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A Quick and Practical Reference for tcpdump | Benjamin Cane
When it comes to tcpdump most admins fall into two categories; they either know tcpdump and all of its flags like the back of their hand, or they kind of know it but need to use a reference for anything outside of the basic usage. The reason for this is because tcpdump is a pretty advanced command and it is pretty easy to get into the depths of how networking works when using it.
tcpdump  howto  troubleshooting  networking 
15 hours ago by program247365
Git power tools for daily use »
Three little Git gems I cannot live without.
git  tools  howto 
yesterday by program247365
How to test React-Redux hooks via Jest | Through the binary
I love the new hooks from redux-react. It simplify things a lot. Let’s see how to test it.TBH, the solutions can be applied to any react hooks.
reactjs  jest  react-hooks  testing  howto 
7 days ago by program247365
Create a custom VPC with private and public subnets on AWS - Mike Tabor
How to create a custom VPC in AWS with a private and public subnet. Step by step instructions without using the AWS VPC wizard. Good for exam
aws  vpc  howto 
10 days ago by program247365
Why I love to test with react-testing-library - John Brennan - Medium
it('Able to get by test id', () => {
const { getByTestId } = render(<Input data-testid="username" />)
const input = getByTestId('username')
fireEvent.change(input, { target: { value: 'johnb' } })
reactjs  testing  howto 
12 days ago by program247365
screencasting technical guide | Learn how to egghead like a pro.
Screencasting is one of those iceberg-like tasks: 90% of the work is behind the scenes. Only 10% is visible. The final edited version of your screencast is that 10%. You’ve put tons of thought and time into your lesson scope, code example, and points…
screencasting  youtube  howto 
27 days ago by program247365
Integrate TinaCMS With Your Gatsby Website | GatsbyJS
TinaCMS is a toolkit of JavaScript components. You can use these components to build content editing functionality into your site. Right…
cms  gatsby  tinacms  reactjs  howto 
5 weeks ago by program247365
How to Find the Most Recent Satellite Imagery Anywhere on Earth | Azavea
Every satellite imagery project requires data. Here's how to find the most recent satellite imagery options, considering cost, usability, and resolution.
satellite  images  howto 
7 weeks ago by program247365
TypeScript Types Deep Dive - Part 1 | Barbarian Meets Coding
An epic journey of discovery into the mysterious world of TypeScript's type system.
typescript  howto 
8 weeks ago by program247365
Build an Awesome Developer Portfolio Website Using React
In this article, I’ll walk you through building your portfolio website using React with Create React App and deploying the finished project to GitHub Pages. Using the portfolio API…
howto  reactjs 
8 weeks ago by program247365
Wrapping a REST API in GraphQL | GraphQL
GraphQL provides a complete description of the data in your API, gives clients the power to ask for exactly what they need and nothing more, makes it easier to evolve APIs over time, and enables powerful developer tools.
rest  api  graphql  howto 
10 weeks ago by program247365
Machine learning — Is the emperor wearing clothes? - - Medium
Machine learning uses patterns in data to label things. Sounds magical? The core concepts are actually embarrassingly simple. I say “embarrassingly” because if someone made you think it’s mystical…
machinelearning  howto 
november 2019 by program247365
Rapid Prototyping Native Mobile iOS and Android Apps in 5 minutes with React Native and Expo
When you have a new idea for an app, you want to get feedback from users as quickly as possible to see if the idea has legs, and start refining it. The best ...
ios  android  reactnative  howto 
march 2019 by program247365
Do Less – Feliks Eyser – Medium
I never thought I’d end up in a wooden box at age 31 but here I am, surrounded by timber. I buried myself in the jail cell version of a hotel room. When I landed in Singapore, I found several…
leadership  entrepreneurship  management  howto 
march 2019 by program247365
How to manage file uploads in GraphQL mutations using Apollo/Graphene
GraphQL is an amazing way to query and manipulate data. You describe your data, ask for what you want, and get predictable results. The problem is, GraphQL only handles serializable data out of the…
graphql  file  howto 
february 2019 by program247365
Requiring modules in Node.js: Everything you need to know
You can think of the require module as the command and the module module as the organizer of all required modules. The main object exported by the require module is a function (as used in the above…
nodejs  javascript  howto  module 
july 2018 by program247365
Get started with F# with command-line tools | Microsoft Docs
Learn how to build a simple multi-project solution on F# using the .NET Core CLI on any operating system (Windows, macOs or Linux).
f#  microsoft  howto 
april 2018 by program247365
Create a function in Azure triggered by a GitHub webhook | Microsoft Docs
Use Azure Functions to create a serverless function that is invoked by a GitHub webhook.
github  webhook  azure  function  javascript  howto  serverless 
february 2018 by program247365
How to structure GraphQL server code – Apollo GraphQL
GraphQL’s value proposition for full-stack and frontend developers is pretty clear. It provides the missing layer of abstraction between backends and frontends. GraphQL is incredibly easy to use on…
graphql  howto 
january 2018 by program247365
Debugging Node without restarting processes – Hacker Noon
I’m typically a frontend developer, but every now and then I find myself writing or maintaining some backend code. One of the most significant drawbacks I’ve encountered when switching contexts to…
nodejs  tip  howto  debugging 
january 2018 by program247365
Why we transitioned from Medium back to our own blog - Baremetrics
Where to publish something has becoming a difficult decision for a lot of businesses. You read so many stories about using various channels to distribute content and grow traffic, it’s hard to know what does and doesn’t work. Medium, in particular, has become a major player in the world of startup content, but is it really that great?
writing  contentstrategy  marketing  medium  howto  seo 
january 2018 by program247365
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