became the Lassiter.” Because nothing could go wrong if the crew of Serenity started dabbling in time travel.
Really cute and funny.
fic  a:xela-fic  Firefly  psych  Gen  humor  Crack  TimeTravel  crossover  Lassiter 
november 2010 by Pslasher
Shawn and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by lozenger8 - Psych, fic, Shassie
Lassiter brushed a calm and reassuring hand down between Shawn's shoulder blades. "It'll be okay, Spencer. We have our best and brightest working on the case. You're freaking out over nothing."
shawn/lassiter  fic  psych  Crack  meta  CharactersDiscoverFanFic  a:lozenger8 
january 2010 by Pslasher
Take That Moon and Wrap It In Cellophane
In the past month, Lassiter's had seven failed first dates and Shawn feels bad because he feels great.
fic  slash  psych  sweet  shawn/lassiter  a:lozenger8 
january 2010 by Pslasher
Fic finding community for Psych.
psych  FicFinder  community  fanfiction 
january 2010 by Pslasher
A Different Corner
Lassiter works on a grisly case that only gets worse when Gus goes missing, and Shawn's Federal Agent ex shows up wanting the case, and Shawn, for himself.
slash  psych  fic  NC-17  long  shawn/lassiter  angst  Violence  Case!Fic  Plotty  a:lucyhale 
september 2009 by Pslasher
Juliet and her minions try to get Shawn to see what's right in front of him.
slash  psych  fic  R  shawn/lassiter  a:ilsaluvsrick 
august 2009 by Pslasher
Occupational Hazzard
An undercover assignment for Shawn and Lassiter takes a turn for the worst; they're forced to salvage it by any means necessary. Heavy on the porn and the angst.
psych  NC-17  fic  slash  shawn/lassiter  Undercover  DubCon  angst  a:regann 
august 2009 by Pslasher
Between the Lines
Lassiter can't help but be disgusted by the idea of Spencer and O'Hara dating, just like he can't help it that he and O'Hara have the same bad taste in men. But maybe Lassiter's not seeing what he thinks he is.
slash  shawn/lassiter  psych  fic  PG-13  Jealousy  a:regann 
august 2009 by Pslasher
Prison Coda, Teach the Free Man How to Praise (NC-17) by Xela - Psych, fic, Shawn/Lassiter
The dissolution of a dynamic and the maturation of a relationship. In which Carlton's skittish, Shawn really wants to get laid, and Esme believes in the healing power of boy!sex. Lighthearted and happy. (See, I can do lighthearted and happy fluff-like stuff! ...except the part where Carlton has mad relationship angst and Shawn's still not *completely* healed, but he's getting there...)
slash  fic  shawn/lassiter  psych  bdsm  romance  Relationship 
may 2009 by Pslasher
In the Prison of His Days Master Post by Xela - Psych, fic, Shawn/Lassiter
A job goes wrong and Shawn can't talk his way out of it. He gets captured and roughed up by a group of thugs, his usual tricks not enough to save him. In the aftermath, Shawn spirals out of control, searching for structure and guidance in his life. Carlton takes on the job to save Shawn from himself, and in the process they find out surprising things about one another.
slash  fic  psych  shawn/lassiter  bdsm  kink  long  Relationship  angst 
may 2009 by Pslasher
Hulu - John Doe: Tone Dead - Watch the full episode now.
The episode with Timothy Omundson (Lassiter) in it.
psych  ToWatch 
april 2009 by Pslasher
Warmth by mnol-heart - Psych, fic, Shawn/Lassiter
Lassie gets drunk at Tom Blairs after signing the divorce papers and Shawn takes care of him.
fic  psych  shawn/lassiter  R  sweet 
april 2009 by Pslasher
Hard Pill - online copy
One of the actor that plays Lassiter's previous movies?
psych  ToWatch 
april 2009 by Pslasher
Lassiter picspam by lady_skeeter - Psych
Great pics of Lassie, plus a looping vid in the comments!
