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I Spy!
Prompt: Sam/Dean: stuck in the Impala in a blizzard on some back road god knows where.
a:cards-slash  fic  dean/sam  PG  ColdWeather  Impala  supernatural  *ThaliaPodficRec 
december 2010 by Pslasher
A Matter of Time
An AU set in the Trek universe which explores a different beginning for Jim and Bones. Leonard McCoy suffers from chrono impairment, a genetic disease which causes him to time travel against his will. When teenage McCoy travels back in time and meets Jim Kirk aged six, in a meadow in Iowa, it is the beginning of a close friendship which will mark both their lives forever. The story tracks Kirk and McCoy’s relationship, McCoy’s search for a cure and Jim’s path to finding himself.

Gorgeously written, brilliantly executed, exciting and hot. Fantastic story.
a:sangueuk  startrek2009  fic  FanMix  Art  Kirk/McCoy  BigBang  long  romance  angst  au  TimeTravel  nc-17  5star  *ThaliaPodficRec 
november 2010 by Pslasher
Jim Kirk turns down Pike’s challenge, and doesn’t get on the Starfleet recruiting shuttle. But neither does Leonard McCoy, who’s actually been in Iowa for six months already, doing fuck-all. Becoming drinking buddies seems like a natural progression.

Sometimes the path to the stars is just a piece-of-shit dirt road. You know, the kind that’s filled with potholes and surrounded by brambles and conveniently happens to be located in the bottom of a ravine. But every once in a while, when confronted with such a twisted mess of circumstance and cracked foundation, the universe still does its very best to fill in the holes.
a:canis_takahari  fic  startrek2009  Kirk/McCoy  nc-17  BigBang  toread  *ThaliaPodficRec 
october 2010 by Pslasher
can't a guy tell a guy?
Can't a guy tell a guy he thinks his booty is fly?
a:atomicskull  Kirk/McCoy  slash  nc-17  PWP  fic  FirstTime  Academy  humor  *ThaliaPodficRec 
july 2010 by Pslasher
20th Century Boy by 1297 - Star Trek 2009 RPS, fic, Chris/Karl
It's awful, really, how quickly Chris' conscience abandons him when Karl licks his lips. Like a swallow fleeing at the first sign of winter. Gorgeous, angsty.
slash  StarTrek2009RPS  fic  KarlUrban/ChrisPine  NC-17  angst  a:1297  *ThaliaPodficRec  ReallyReallyWant 
february 2010 by Pslasher
Spin Wave by toastedtea - Star Trek 2009 RPS, fic, Chris/Karl
Takes place the morning after 1297's wonderful story "We Don't Talk About Love". Hot and angsty and f-ing HOT!
StarTrek2009RPS  fic  KarlUrban/ChrisPine  NC-17  angst  smut  slash  a:toastedtea  *ThaliaPodficRec  ReallyReallyWant 
january 2010 by Pslasher
Inertia or Law(s) of Motion by cards-slash - Star Trek 2009, fic, Kirk/Bones
it’s not like Romeo and Juliet because nobody dies and it’s not like a romance novel because nobody’s hair is flying in the wind but somehow or another, Bones and Kirk figure out that they’re in love anyway.
slash  StarTrek2009  fic  long  Kirk/McCoy  WIP  *ThaliaPodficRec  ReallyReallyWant 
november 2009 by Pslasher
Flawless Victory
Picture-inspired prompt from 3_foot_six: “...I think someone needs to write a fic where Chris is like, ‘IF YOU KEEP MAKING KISSY FACE LIKE THAT I'M GONNA SMOOCH YOU’ and then Karl goes around making that face all the time and SHENANIGANS HAPPEN.”
slash  StarTrek2009RPS  fic  KarlUrban/ChrisPine  NC-17  humor  sweet  a:thalialunacy  *ThaliaPodficRec 
november 2009 by Pslasher
Unexpected by cards-slash - Star Trek 2009, fic, Kirk/Bones
“I’d never ask you to stop Jim, I’d ask you to slow down.” And the aftermath of the original motorcycle porn. Most noticeably: its porn. Academy era, motorcycles, rough sex. HOT!!
slash  StarTrek2009  fic  Kirk/McCoy  NC-17  *ThaliaPodficRec 
november 2009 by Pslasher
Like Starsips In The Night
"Kirk, was all of four inches ahead of him and behaving as if he didn’t know McCoy from Adam. Acting as if he’d come to the gig alone.

Acting. Ok…"
Roleplaying not knowing eachother at a concert.
slash  StarTrek2009  fic  NC-17  Kirk/McCoy  roleplay  PublicSex  *ThaliaPodficRec  a:sangueuk 
september 2009 by Pslasher
Two Men and a Motorbike series by Inell - Star Trek 2009, fic, Kirk/Bones
Kirk and Bones go beyond friendship after they return to Earth. Rough sex, angst about the relationship, great dialogue, lots of great kissing. Even some great romance.
slash  StarTrek2009  fic  NC-17  Kirk/McCoy  RoughSex  BlowJob  kissing  angst  FirstTime  Relationship  romance  recced  Biting  5star  *ThaliaPodficRec 
july 2009 by Pslasher
First Contact by Florahart - Star Trek 2009, fic, Kirk/McCoy, NC17
A new planet is found and the people won't deal with Kirk until he is married. Thinking it won't matter once they leave the planet, Kirk chooses Bones, only to have the leaders say they have to consummate their marriage in front of everybody (crew, aliens, god)
AliensMadeThemDoIt  StarTrek2009  fic  FirstTimeTogether  NC-17  Kirk/McCoy  slash  humor  recced  *ThaliaPodficRec 
july 2009 by Pslasher
Variations" and "Follow My Lead" by florahart - Star Trek 2009, fic Kirk/McCoy/Other, NC17
5 times Kirk and Bones bring someone else to bed with them, and Kirk drags Bones to a bar to pretend to be bisexual lovers in an effort to bring about a threesome with Gaila or Uhura.

The second is incredably hot (smokin' kiss) and very well written.
StarTrek2009  Kirk/McCoy  fic  NC-17  slash  kissing  BlowJob  threesome  *ThaliaPodficRec 
july 2009 by Pslasher
Proper Motivation by florahart - Star Trek 2009, fic, (Kirk/McCoy, NC17)
Bones hustles Kirk at pool before pool-tabletop-sex occurs. Dominant Bones, subby Jim with a little bit of defiance. Really hot.
StarTrek2009  D/s  Kirk/McCoy  slash  fic  FirstTimeTogether  NC-17  *ThaliaPodficRec 
july 2009 by Pslasher

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