Sunday Papers Live
This seems like fun. But 35 pounds to get in makes it a bit problematic. I guess they have to keep out the riff-raff.
august 2017
Let’s Banish the Phrase Creative Writing
It’s time we banish the idea that certain writing forms are creative and certain aren’t. And that academic writing is dull. Let’s challenge ourselves to stop using the pernicious phrase creative writing—to produce more public texts that depict the creativity involved with forms besides fiction and poetry, and to expand our fundamental ideas about what it means to be creative.
writing101  from instapaper
january 2017
Portraits of cars in 1970s New York
Langdon Clay spent two years in the 1970s roaming the streets of New York at night, photographing parked and abandoned cars. Forty years later the collection has been published in a new book, Cars – New York City 1974-1976
amerika  image 
december 2016
Convert your Markdown files to PDF
Select a file that contains some Markdown and we'll convert it to a PDF in a snap. It's fast & it's free!
november 2016
The Road Taken
Online cancer diary by Bradford Frost
november 2016
I feared my life lacked meaning. Cancer pushed me to find some | Bradford Frost | Opinion | The Guardian
Despite lots of accomplishments, I suffered existential angst. A potentially fatal diagnosis made me realize that we can make each moment meaningful
november 2016
Johannes Klabbers: I Am Here - Nightlife - (ABC)
Interview with Tony Delroy in Night Life ABC Radio (Australia)
johannes_klabbers  i_am_here 
july 2016
Todd Solondz’s Exquisite, Imperfect “Wiener-Dog”
Todd Solondz’s new film, “Wiener-Dog,” the story of a dachshund who is shunted between five different homes, is many things at once.
film  from instapaper
july 2016
The Mother of All Questions by Rebecca Solnit
A good one from Solnit about being asked unfriendly closed questions, about love, about not having children and writing books instead, about the pursuit of happiness getting in the way of being happy and about being rabbinical.
may 2016
I Am Here (UK) edition
The UK edition of the book will have flaps! So if you want flaps you'll have to wait until mid-July and order it from there... Here is the link to the Amazon UK page for the book...
i_am_here  from twitter
april 2016
I am Here: Stories from a Cancer Ward by Klabbers Johannes ·
Order the book from the international bookshop of the year 2016!
april 2016
I Am Here - Klabbers Johannes - 9781925228625 The American Book Center
Dutchies can get my book here. I assume it's the UK edition - with flaps!
i_am_here  johannes_klabbers 
april 2016
theory -
A whole bunch of links to free articles and chapters from books.
march 2016
Post-Anthropocentrism: Life beyond the Species
Chapter 2 Post-Anthropocentrism: Life beyond the Species - from The Posthuman by Rosi Braidotti
march 2016
Object-Oriented Philosophy
Graham Harman's list of free books and articles he has written or contributed to (on his blog).
march 2016
Are We Old and Worthless | Woodend Winter Arts Festival
I am on a panel with Agnes Nieuwenhuizen, former Federal Minister for Ageing Mark Butler and another writer published by Scribe, Melanie Joosten.

Sunday 12 June 10.30am at the Woodend Community Centre.
march 2016 - Free File Hosting
This looks good - for sharing files up to 200MB without having to make an account/anonymously.
current  free 
march 2016
AirParrot 2 | Mirror & stream content from your Mac, PC or Chromebook to Apple TV, Chromecast & more.
Mirror and stream from Windows computers, Macs or Chromebooks to Apple TV, AirPlay-enabled speakers, Chromecast and more. Connect your computer to any TV or computer and stream movies, photos or music without wires!
march 2016
Rivers ran red
In March 1966, five months of mass killings in Indonesia were drawing to a close. Scholars estimate that 500,000 members and supporters of the Indonesian Communist Party were murdered in operations organised by General Suharto, who ruled Indonesia for the following three decades.
march 2016
Scoreboard pressure
A blog about footy scoreboards? -Yes! (and quite rivetting.)
march 2016
I Am here @ Scribe UK
The book's page on the Scribe UK website.
johannes_klabbers  i_am_here 
march 2016
The Odds of Dying
So many ways to die, so little time.
february 2016
Syncovery sync/backup software
these guys seem to know what they're doing. s3, glazier you name it. local sync two way sync
not back/blaze tho i don't think. 60 USD and a thirty day trial of the full program
january 2016
Learning to Die by Margot Mifflin
My mother taught me many things, including, in the end, how to die.

