Star Wars API
For demos/presentations/etc
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march 2018
Internet Speed Test |
RT @soffes: Netflix made a simple speed test website:
testing  internet 
may 2016
RT @igrigorik: there is no excuse not to be running HTTPS nowadays: free certs, automation.. EFF's certbot:
may 2016
Planning a visit to NYC? Bookmark this page and you’ll be able to map the nearest super-fast, on-street WiFi:
NYC  WiFi 
february 2016
I Can Tolerate Anything Except The Outgroup | Slate Star Codex
"It seems to me that you only pardon the sins that you don’t really think sinful. You only forgive criminals when they commit what you don’t regard as crimes, but rather as conventions. You forgive a conventional duel just as you forgive a conventional divorce. You forgive because there isn’t anything to be forgiven."
psychology  politics 
january 2016
Lessons Learned in Software Development | Henrik Warne's blog
RT @drewcrawford: This is probably the highest-density article on software development I've ever read. Every word is true.
software  development  programming  education 
april 2015
The Moral Bucket List -
But all the people I’ve ever deeply admired are profoundly honest about their own weaknesses. They have identified their core sin, whether it is selfishness, the desperate need for approval, cowardice, hardheartedness or whatever. They have traced how that core sin leads to the behavior that makes them feel ashamed. They have achieved a profound humility, which has best been defined as an intense self-awareness from a position of other-centeredness.
morality  life 
april 2015
Apprentice Blog of the Week: Isolate CSS
When developing software, it's generally desirable to hide the details. This allows you to increase the cohesion of parts in our software, and to decouple them from each other via well-defined interfaces or boundaries. This is a common approach when it comes to isolating ourselves from external d
css  development 
october 2014
Internet Census 2012
RT : So this guy port-scanned the entire internet:
research  internet  security  from twitter
march 2013
Western Quinoa Demand Raises Prices In Bolivia - Business Insider
Sad. Poor people in countries where quinoa is grown can’t afford quinoa anymore.
from twitter
march 2013
» My Lil’ TARDIS: It’s Bigger On The Inside. No, Really. Greg Kumparak
RT @bencrowder: An augmented reality Doctor Who TARDIS that’s bigger on the inside:
TARDIS  awesome 
december 2012
Burrito Bomber: The world's first airborne Mexican food delivery system
RT @_spr_: From here on out it’ll be “greatest thing since the burrito bomber”.
awesome  food  burritos 
december 2012
Let's Enhance
Do you have an image enhancer that can bitmap?
may 2012
RT @jergason: Awesome! Build iOS apps in Ruby:
ruby  iOS  ObjectiveC 
april 2012
Instarchive, by Recollect
Cool Instagram backup and digital life archival
photos  backups 
april 2012
httpie 0.1.6 : Python Package Index
How did I not know about httpie before?

(via @stevelosh)
python  curl  HTTP  CLI 
march 2012
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