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Something evil is killing treeplanters in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, possibly the same predator that Dean narrowly escaped years before. How Grimm will things get before the brothers figure it out?
*bookclub  supernatural  Gen  SamWinchester  DeanWinchester  a:big_pink  toread  fic 
april 2014 by Pslasher
Untitled Ficlet
So, these are the things that Dean Winchester has:
supernatural  angst  DeanWinchester  SamWinchester  fic  a:latenightcuppa 
december 2013 by Pslasher
Smoke on the Water
Casefic. Former spy Michael Westen has enough problems of his own ―not least of which is figuring out who burned him and why. Now, on top of that, his mother is accepting jobs on his behalf. He really doesn't have time for this, but when he starts investigating the unsolved deaths of young people in Miami, he finds himself crossing paths with an unlikely pair of brothers. In Michael's line of work, suspicion is par for the course, and he has to figure out whether Sam and Dean Winchester are friends or foes before even more lives are lost
supernatural  BurnNotice  crossover  fic  Gen  action  SamWinchester  DeanWinchester  MichaelWeston  SamAxe  a:ratherastory  FromDelicious 
april 2013 by Pslasher
And Unto Dust Shalt Thou --
Dean Winchester has been dying since the day he was born. Everyone has, really. He just knows it, is all. Most people wouldn't. Spoilers through 2x22.
a:synecdochic  fic  supernatural  toread  DeanWinchester  ToTag 
february 2013 by Pslasher
Of A Sort
Notes: Okay, so it's a Winchesters at Hogwarts crossover AU. What? Stop looking at me like that. Somebody had to do it. 2300 words.

Summary: It was the longest Sorting in recent Hogwarts history.
supernatural  HarryPotter  fic  au  pg-13  toread  a:ignipes  DeanWinchester  Gen 
february 2013 by Pslasher
Unravelling - YouTube
Summary: "It'll all be better when you wake up." Dean, 3x08
A/N: This is a little bit of an experiment. I had a rather long holiday and I was being lazy on tumblr and I saw - once again - an art with Dean's quote from 2x22. Like, yeah, that monologue scene. I started thinking that it'd be really cool to play with it again. My first experiment with a 5.1 audio was rather simple, focusing on the the words and what Dean was trying to say. This time I decided to play a little with the lines, with the audio and with everything else. I guess it's more of an audio editing thing that video itself, but it was fun to work with and I hope you like it. I wanted to base this video on the contradiction of the video and audio, because I wanted to show these two sides of the coin we have, so to say.
vid  supernatural  SamWinchester  DeanWinchester  v:SecretlyToDream  ToWatch 
january 2012 by Pslasher
So here is just a simple song interpretation as displayed in a way only Supernatural can. It explores the concept of the song in the perspectives of the individual characters (dean and sam), and relationships between them (sam and dean, dean and cas, and sam and jess)
supernatural  vid  angst  v:nikkisg1  SamWinchester  DeanWinchester  Castiel 
january 2012 by Pslasher
Exodus by murron - SPN, fic, gen
Alternate coda to 4x22. What if Apocalypse Now wasn't just a saying and the world changed over night? Recced by Killa.
Supernatural  fic  Gen  au  DeanWinchester  SamWinchester  Castiel  ToRead 
march 2010 by Pslasher
Five Times Dean and Tony Bumped Into Each Other
Tony goes undercover to help NCIS find and bring in Sam Winchester.
Supernatural  ncis  fic  crossover  Gen  TonyDiNzzo  DeanWinchester  a:tassos 
october 2009 by Pslasher
The Lights of Home by maychorian - Supernatural, fic, Dean
There are some memories that Dean doesn't want to remember, and some things that he hopes Sam has forgotten. But when Castiel calls the Winchesters to protect a seal in a small Indiana town where they once lived with their father, everything comes back. Sometimes even a sun-soaked childhood summer has shadows lurking underneath.
Supernatural  fic  angst  Gen  ToRead  DeanWinchester 
august 2009 by Pslasher

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