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Benchmarking and Optimizing Slow JavaScript
While writing about optimizing data for performance, I rewrote my transformation function a few different ways and benchmarked the performance of each. Wow! ...
performance  javascript 
march 2019 by program247365
Vertically Scaling PostgreSQL - pgDash
pgDash is an in-depth monitoring solution designed specifically for PostgreSQL deployments. pgDash shows you information and metrics about every aspect of your PostgreSQL database server, collected using the open-source tool pgmetrics.
postgres  performance  database 
march 2019 by program247365 - Faster JavaScript Memoization For Improved Application Performance
Addy Osmani is an engineering manager at Google working on Chrome. He is author of open-source projects like Yeoman, TodoMVC and Material Design Lite. He has also written books like Learning JavaScript Design Patterns with O'Reilly.
cache  performance  javascript  Memoization 
march 2019 by program247365
Improving Client-Side Performance | TJ Fogarty | Web Developer
A few ways in which we can improve client-side performance focusing on images, third-party scripts and more.
performance  webdev  frontendstandards 
september 2018 by program247365
A Real-World Comparison of Front-End Frameworks with Benchmarks (2018 update)
This article is a refresh of A Real-World Comparison of Front-End Frameworks with Benchmarks from December 2017. In this comparison, we will show how different implementations of almost identical…
frameworks  comparison  frontend  performance 
april 2018 by program247365 - Visualising JavaScript Processing Over Time With DevTools Flame Charts
Addy Osmani is a web tooling engineer at Google working with the Chrome team. He is author of open-source projects like Yeoman, TodoMVC and Material Design Lite. He has also written books like Learning JavaScript Design Patterns with O'Reilly.
performance  javascript  devtools 
march 2018 by program247365
Node.js Application Performance Monitoring | AppDynamics
Get Node.js Application Performance Monitoring to manage, troubleshoot, and diagnose performance issues, including Express, Hapi, Geddy, Kraken.js, and more.
monitoring  performance  nodejs 
february 2018 by program247365
GTmetrix | Website Speed and Performance Optimization
GTmetrix is a free tool that analyzes your page's speed performance. Using PageSpeed and YSlow, GTmetrix generates scores for your pages and offers actionable recommendations on how to fix them.
performance  speed  monitoring  webdev  test 
january 2018 by program247365
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