India and Nepal Have No Choice but to End Their Border Dispute and Move On | TIME
"The impact of the Indian blockade on Nepal’s economy has now far outstripped damage from the earthquake."
india  nepal  disaster 
9 hours ago
Easy survival knot.
Prusik-type knot used for making a loop around an awkward or large object. Tautline hitch?
knots  video  gifs 
10 hours ago
China is totally crushing the U.S. on renewable energy | Grist
China is totally crushing the U.S. on renewable energy via @grist
china  usa  renewables  energy  climatechange 
12 hours ago
The Utopian UI Architect — re:form — Medium
RT : Bret Victor on how the form of representation matters for how hard or easy it is to think.
from twitter
12 hours ago
Here’s how the airline industry could cut its emissions in half | Grist
By deploying a bunch of technological upgrades, most of which only become economic at $50/barrel oil (currently $40).
economics  aircraft  climatechange 
12 hours ago
Sady Doyle on Mary Shelley (with image, tweets) · kellyoyo · Storify
Frankenstein's monster was a metaphor for Mary Shelley's sister Fanny (aka Frances)
books  horror  history  sf  suicide  feminism 
December Dojo 2015 Tickets, Glasgow | Eventbrite
RT : Join us for our Christmas Python Dojo on the 8th of December! Hosted by !
from twitter
perlop - perldoc.perl.org
that's a standard (and very useful!) idiom: (search for "null filehandle")
from twitter
CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Trailer Reveals Why The MCU Works | Birth.Movies.Death.
RT @andrewducker: The Captain America: Civil War trailer reveals why the Marvel Cinematic Universe works
film  mcu  comics  superheroes 
2 days ago
The Emergency Department [OC] - Album on Imgur
Some interesting graphs from a British hospital's emergency department: (check out the last graph!)
healthcare  dataviz  uk  nhs 
2 days ago
(Almost) Every SFF Adaptation Coming to Television and Movie Theaters! | Tor.com
(Almost) every SFF adaptation coming to TV and cinemas soon « some exciting stuff there! Via @shinium_eu
sf  books  TV  film 
3 days ago
Decent Security - how to clean a windows computer safely
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: FIXING RELATIVE'S COMPUTERS? Take my guide to cleaning and fixing a Windows computer with you!
computers  windows  infosec 
3 days ago
Economists tested 7 welfare programs to see if they made people lazy. They didn't. - Vox
Economists tested 7 welfare programs to see if they made people lazy. They didn't.
economics  poverty  welfare  development 
3 days ago
Time to cry out for academic freedom : Nature News & Comment
It was Clark Kerr, a former chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, who most memorably defined the role of a university administrator: to arrange parking for the staff, sex for the students and sports for the alumni.
university  scotland 
3 days ago
Blue Origin sticks rocket landing, a major step toward reusable spaceflight | Ars Technica UK
Blue Origin sticks rocket landing, a major step toward reusable spaceflight via @mrpj100
space  lifeimitatessf  science 
3 days ago
Chris Wilson on Twitter: "Paging @wstrinz https://t.co/4XpU7Y4XnB"
RT : *waterbear sees us using CRISPR to go all Bioshock in humans* "whatevs, I've been doing that for a million years"
from twitter
3 days ago
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