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iphignia939: Pimp Posts & You: The Vampire Diaries (season 2)
The Vampire Diaries is what happens when True Blood and Twilight have a surly, murderous, really hot baby. No, seriously. You would think, from the shorthand--teenage girl torn between two vampire brothers--that that is total bullshit. And if that was what the show was about in its entirety, you might be right. That's just shorthand, though. The actual story is more like "teenage girl torn between two vampire brothers realizes, like, two months in that if that was her entire problem, her life would be SO MUCH FUCKING SIMPLER". Also, it is balls-out awesome.
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april 2013 by Pslasher
Slashcast is a multi-fandom podcast made by fans of slash for fans of slash, with meta discussions, current GLBT news, fandom squee, and insider interviews with creators of fan works. We discuss topics of an adult nature (we'll say we are a hard R) and so our podcast is intended for listeners who are 18 and over.
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july 2012 by Pslasher
iphignia939: The Vampire Diaries "You have to start with the second book, otherwise they don't make sense."
So this week, The CW, in their infinite wisdom – and for once, I actually mean that – has decided to do my job for me and air all 10 episodes (so far) of The Vampire Diaries, in order, over the entire week. And while that is great, and you should go watch them RIGHT NOW, IMMEDIATELY, GO GO GO, YOU CAN PROBABLY FIND TORRENTS FOR THE ONES YOU MISSED, you know what helps in times like these? Pimp posts. By which I mean “fannish clappyhands, complete with pictures.”
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may 2012 by Pslasher
Suits Resource Post - By Casness
What is Suits?

Suits is a TV show in USA Network starring Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter and Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross. It's a legal drama with elements of comedy.
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january 2012 by Pslasher
moose_spam: My Chemical Romance primer (1/2)
I've had some people ask me recently about a current MCR primer. I've never been big on primers, TBH, but AFAIK there hasn't been one done for MCR since...2008? And that's kind of ridiculous! Especially since they have a brilliant new album and a huge tour and it seems like we're picking up new fans left and right. So here is my attempt at laying down what I think a newbie fan needs to know.
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january 2012 by Pslasher

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