What Hawking meant when he said 'there are no black holes'
The event horizon is only apparent; information trapped will eventually become recoverable when the black hole evaporates.
3 days ago
HESA - Higher Education Statistics Agency - HESA - Higher Education Statistics Agency
RT : I've been using with green and purple: , . Non-binary nos always too small to show
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3 days ago
Let's have a think about blue-pink - Visualising Data
Alternatives to "blue=male, pink=female" in data visulizations: (doesn't discuss nonbinary issues, alas)
gender  visualization  dataviz 
4 days ago
Ramsey's theorem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
. Also Ramsey numbers: R(4,4) is known, R(5,5) would be a huge undertaking, R(6,6) is unfathomably hard.
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4 days ago
UKC Articles - Scottish Winter: Ten Must-do Routes at II and III
I've climbed 4/10 of UKC's must-do grade II/III #ScotWinter routes: (Taxus, Aonach Eagach, Golden Oldy, Tower Ridge).
scotland  climbing  mountains  ScotWinter 
4 days ago
Moxie Marlinspike >> Blog >> GPG And Me
RT : Oh man, really nails it. PGP is too old and crufty. It just isn't going to get there.
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4 days ago
It's time to break up the NSA - CNN.com
RT : World-renowned security expert, Bruce Schneier, comes out in favor of breaking up the NSA:
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4 days ago
Real time support for blind users. : Blind
RT : Having trouble with CAPTCHAs on reddit? You can now contact them to have your account excluded from future CAPTCHAs:
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4 days ago
Why Do We Pay Pure Mathematicians? | Math with Bad Drawings
Why Do We Pay Pure Mathematicians? via @michiexile
maths  funny 
4 days ago
Apply | AdaCamp Montreal
RT : sending out invitations to montreal. if you haven't applied yet, GET ON THAT.
adacamp  from twitter
4 days ago
Best Way to Clean Grout (EVER!!!) -- by Home Repair Tutor - YouTube
Attach a soap-dispensing palm-brush refill to a drill.
Dissolve oxygen bleach in water.
Pour onto grout.
Use drill as motorized brush.
video  diy 
5 days ago
The #Oscars Race On Twitter
The Race On Twitter via « great use of a bumps chart!
Oscars  from twitter
7 days ago
Why I Just Asked My Students To Put Their Laptops Away… — Medium
“It’s time to admit that I’ve brought whiteboard markers to a gun fight, and act accordingly” —
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7 days ago
'Overnight, everything I loved was gone': the internet shaming of Lindsey Stone | Technology | The Guardian
When a friend posted a photograph of charity worker Lindsey Stone on Facebook, she never dreamed she would lose her job and her reputation. Two years on, could she get her life back?
internet  socialnetworks 
7 days ago
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