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Chirr App - Tweet storm made easy
Chirr App splits your text into tweet-sized chunks and posts it as a Twitter thread, so you don’t have to.
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Publish with CreateSpace: Flexible Royalties, Low Book Pricing & Expanded Distribution
CreateSpace provides free tools to help you self-publish and distribute your books, DVDs, CDs, video downloads and MP3s on-demand on and other channels
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Kindle Direct Publishing: Self-publish to Amazon's Kindle Store
Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to self-publish your books and make them available on Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Mac, and PC. All you need to get started is a digital file of your book.
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Self Publishing, Book Printing & eBook Publishing | lässt Sie erstellen, selbst veröffentlichen, drucken und verkaufen bei Bedarf bedruckte Bücher, eBooks, Fotobücher und Kalender mit kostenloser Buch Veröffentlichung.
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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to explain this to you
Recently, someone did the unthinkable: they published their own version of Dive Into Python and got it listed on This apparently caused a small firestorm within Apress, the exact details of which I am not privy to, but which (I am told) became a somewhat larger firestorm after the Apress executives realized they had no legal recourse, and asked my opinion on the matter. You see, the book is published under the GNU Free Documentation License, which explicitly gives anyone and everyone the right to publish it themselves. (I was about to write “gives third parties the right,” until I realized that there are no third parties because there are no second parties. That’s kind of the point.)

This didn’t use to matter, because publishing on paper used to require a serious up-front investment in, well, paper. “Freedom of the press” was reserved for those with an actual press, and distribution costs were decidedly non-trivial. Publishing a book commercially just wasn’t practical for anyone but, well, a book publisher. That’s no longer the case. Copies can be purchased online, printed on demand, and drop-shipped to the customer — up-front investment be damned. And that’s for printed books; e-books are even easier.

Software had this problem first, by virtue of its non-corporeality. How many people are selling Free Software on eBay? We deride these sellers as “scammers,” but in truth the only time they run afoul of the law is when they attempt to rebrand your software without acknowledgement, or when they fail to abide by some other intentionally inside-out clause of the license that you chose in the first place (e.g. selling GPL’d binaries without offering source code).

Still, there’s a qualitative difference between letting people download your own work from your own site, and watching other people try to profit from it. But it is precisely this difference that strikes at the heart of the Free Software/Free Culture ethos. Part of choosing a Free license for your own work is accepting that people may use it in ways you disapprove of. There are no “field of use” restrictions, and there are no “commercial use” restrictions either. In fact, those are two of the fundamental tenets of the “Free” in Free Software. If “others profiting from my work” is something you seek to avoid, then Free Software is not for you. Opt for a Creative Commons “Non-Commercial” license, or a “personal use only” freeware license, or a traditional End User License Agreement. Free Software doesn’t have “end users.” That’s kind of the point.

The aforementioned Apress executive told me that he did not understand why I would be willing to work with a publisher but then be happy about their competition. This is what I told him:

I enjoy working with publishers because it makes me a better writer. But I don’t write for money; I write for love (or passion, or whatever you want to call it). I choose open content licenses because this is the way I want the world to work, and the only way to change the world is to change yourself first.

I don’t know where that leaves you as a business. But you’ve made a good amount of money on the original “Dive Into Python,” despite the fact that it’s been available for free online for 8 years. A German translation of Dive Into Python 3 is being published this quarter by Springer/Germany [a division of Apress' parent company] almost simultaneously with the English edition — much sooner-to-market than it would have been under a closed development process. (And an Italian translation was just released yesterday. You should snap that one up too before someone else does!) So maybe the problems you perceive are really opportunities in disguise.

So I am grateful for this anonymous soul who woke up one day and said to herself, “You know what I should do today? I should try to sell copies of that Free book that Pilgrim wrote.” Grateful, because it afforded me the opportunity to remind myself why I chose a Free license in the first place. My Zen teacher once told me that, when people try to do you harm, you should thank them for giving you the opportunity to forgive them. In this case it’s even simpler, because there’s nothing to forgive, just explain. She’s redistributing the work that I explicitly made redistributable. She’s kind of the point.
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10 WordPress Plugins You’ll Love
WordPress is becoming increasingly popular with each passing day and new release. Perhaps even more popular than WordPress itself, are the plugins you can use to customize your WordPress platform installed on your domain. For more information on WordPress, check out Thord Daniel Hedengren's article on Things to Consider before using WordPress as a CMS.

There are literally thousands of WordPress plugins available for use on your blog or WordPress hosted site. Not all plugins will work with each release of WordPress, and these plugins are usually not endorsed by WordPress because anyone with programming knowledge can create them. With this in mind, let us take a look at the top 10 WordPress plugins for site productivity.

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This is a new plugin compatible with WordPress versions 2.2 and above. Installing this plugin will provide you with real-time visitor statistics to help you determine how well your site is doing. There is a customizable sidebar widget for you to show your statistics to your viewers. It aims not to provide daily, weekly, or monthly summary stats as some other analytics plug-ins do, but to show you live actions of your visitors as they on the site, while still providing you with information on keywords, hostname, and other stats like other programs. Use it in conjunction with an anti-spam plugin for an even greater edge, or use it as a standalone.

Keyword Luv
In order for your blog comments to work to your full advantage in terms of search engine ranking gains, the anchor text associated with the link to your website should be keywords you want to rank for, right? We can thank spammers for creating the no-follow fiasco—and the fact is, many blog owners will spam a comment which uses keywords as the name of the person leaving the comment. The Keyword Luv plug-in will help fellow commentators by allowing them to place both their name and keyword anchor text on the link—ensuring a fight against spam while saying thanks for commenting. To use the plug-in effectively, your blog should also have the nofollow code removed in order for this plugin to function correctly. You can try the NoFollow Free plug-in to ensure it works. Download the file, unzip to the /wp-content/plugins directory of your site, and manage your plug-ins from your dashboard. When a user comments on your blog all they need to do is enter their name like this: name@keywordphrase. The result will translate to this: John from ABC123 says “Great site!” Where ABC123 would be the link to his site—the keyword phrase he chose.

Comment Luv
Help out fellow commenters by using this plug-in to fetch the most recent blog post from their blog. It will display at the bottom of their comment, and encourage participation in comment campaigns as it will help earn traffic all around. As with its aforementioned counterpart, CommentLuv works with Do-Follow blogs. This plugin works with WP versions 2.5 or higher, and is compatible up to the current WP version 2.6.2.

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All-in-One SEO Pack
Need some extra help making sure your content is search engine friendly? There are several SEO plug-ins available for use with WordPress, but this one is great because it lets you customize the important fields just a bit more to push your optimization efforts a little higher. It allows you to change the meta title to include more keywords while still leaving your post title as you wish, make use of a post excerpt rather than posted on information in the meta description that displays with your link on a search engine result page, generate keywords from your categories, and combats duplicate content with a “no-index” feature. Download and install the plugin on your host, and use the dashboard to activate and use the features. This plugin works with versions 1.5 and higher, with compatibility to 2.6.2.

WP DB Backup
To ensure your site stays up and running in the event of computer meltdown, this plugin automatically backs up the database where your posts and other data are stored for archival and restoration purposes. This plugin works with versions 2.0.3 and higher. Customize your settings and backup frequencies from within the plugin management dashboard.

WP e-Commerce
Need to sell products within your WordPress hosted site or blog? This simplifies the entire process for admin and consumer, from catalog to shopping cart and payment processing. This plugin requires at least version 2.0.2. Simply download and install the plug-in to the appropriate directory and activate from within the dashboard, where customization also takes place.

Social bookmarking is a major component of web traffic, so why not give your readers motivation to submit your entries to various sites? The likelihood of submissions will increase if the ability is there in front of the user, as opposed to hoping that he or she will take the time to manually do it. This plugin allows users to submit the post via AIM, MySpace, Facebook, and various others. To use ShareThis, start by customizing the look of your widget and register for tracking purposes. This can be used with version 1.5 or higher, but is only compatible up to 2.6.

WordPress Related Posts
Want a way to link other relevant posts to your new ones without having to find them do it manually for each post? The WordPress Related Posts plug-in is what you are looking for. By monitoring the tags you use for each post, the plug-in pulls data from the MySQL database where your posts are stored, and then displays the appropriate list of related posts on your page. To use this plugin, download the file, unzip it to the /wp-content/plugins directory, and then place the following command in your template code: <?php wp_related_posts(); ?> To change the output of the plug-in, click Manage > Option > WordPress Related Posts. This plug-in requires at least WordPress version 2.3, and is compatible up to 2.6.2. Newer versions of WordPress have a separate plugin management area in the upper right of the dashboard.

Simplify the delivery of your podcasts with the Podcasting plug-in. Download and install the plug-in, and begin recording podcasts—making RSS feeds a breeze, with multiple feed support and multiple podcast support. Embed a player in any post to encourage your readers to listen, and edit your episodes with ease. This plug-in works on WordPress versions 2.5 and higher.

Twitter Tools
Twitter is an excellent way to notify followers of new blog posts, but it is easy to forget to post the tweet. This is where Twitter Tools comes to the rescue, fully integrating your blog and twitter account so as to automatically post a tweet to notify followers of a new blog post as soon as it publishes. This plugin may be used with WordPress 2.3 or higher.

This list represents only a small portion of the total amount of WordPress plugins out there available for your use. With this list, we have covered social networking, analytics, podcasting, SEO, site backup, e-commerce, and enhancement of user experience. Factoring in all of these things to your WordPress site will help you in the long run.
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A Simple Way to Publish Your Own eBook
Much is on-line about growing an ebook. Where to seek inspiration, what to share about and how to sell it are the most common topics. Less plentiful are the step by step mechanics of creating and hosting e-book. With the help of guides like Phil Gerbyshack and Rosa Say I am finding a path. I cross the tangle vines and box hollows seeking a path to building and sharing an ebook. You can use my trail markers and jump ahead on the path.

Trail Markers
1. Write the content (this is the easy part).
Take what you trust and build upon it. Seek the input of others.

The great ones share. You will know who to ask. They will say, “Yes! , Here!; Take what you need!; There is plenty for all; Let me help you.” And, as long as you also share, the stream will continue to replenish itself.

2. Choose pictures to illustrate your book.
A wealth of shared images can be found on Flickr. But, make sure you credit the artist as best you can. Most give freely but it is good to build another when you can. If are uncomfortable using the image created by another without direct contact, you can look to them for inspiration and build them with your own digital camera.

Consider a contest. If you offer took take submissions to the public, many will send you submissions to be included in your book. Be sure to fully credit their work and include them in your acknowledgments section.

3. Convert your document to pdf format.

Your operating system will be a determining factor. If you have a PC system, add a PDF converter. Adobe Acrobat is good. Primopdf converter is also good and it is free. I use both. The differences are negligible and I like free. After you make the addition, you may select converter from your printer selector file. This will create your pdf in your chosen destination.

Most Mac operating systems come pre-bundled converter in the printer choice menu.

4. Distributing your ebook.

What won’t work: Google Docs doesn’t support pdf. Yahoo Briefcase won’t allow you to share without an upgrade. One option is offer a free site subscription RSS feeder. You then email the document to anyone who subscribes. Another option is to email it as an attachment to any who request it.

Finally, there are hosts like They don’t require registration. They will hold carry your ebook for free. You go to their site. Then follow their easy to use menu to browse out your file and upload it. Quicksharing will display the address. Then you can share it with anyone who would like to download your ebook.

There are a couple of things that I don’t love about it. One, because it is monetized by advertisement, you occasionally find promotional links for things you wouldn’t choose to promote, at you download site. Two, if your ebook isn’t downloaded for a month or so, the Quikshare automated system will delete it.

I have converted this document to a PDF and hosted it on Quicksharing so that you may download it (free of course) and get a feel for the process. I am building another ebook about giving great feedback in difficult situations that will also soon be available for free download. If I can help, in any way, please contact me. I hope this work has added value to your day.

Reg Adkins writes on behavior and the human experience at

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