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Night School
In which Rodney gets roped into teaching a night class and meets a handsome - and mysterious - fellow teacher.
sga  mcshep  au  schoolau  humor  first!time  brumeier  0-999  gorgeous/favorite 
9 weeks ago by popkin16
Math Covers a Multitude of Sins
A cross-campus dash to a pop up donut stand turns into a date. Rodney is really not prepared for things like this to happen to him.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  schoolau  humor  first!time  1000-9999  sga_santa 
december 2018 by popkin16
The airport series
Wherein a young John met Rodney during a year of Canadian exile or: Three times someone threw a paper ball.
sga  mcshep  au  schoolau  outside.pov  humor  cute  meet.young  angst  hurt/comfort  series  1000-9999 
october 2018 by popkin16
Magic In the Stars
John Sheppard and Rodney McKay are seventh years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As a pair of unlikely best friends, John soon figures out that his friend is hiding something from him. But what could it be?
sga  mcshep  schoolau  crossover/fusion  harry.potter  first!time  humor  romance  sweet  meet.young  10000-29999 
september 2018 by popkin16
After the Other
The one where they're academics from Ireland.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  series  schoolau  romance  hurt/comfort  sweet  happy!fic  siriaeve  10000-29999 
august 2018 by popkin16
Trig Functions and Mega-Hot Superstars
Janet, a junior at Cold Spings High School, gets math tutoring from her math teacher Mr. Sheppard, and they both agree that actor Rodney McKay is mega-hot.
sga  mcshep  established!relationship  outside.pov  humor  romance  angst  earthside  schoolau  au  1000-9999 
april 2018 by popkin16
Like Pop Rocks on Your Tongue
Rodney's heart started pounding like his chest was about to explode, and he wondered for a second if thirteen was too young to be having a myocardial infarction.
sga  mcshep  au  meet.young  earthside  schoolau  romance  first!time  cute  1000-9999 
february 2018 by popkin16
Whistling in the Dark
A simple walk in the woods at night takes a decidedly unnatural turn for John and Rodney.
sga  mcshep  au  schoolau  established!relationship  earthside  meet.young  brumeier  1000-9999 
november 2017 by popkin16
To See Me The Way That I Am
A McShep Good Will Hunting AU. Based on comment_fic prompt fills.
sga  mcshep  au  schoolau  angst  hurt/comfort  romance  sweet  humor  first!time  10000-29999  team  crossover/fusion 
january 2017 by popkin16
After being shipped home with a missing arm and a scarred face, John Sheppard goes back to his other great love: Mathematics.

Rodney McKay bribes him to become his TA.

It's all downhill from there really.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  schoolau  humor  romance  first!time  sga_santa  1000-9999 
december 2016 by popkin16
A spell gone wrong brings a little chaos to Hogwarts, and to Professors McKay and Sheppard.
sga  mcshep  first!time  au  schoolau  fantasyau  harry.potter  crossover/fusion  sga_santa  1000-9999  humor  team  bottom!john 
december 2016 by popkin16
Breathing Right
John and Rodney are professors at a university in New Hampshire. John knows how to swim; Rodney is learning.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  first!time  romance  humor  cute  1000-9999  schoolau 
september 2016 by popkin16
A Shoulder To Cry On
In which Rodney is a hero with surprising comforting skills, and John likes to wear dresses.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  schoolau  meet.young  angst  hurt/comfort  sweet  gorgeous/favorite  brumeier  kink  1000-9999 
august 2016 by popkin16
Rodney McKay, teen prodigy, cannot get a job.
sga  mcshep  pre-slash  meet.young  schoolau  earthside  1000-9999  humor 
june 2016 by popkin16
Merry Tunes
Rodney and Jeannie are YouTube cover artists going by MerryTunes, and their biggest rival is HotLicksCowlicks. Who is now at their school.
sga  mcshep  pre-slash  au  earthside  humor  angst  cute  1000-9999  jeannie.miller  schoolau  meet.young 
june 2016 by popkin16
In which Elizabeth Weir runs an Austen-land theme resort, and the boys play her suitors.
sga  mcshep  established!relationship  au  earthside  romance  humor  0-999  schoolau  meet.young 
june 2016 by popkin16
The Lean
LJ Comment Fic for Bookish prompt: Any, any M/M pair, Boy Meets Boy
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  schoolau  romance  first!time  1000-9999  brumeier  humor  cute 
february 2016 by popkin16
The Sun Leads Me On
The new guy at school is just Rodney's type, but he can't put his finger on what seems so familiar about him.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  schoolau  romance  first!time  cute  1000-9999  sga_santa 
december 2015 by popkin16
Bottoms Up
It's just another party, until John starts talking to the new kid. That's when things get interesting.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  romance  pre-slash  schoolau  1000-9999  brumeier  meet.young 
march 2015 by popkin16
Genius at Everything
Rodney hopes John is impressed by his technique, because he's been practicing on bananas for months.
sga  mcshep  first!time  pwp  schoolau  au  earthside  0-999  meet.young 
march 2015 by popkin16
Tesla High
John's first day in a new high school should have been easy, just like all the schools before this one.
sga  mcshep  first!time  canon  au  romance  schoolau  earthside  pre-atlantis  crossover/fusion  tarlan  1000-9999  meet.young 
february 2015 by popkin16
After a football accident benches John for the season, he joins the chess team. Rodney, naturally, has a problem with this.
sga  mcshep  au  schoolau  earthside  humor  pining!john  pining!rodney  first!time  meet.young  10000-29999 
november 2014 by popkin16
Sunday Storms
This was not how John expected his Sunday to go. AU, Teen!McShep.
sga  mcshep  au  schoolau  first!time  cute  earthside  romance  length:short  0-999  meet.young 
august 2014 by popkin16
Lakewood High
It's a new year at Lakewood High, and John Sheppard finds himself drawn to one of the new students.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  schoolau  romance  first!time  series  length:short  cute  humor  1000-9999  meet.young 
june 2014 by popkin16
When John met Jeannie's brother
At the party there was no sign at all of her brother Meredith.
sga  mcshep  first!time  au  schoolau  earthside  romance  length:short  velocitygrass  1000-9999  meet.young 
may 2014 by popkin16
80 Proof
80 proof in the baking sun. [Teenage McShep. Link to sequel at the bottom.]
sga  mcshep  earthside  romance  first!time  pre-atlantis  au  canon  schoolau  length:short  meet.young 
december 2013 by popkin16
The Sheppards move to a new base during the summer before John's senior year in high school, and he and the boy next door hit it off.
sga  mcshep  au  schoolau  earthside  romance  first!time  series  angst  length:long  meet.young  100k+ 
september 2013 by popkin16
Cultural Exchange: Another College AU
While spending a semester at Stanford, cultural exchange student Rodney McKay learns more than he expected about love and lawn care.
sga  mcshep  canon  au  pre-atlantis  schoolau  first!time  angst  earthside  romance  pining!rodney  mcshep_match  length:moderate  1000-9999  meet.young 
august 2013 by popkin16
"Oh, and by the way, Dr. McKay?" Cadman added. "The English department? