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The three-page paper that shook philosophy: Gettiers in software engineering « the jsomers.net blog
Supppose you’re standing in a field and off in the distance you see a cow. But suppose that what you’re actually looking at isn’t a cow, it’s just a convincingly lifelike model of a cow made out of papier-mâché. You’re not seeing a cow, you’re seeing the model. But then finally suppose that right behind the papier-mâché cow is a real cow!

On the one hand, you have a justified true belief that “there is a cow in the field”: (1) you believe there’s a cow in the field; (2) that belief didn’t come ...
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12 days ago by pozorvlak
The Phantom Duo - The Daily WTF
For most people, such a story would elicit a chuckle and a hmph, I didn’t realize MRI machines could explode. But for those who work closely with MRI machines, the knee-jerk reaction is please don’t let it be our MRI and please don’t let it be our fault .
computers  programming  debugging  medicine  explosives 
october 2018 by pozorvlak
Ned Batchelder: Print this file, your printer will jam
In the case of the bug report file, the page took longer than three seconds, but only slightly longer, so not only did the drum have to stop, but it hadn’t quite totally stopped before it was started again. That mechanical edge case is what made the printer jam. The file had pages that took just the right amount of time to hit a bad timing window in the drive train firmware, and the printer jammed every time. Once the hardware guys adjusted the firmware, the problem went away.
computers  debugging 
october 2018 by pozorvlak
Charity Majors on Twitter: "Then they hear they should structure their logs, so they add structure to their existing shitty logs, which adds a few bytes, and then wonder why they aren't getting any benefit -- just paying more. You need a fundamentally dif
The basics of design for observability:
- log a single structured event per service hop
- stuff anything you can think of into it (hundreds of dimensions)
- IDs are particularly useful
- keep a weighted sample of these events to control costs
- you can derive metrics and aggregates from events, but not the other way round
- don't log strings randomly throughout your code
devops  computers  distributedsystems  debugging  observability 
september 2018 by pozorvlak
Aliens: Colonial Marines AI fixed by a single letter | ResetEra
In a recent thread recommending the PC version of Aliens: Colonial Marines for less than $3, a post happened to single out an announcement made on the...
computers  games  debugging  aliens 
july 2018 by pozorvlak
Error Handling | Joyent
Learn to distinguish between operational errors, which are anticipatable, unavoidable errors, even in correct programs (e.g., failing to connect to a server), and programmer errors, which are bugs in the program.
Operational errors can and should be handled. Programmer errors cannot be handled or reliably recovered from (nor should they be), and attempting to do so makes them harder to debug.
A given function should deliver operational errors either synchronously (with throw) or asynchronously (...
computers  programming  javascript  node.js  debugging 
july 2018 by pozorvlak
Qix-/better-exceptions: Pretty and useful exceptions in Python, automatically.
RT @nedbat: Very cool Python package to add value annotations to exception tracebacks:
computers  python  debugging  programming 
march 2017 by pozorvlak
Zayd's Blog – Why is machine learning 'hard'?
In conclusion, fast and effective debugging is the skill that is most required for implementing modern day machine learning pipelines.
computers  programming  debugging  machinelearning  datascience 
march 2017 by pozorvlak
JPEG gets played as MP3 · Issue #3973 · mpv-player/mpv
Expected behavior: I should see a muscular girl in the JPEG file
Actual behavior: I hear industrial music instead
computers  programming  debugging 
february 2017 by pozorvlak
Who Called Git? An Unusual Debugging Story
To do this I wrote an executable to bin/git and since bin/ is first on the path, the OS will pick it over the orignial git command.

$ heroku run bash
~$ cat <<EOT > bin/git
#!/usr/bin/env ruby

raise ARGV.inspect
computers  programming  debugging  bash  git  cloudcomputing 
january 2017 by pozorvlak
Tuple Flensing I: Treating Postgres Corruption - Bit Rot Incarnate
@DRMacIver @t_crayford not strictly debugging, but my postgres corruption recovery saga may be of interest
debugging  computers  programming  databases  postgres 
january 2017 by pozorvlak
Symbols the Microsoft Way | Random ASCII
If you ship software on Windows then you should have a symbol server. That symbol server should contain the PE files and PDB files for every product you ship. If you don’t do this then you are doing either yourself or your customers a disservice. You should also have a symbol server for all internal builds that anybody at the company might end up running. If a program might crash, and if you want to be able to investigate the crash then put the symbols on the symbol server.
computers  programming  debugging  microsoft 
january 2017 by pozorvlak
Vocabulary/Dissect - J Wiki
RT @Lenary: Totally convinced that is the coolest thing ever.
computers  programming  j  debugging 
september 2016 by pozorvlak
Alex Naraghi - What I Didn't Understand as a Junior Programmer
You might feel like a genius by bypassing the step of understanding code, but that shortcut will bite you and your company dozens of times in real projects, with real users, and indefinite maintenance.  Avoid my poor habits.  Spend time learning to parse complexity, master debugging tools, and become comfortable writing tooling code to help you see clearly in the soup of 1's and 0's.  It will pay off.  No more nightmares.

