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The Myth of Long Polling – Blog
Several years ago, developers had a good reason to feel uncomfortable about using plain WebSockets in production — The WebSockets protocol had gone through a number of iterations and many web…
networking  server  webdev  programming  websockets 
august 2018 by program247365
Running MAMP and Pow side by side on the same machine |
MAMP and Pow running on the same machine for Rails and PHP development.
mamp  pow  server  webdev  howto 
september 2011 by program247365
Jinzora - Jinzora :: Free Your Media!
Jinzora Media Server is the ultimate web based media streaming and management system, allowing you to stream your music and videos to any device with a web browser.
music  audio  streaming  server  media 
february 2011 by program247365
Download details: WMI Administrative Tools
Download the newest and most popular products and updates from Microsoft in dozens of languages.
wmi  iis  iis6  sysadmin  microsoft  metabase  server  webdev 
january 2011 by program247365
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