Her death went well, I told the few friends who I knew would understand my meaning: She was not in pain, she was conscious until the day before she died, she was at home, my sister and I were with her. It was a peak experience, revelatory and meaningful — something I wouldn’t have traded for anything — except her life.

No one tells you how discreetly death can make its catch, or how languorously. It rolls in like a low wave: It’s moving, and it’s not; she’s there, afloat, and she’s not; it simultaneously sluices through her and tugs her in its tide for hours, until she’s silently dispelled by its force.

Continue reading :
death&dying  from notes
october 2015
There are fifteen dead people for every living person
A graph showing the numbers of all the people who have ever lived... and died. For reference.
october 2015
A Safe Mode boot deletes system caches that may help after an OS X upgrade.
Top left corner of your screen click the Apple  > Shut Down.

After your Mac shuts down, wait 10 seconds, then press the power button.

Immediately after you hear the startup tone, hold dow...
mac  from notes
october 2015
Stop Calling My Daughter's Death a Car Accident
Week 2 Recommended reading

When is an accident not accidental?

The World Health Organization says that globally 1.24 million deaths are caused by traffic crashes.
u3a  death&dying 
october 2015
Attention K-Mart Shoppers
Cassettes from the late 1980's and early 1990's. "I worked for Kmart behind the service desk and the store played these pre-recorded cassettes issued by corporate."
music  downloads  from instapaper
october 2015
Night on the Sun: Demos And Rarities
some great modest mouse downloads here but at least one of the files is corrupted - and it looks good! i'd like to find it somewhere : it's called Rarities And Unreleased Material [Unofficial] and this is the Track List:

01. Calculus Man
02. Jawbreaker
03. Church
04. Beta Carotene
05. Calculus Man (Weird Guitar)
06. Humpin Pumpkin
07. Stonewashed Jeans (Funny)
08. Crazy Gnome
09. Drum & Bass Solo
10. Isaac Tells A Joke
11. Calculus Man (Other Ending)
12. Isaac's Dream Live 10-04-03)
13. Spilled Milk Jam
14. You'll See, You Are (Truckers Atlas Ending)
15. Cowboy Dan Hundred Dollar Bill
16. My Fault Your Life
17. Here Comes Trouble
18. Too Many Fiestas For Reuben
19. Beta Carotene (Live Gabe's Oasis)
20. Cowboy Dan (Live)
21. Blame Yourself Knife (Live Track)
22. Dyed Your Hair
23. Juan's Song
24. Humpin Pumpkin 2nd Version
01. Four Leaf Clover
02. Follow Through
03. Wrong Decision
04. Nothing New
05. Needle Point
06. Thrown Off A Bridge
music  downloads 
october 2015
Colm Toibin's review of Jonathan Franzen’s ‘Purity’
One of the most vivid sections of “Freedom” contains a character’s private autobiography. “Purity” uses the same device, and once more, this first-person narrative seems the most compelling part of the book as Pip’s father — I will not give his identity away — writes about his years with her impossible and willful mother in passages that are often brilliantly funny.
books  writers  from instapaper
august 2015
Observer editorial on a dignified end to life - August 2015
“You matter because you are you and you matter to the end of your life,” said the late Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of the hospice movement.
death&dying  from instapaper
august 2015
Man2Big4Boat on Twitter
A Richmond fan from Hobart who designs nice retro footy memorabilia
footy  from twitter
july 2015
get password
use terminal to get the password of the wireless network you are connected to
[replace z with the network name]

