Shades of Gray: Who created Spider-Man?
Who created Spider Queen? At this late date, we may never know. However, a prevailing theory that behind "Elsa Lisau" are the artistic team of brothers Louis and Arturo Cazeneuve.
2 days ago
First Things First – Futility Closet
We [Einstein and Ernst Straus] had finished the preparation of a paper and were looking for a paper clip. After opening a lot of drawers we finally found one which turned out to be too badly bent for use. So we were looking for a tool to straighten it. Opening a lot more drawers we came upon a whole box of unused paper clips. Einstein immediately started to shape one of them into a tool to straighten the bent one. When asked what he was doing, he said, ‘Once I am set on a goal, it becomes difficult to deflect me.’

– Ernst Straus, “Memoir,” in A.P. French, ed., Einstein: A Centenary Volume, 1979

(Einstein said to an assistant at Princeton that this was the most characteristic anecdote that could be told of him.)
science  history  biography 
11 days ago
Scruffs Classic Tech Softshell
The technical softshell uses a unique knit design to deliver a fully waterproof and windproof work jacket. The jacket is made using 8000mm waterproof and 1000mm breathable fabric offering fully protection against the bitter cold of winter. It also features an ergonomic sleeve design and secure zip pockets.

No hood, £45 inc VAT.
12 days ago
‘School’ for two year olds
The Perry kids did not get taught extra maths, extra literacy, or how to pass at extra testing. They got taught things like:

- sitting quietly
- doing on one thing at a time
- sharing
- listening

These are the soft skills that they took to school with them, the skills which then allowed them to learn their maths and reading and all the rest.

The kids in the control group, on the other hand, had to learn maths and literacy and sitting and listening *at the same time*. It was too much for them – it’s too much for any kid. They seemed fidgety and thick to their teachers, and most of them never learned their soft skills. That soft skills deficit followed them for the rest of their lives.
teaching  childraising  children 
15 days ago
Style: Straight Camp
By straight camp, he means fake manliness. Men who are not so much manly as “manly”, to borrow Sontag’s quotation marks again. Straight camp indicates an adopted, achieved masculinity, a masculinity worn much like a suit, or, more likely in this case, a pair of rugged outdoor boots, a chunky all-weather coat and a bushy beard, even though the wearer of all those manly accoutrements rarely leaves the comfort and safety of the city. Straight camp is the pose of unreconstructed masculinity struck by men who have been made timid and uncertain by a changing economic, social and sexual topography. But it is just that: a pose.
clothing  gay  sexuality 
17 days ago
The Smoking Mountain
Waterfall with Mt FitzRoy in the background
mountains  patagonia  photos 
25 days ago
chuckysnow comments on Aspiring screenwriters, can you think up a sequel that fixes the plot holes or wraps up a story line to another movie of series?
Matrix 4- Matrix Revealed. We find out that all of the humans are still in the Matrix. The Architect and Agent Smith both mention that the Matrix is an imperfect environment. Smith said that Humans rebelled at the ‘perfect’ matrix originally made for them. It turns out that the ‘perfect’ world is in fact the matrix that we’ve seen in the first three movies. It was never disassembled. The Zion level was created entirely for those minds that couldn’t handle the main level of the matrix. People like Neo and Morpheus who could see the glitches inherent in any large virtual world. The Zion level simply gave their mind an excuse to brush off any other inconsistencies they might notice.
27 days ago
What Girls Think (about climbing with dudes)
What Girls Think (about climbing with dudes)
climbing  sexism 
29 days ago
What is homophobia? Why straight men are right to be afraid of homosexuality.
The zero-tolerance policy is legitimately scary, then, not just because it sticks you with a label, but also because it erases a lifetime of straightness. One semester of experimentation was worth more than every other hook-up and romance of this guy’s life—both before and afterward.
homophobia  socialjustice  sex 
29 days ago
Scotland isn't different, it's Britain that's bizarre | openDemocracy
But the “cloud cuckoo land” aspiration of the Scottish Government is to be an average, run of the mill, bog-standard European country. Compared to where we are now, that would be a great start.
scotland  indy 
29 days ago
squid314: Book Review: Empire of the Summer Moon
The Comanches, living according to one's nature, and the Indian Wars
history  usa 
4 weeks ago
Bill Gates-funded boffins develop anti-AIDS stealth condom • The Register
Scientists in Utah have developed what they term a "molecular condom", a type of gel which "turns semisolid in the presence of semen, trapping AIDS virus particles in a microscopic mesh".
sex  appropriate  lifeimitatessf  africa  development 
5 weeks ago
Foldscope Promises Microscopes for Everyone!
The Foldscope is an optical microscope that can be made out of paper and printed components, much like a piece of origami. It can magnify up to 2,000X, costs less than a dollar to manufacture, and can provide a sub-micron resolution of 800nm. It requires no external power, fits in a pocket, and could survive being dropped off the top of a 3 story building!
science  appropriate  lifeimitatessf 
5 weeks ago
Girl on the Net - the most productive day of my life
So… on the most productive day of my life I went to the doctor.
She told me the only thing I needed to hear: this isn’t normal. You’re not just busy. Busy is sending fifty emails a day, not sending a hundred then having a panic attack. Busy is turning up late for a date, not fighting off desire so you can sit rigid at your computer as your brain squeals instructions you can barely follow. This is not busy: this is ill.
mentalhealth  anxiety  sex 
5 weeks ago
jq Tutorial
Unix utility for manipulating JSON over pipes.
bash  json  computers  programming 
5 weeks ago
Laurence Tratt: Another Non-Argument in Type Systems
"Dynamic languages are just unityped static languages har de har har" considered misleading.
programming  types  computers 
5 weeks ago
Bits and Barbarism -
Talk to gold bugs and they’ll tell you that paper money comes from governments, which can’t be trusted not to debase their currencies. The odd thing, however, is that for all the talk of currency debasement, such debasement is getting very hard to find. It’s not just that after years of dire warnings about runaway inflation, inflation in advanced countries is clearly too low, not too high. Even if you take a global perspective, episodes of really high inflation have become rare. Still, hyperinflation hype springs eternal.

Bitcoin seems to derive its appeal from more or less the same sources, plus the added sense that it’s high-tech and algorithmic, so it must be the wave of the future.

But don’t let the fancy trappings fool you: What’s really happening is a determined march to the days when money meant stuff you could jingle in your purse. In tropics and tundra alike, we are for some reason digging our way back to the 17th century.
economics  bitcoin 
5 weeks ago
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