"Most bugs are a result of the execution state not being exac...
computers  programming  debugging 
september 2016 by pozorvlak
Benchmarking correctly is hard (and techniques for doing it better) - Julia Evans
RT @SeanTAllen: “Benchmarking correctly is hard (and techniques for doing it better)” =>
computers  optimization  debugging  statistics 
august 2016 by pozorvlak
The Universe of Discourse : Don't tug on that, you never know what it might be attached to
This computer stuff is amazingly complicated. I don't know how anyone gets anything done.
computers  linux  debugging  emacs  unix  perl 
july 2016 by pozorvlak
A useful new strace feature - Julia Evans
-y: resolve file descriptors into filenames
-yy: resolve socket descriptors into IP addresses and ports.
debugging  computers  linux 
june 2016 by pozorvlak
Linux on a Lenovo Thinkpad W541 | MBogo Dev Blog
The page that enabled me to finally install Fedora 23 on my work laptop.
linux  bootprocess  debugging  computers  RedHat 
june 2016 by pozorvlak
How I got better at debugging - Julia Evans
More on the mental approach needed for debugging, from @b0rk: @Catfish_Man
programming  debugging  learning 
may 2016 by pozorvlak
Troubleshooting Ironic — ironic 5.1.1.dev84 documentation
Covers "NoValidHost: No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available."
openstack  debugging 
april 2016 by pozorvlak
Debugging Ironic Python Agent
bug IPA when deploy ramdisk is built using DIB.....earlier i used to put pdb in the IPA source code on the server and which used to break there when we used to run /usr/bin/ironic-python-agent
openstack  debugging  from notes
march 2016 by pozorvlak
Linux kernel bug delivers corrupt TCP/IP data to Mesos, Kubernetes, Docker containers — Vijay Pandurangan — Medium
A great debugging war story by @vijayp, about a Linux kernel networking bug that was causing problems at Twitter.
twitter  linux  networking  debugging  computers  docker  virtualization 
february 2016 by pozorvlak
Why don't schools teach debugging?
RT : "not only are we not plugging the holes, we’re proud of how fast the pipeline is leaking" great post by
debugging  education  engineering  programming  computers  comparch  teaching  from twitter
december 2015 by pozorvlak
@DRMacIver not exactly debugging war stories, but @danluu has a collection of postmortems at
programming  computers  debugging 
november 2015 by pozorvlak
Debugging with GDB - Break Commands
You can give any breakpoint (or watchpoint or catchpoint) a series of commands to execute when your program stops due to that breakpoint. For example, you might want to print the values of certain expressions, or enable other breakpoints.
debugging  computers  programming 
november 2015 by pozorvlak
Back to the Futu-rr-e: Deterministic Debugging with rr
Records (nondeterministic bits of) execution traces, then replays them; allows you to step forward and backwards when replaying.
debugging  c++  computers  programming  mozilla 
november 2015 by pozorvlak
Embedded in Academia : I Can Solve the World’s Debugging Problems
Since I can solve so many problems with so little effort, I’m thinking it’s time to scale this up. Perhaps I’ll create a web site “Mail a Professor” where people can ask for advice about their worst debugging problems. Nobody will read the mails, but people will get a nice randomized response saying things like “Your makefile contains a suspicious dependency” or “Please explain step two in more detail, I don’t yet understand what’s going on” or “Have you tried the latest version of Valgrind?”
computers  programming  debugging 
august 2015 by pozorvlak
Embedded in Academia : How to Debug
At the end of the story Pooh debugs his error by formulating a hypothesis and testing it with a simple experiment:

“Wait a moment,” said Winnie-the-Pooh, holding up his paw.

He sat down and thought, in the most thoughtful way he could think. Then he fitted his paw into one of the Tracks…and then he scratched his nose twice, and stood up.

“Yes,” said Winnie-the Pooh.

“I see now,” said Winnie-the-Pooh.

“I have been Foolish and Deluded,” said he, “and I am a Bear of No Brain at All.”

We should all be so honest with ourselves after making a silly mistake.
debugging  programming  computers  embedded  science  teaching  university 
august 2015 by pozorvlak
How learning Scala made me a better programmer | David R. MacIver
Compiler bugs have an interesting character to them: You cannot trust the code you have written. You cannot deduce the bug by reading through the code until you get a wrong answer. The code is lying to you, because it doesn’t do what you think it does.
debugging  programming  computers  compilers  Scala 
august 2015 by pozorvlak
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