Alastair Humphreys: Morning
RT : A Hemingway take on butchering goats from a modern journal. Something different with your morning coffee.
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2 hours ago
Calvin Johnson Jr on Twitter: "This is sad Bruh http://t.co/wJFW9f6Ql3"
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2 hours ago
SBV by LeventErkok
SMT based verification in Haskell: prove properties of your Haskell programs or find counterexamples
haskell  logic  computers  programming 
11 hours ago
Republicans Against Retirement - The New York Times
You often see political analyses pointing out, rightly, that voting in actual primaries is preceded by an “invisible primary” in which candidates compete for the support of crucial elites. But who are these elites? In the past, it might have been members of the political establishment and other opinion leaders. But what the new attack on Social Security tells us is that the rules have changed. Nowadays, at least on the Republican side, the invisible primary has been reduced to a stark competition for the affections and, of course, the money of a few dozen plutocrats.
government  politics  tax  welfare  usa  elections 
13 hours ago
BBC - Future - How often do you need to see a dentist?
The evidence is too poor for any conclusions to be drawn, but "once every six months" is probably more often than necessary.
13 hours ago
The Environment Agency Has An Amphibious Weed Cutting Boat And They Let Me Have A Go On It
"The Environment Agency Has An Amphibious Weed Cutting Boat And They Let Me Have A Go On It" FAO
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13 hours ago
Obedience, Akrasia, Hypocrisy, Resistance
RT : re-relevant per the Ashley Madison breach: "Obedience, Akrasia, Hypocrisy, Resistance"
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16 hours ago
I got 10 trillion problems, but logging ain't one - The dot Post
TIL @CloudFlare measure their log velocity in megahertz: Excellent talk by @jgrahamc
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Untitled (http://algo.inria.fr/flajolet/Publications/FlFuGaMe07.pdf)
RT : Amazing algorithm for estimating the number of distinct elements in a stream using very little space. HT
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Data-flow analysis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
my favourite algo family is dataflow analysis in compilers, eg for constant propagation:
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2 days ago
What it’s like to run the Twitter handle “@message” — The Message — Medium
RT : Cargo Cult Typography: trying to keep up with our modern day magic invocations.
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2 days ago
Gunther, Christine and Otto
RT @robinhouston: This really is rather an amazing story.
germany  travel  cars 
2 days ago
The Technium: Scenius, or Communal Genius
“Scenius stands for the intelligence and the intuition of a whole cultural scene. It is the communal form of the concept of the genius.”
yosemite  climbing  genius  music  startups 
2 days ago
Natalie Robehmed on Twitter: "Lol this is Mark Zuckerberg's hot take on books http://t.co/8IMTShFAHj"
RT : this markov chain in a hoodie raises good points. RT : Lol this is Mark Zuckerberg's hot take on books
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2 days ago
30 things to tell a book snob | Book Trust
"Stories, at their essence, are enemies of snobbery. And a book snob is the enemy of the book."
books  snobbery  class 
2 days ago
Obama to Run Off Into the Wild With Bear Grylls -- NYMag
Obama to Run Off Into the Alaskan Wilderness With Bear Grylls via
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2 days ago
How The Princess Bride Screwed Up My Love Life. | The Everywhereist
"If you want a storybook romance, you need to write parts of it yourself."

The relationship you want to emulate in The Princess Bride is not Buttercup and Westley’s. It’s super one-sided and weird. The best relationship in that movie is clearly the one between Fezzik and Inigo.
film  fantheories  relationships 
2 days ago
McKinley no more: America's highest peak to be renamed Denali | Alaska Dispatch News
RT @Interior: The mountain has spoken 🗻
Mt McKinley officially renamed Denali:
Congrats, Alaska!
denali  mountains  usa  politics 
2 days ago
Shatner Performs Palin - YouTube
RT : Sadly, "Denali" is a name I will forever associate with Sarah Palin, , and .
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2 days ago
David Berreby – The obesity era
Lots of subtle obesogens, and weight gain over decades in lab animals whose diet and exercise levels haven't changed.
diet  fat  obesity  willpower  science 
3 days ago
Not sure. I tried italki + + Memrise last year with little success.
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3 days ago
Robots may make legal workers obsolete - Tech Insider
RT : Lawyers are just as likely to lose their jobs to as truck drivers & factory workers
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4 days ago
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