security find-generic-password -ga z | grep password
hacks  mac  from notes
july 2015
EagleData short reference
ok so here is that simple free database software for mac that you always wanted
software  mac 
july 2015
Getting On - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
i really want to see this show by jo brand - she is such an interesting character.
july 2015
On the call from outside « The Immanent Frame
In Akeel Bilgrami’s contribution to Varieties of Secularism in a Secular Age, “enchantment” refers to the historical belief that God or his divine expression is accessible to the everyday world of “matter and nature and human community and perception. via Pocket
july 2015
Compass Pizza Restaurant Review | Brunswick East Victoria
old school pizza, eggplant parmigiana with fries! (the restaurant is not vegetarian but has good veg options)
melbourne  vegetarian 
june 2015
Spotlight shortcuts
cmd+r : display current search result in a Finder window.
option+cmd+spacebar : open a Finder window with the search field
may 2015
Rember | Kelley Computing
free utility to check your memory in the computer that is - not useful if you suspect alzheimers
march 2015
Why An Alien Invasion Is No Argument For Animal Rights | Issue 106 | Philosophy Now
Rhys Southan gives an unexpected response. Advocates of ‘human exceptionalism’ say that humans are the most important animals on the planet. via Pocket
IFTTT  Pocket  posthumanism 
january 2015
Blue color without blue color
There's no blue pigment present in the wings of the morpho butterfly. So where does that shimmering brilliant blue color come from? It's an instance of structural color, where the physical structure of the surface scatters or refracts only certain wavelengths of light...
december 2014
i found a list of the 25 bestest podcasts ever and i listen to a few of them. the moth which is people telling stories, serial which is like 'a thing' but is not that interesting. one that is interesting is love hurts a four parter from the kcrw strangers programme by Lea Thau. human are so interesting! and it is when they are being doggedly transparent that humans are a their most interesting.

"people are never dying. they live and then they die."
this is what a social worker told Mike DeStefano when his wife was at the end of her life in a hospice.

actually we are each of us dying already all the time, but it is still a useful observation.
from notes
december 2014
New Materialism: Interviews & Cartographies by Rick Dolphijn and Iris van der Tuin (2012)
This book is the first monograph on the theme of “new materialism,” an emerging trend in 21st century thought that has already left its mark in such fields as philosophy, cultural theory, feminism, science studies, and the arts. The first part of the book contains elaborate interviews with some of the most prominent new materialist scholars of today: Rosi Braidotti, Manuel DeLanda, Karen Barad, and Quentin Meillassoux. The second part situates the new materialist tradition in contemporary thought by singling out its transversal methodology, its position on sexual differing, and by developing the ethical and political consequences of new materialism.
december 2014
Secret Storage Books
Hollow-books. Stash boxes made from used books. Perfect as coffee table centers and discrete hiding places. Available in hundreds of shapes and titles. Hand made in Canada from recycled books collected from charities. Environmentally responsible gifts that will last a lifetime.
july 2014
TestDisk - CGSecurity
this is a useful tool for when you try to repair a hard drive using disk utility and it says it is unable to repair it and in the process makes the partition unable to be mounted. this free tool somehow recreates it. and mounts it again! not for the faint hearted though with only a minimal GUI.
june 2014
if you are in the USA, these guys will drop a matte screen into your macbook air for $250.
apple  mac  hacks 
may 2014
Shady Characters
apart from anything else this is just such a nice unobtrusive web design. made for reading pleasure. keith houston understands... it's 'just' a modified version of sandbox/
may 2014
On Breaking One’s Neck by Arnold Relman
this is about much more than breaking one's neck. how a 90 year old surgeon survived breaking his neck and some tips about hospitals and the medical system generally.

from The New York Review of Books
january 2014
frontdeskapparatus library
some potentially useful/interesting theory texts
december 2013
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