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A lesson in shortcuts. Long ago, as the design of the Unix file system was b...
I'm pretty sure the concept of a hidden file was an unintended consequence. It was certainly a mistake.
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february 2018 by program247365
Unix: Learn the *nix filesystem
Windows users who dive into *nix without first researching the operating system are in for quite a shock. The complete lack of a C:\ drive can send Windows switchers into a tailspin. Thankfully, IBM developerWorks does an excellent job of explaining the structure and organization of the *nix filesystem and the perks of the *nix naming conventions.
Many directories in the UNIX file system serve a special purpose, and certain directories are named per long-standing convention. In this installment of the "Speaking UNIX" series, discover where UNIX stores important files.Ramble around the UNIX file system [IBM developerWorks]
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june 2007 by program247365
Find default passwords for certain network devices
This tip will work on almost any *nix OS with curl installed. Create a text file called dfltpwd on your Desktop. Copy and paste the following into the text file:

curl -s |
grep -i $1 | sed "s/<[^>]*>/ /g"

Save the file, then switch to Terminal and type these three commands (without the $):

$ cd ~/Desktop
$ sudo mv ~/Desktop/dfltpwd.txt /usr/bin/dfltpwd
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/dfltpwd

After doing the above, test the script with something like dfltpwd "belkin". The results should be a listing of default passwords for any Belkin devices from the site.

[robg adds: I don't tend to save things to /usr/bin, for fear that I overwrite something someday if I ever reinstall the OS. Instead, I have a local user bin folder on my path where such files reside.

And before the ...
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may 2007 by program247365

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