psych  pics  Lassiter 
april 2009 by Pslasher
A Scanner In The Night by mysteriousgirl4 - Psych, fic, Shawn/Lassiter
Shawn's listening to the police scanner one night and hears that Lassie is in trouble, so he runs out to help him. Sex at the station!
psych  fic  FirstTimeTogether  shawn/lassiter  NC-17  Feedbacked 
april 2009 by Pslasher
Own Me
Kink and bdsm. Very posessive Lassiter.
psych  Slash  kink  BDSM  shawn/lassiter  possessive  NC-17  a:quiet-assassin 
october 2008 by Pslasher
Own Me (1 of 3) by - Psych, fic, Shassie
Sequel to "Yes, Head Detective Lassiter", continues the bdsm and posessivness.
psych  shawn/lassiter  Slash  fic  bdsm  NC-17  possessive 
may 2008 by Pslasher
Conflict Resolution
Carlton sees a shrink after hitting Shawn. Gen, funny.
fic  psych  Gen  humor  shawn  Lassiter 
april 2008 by Pslasher
What Happens In Freedom Stays In Freedom by Lenore - Psych, fic, Shassie
Shawn and Lassiter out in the desert solving crimes and having sex.
psych  shawn/lassiter  Slash  fic  a:Lenore  R 
april 2008 by Pslasher
I Know You Know (A Love Song) by auntie-climatic - Psych, fic, shassie
Lassiter's been a psychic all along. And Shawn's been faking all along. He knows Shawn knows he knows.
psych  shawn/lassiter  Slash  fic  a:aunti-climatic 
april 2008 by Pslasher
Meat by not-the-whip - Psych, fic, shassie
Beef. It’s what’s for dinner at the annual Santa Barbara Police Department awards dinner, where Shawn irritates Lassiter into a rage.
shawn/lassiter  Slash  psych  fic  a:not-the-whip  NC-17 
april 2008 by Pslasher
The Inreto 'verse by ilsaluvsrick - Psych fic Shawn/Lassiter
After a hard case together, Lassiter and Shawn come to appreciate each other more. It is long, had great relationship development, great slash! and the writing was excellent. The writer even experimented with different ways of presenting the story in several of the chapters that I really liked. It has some angst, but an excellent ending
psych  shawn/lassiter  Slash  fic  recced  long  R  a:ilsaluvsrick 
april 2008 by Pslasher
That Night by rdlenix - Psych, fic, shassie
What happens to Shawn and Lassiter after Lassi's drunken admissions in that bar.
psych  shawn/lassiter  Slash  fic  NC-17  a:rdlenix 
march 2008 by Pslasher
Defining Past and Present by Ryann Blackwood - Psych, fic, Shawn/Lassiter
Shawn must solve a case to help an ex-boyfriend. Lassiter is less than thrilled.
shawn/lassiter  Slash  psych  fic  angst  R  a:RyanBlackwood 
march 2008 by Pslasher
Later Days part 1/7 by wolfscythe - Psych, fic, Shawn/Lassiter
Excellent police story, good relationship development, good writing.
shawn/lassiter  Slash  psych  fic  recced  NC-17  long  a:wolfscythe 
march 2008 by Pslasher
Please, Continue To Hold Your Piece by mayatawi - Psych, fic, (Shawn/Lassiter, R)
Shawn pisses Lassiter off one to many times and Lassiter corners him hin the bathroom.
Shawn/Lassiter  Psych  fic  Slash  R  a:mayatawi 
march 2008 by Pslasher
Right Place, Wrong Time by Regann - Psych PG-13/R - Shawn/Lassiter (21/21)
Highschool aged Shawn and collage aged Lassie meet ten years before the show and go on a date that will change their lives. Angst, drana and romance. Also, Rodney McKay is Lassie's roommate!
shawn/lassiter  Slash  psych  fic  recced  angst  romance  a:regann 
march 2008 by Pslasher
LJ community for Psych slash. Also accepts femslash.
Slash  shawn/lassiter  psych  community  femslash  fanfiction 
march 2008 by Pslasher

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