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google/docker-explorer: A tool to help forensicate offline docker acquisitions
"This project helps a forensics analyst explore offline Docker filesystems."

via Devops Weekly #387
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may 2018 by pronoiac
Docker operations slowing down on AWS (this time it’s not DNS) – Jeremy Eder's Blog
AWS has QOS in place on storage - BurstBalance - that can result in mysterious slowdowns. this has ways to monitor and workaround (pay more money! :( )

aws  performance  docker 
july 2017 by pronoiac
Why You Should Stop Installing Your WebDev Environment Locally – Smashing Magazine
there was no statement of this, but here's a summary after a glance:
if you keep your env in Docker containers, it could be easier to transfer, reason about the state of, and work on multiple projects without them bleeding into each other.
webdev  docker  tutorial 
july 2016 by pronoiac
Docker Migration In-Flight CRIU | zwischenzugs
An automated, annotated, interactive demo of live container migration using Virtualbox, Vagrant and ShutIt.
devops  docker 
november 2015 by pronoiac

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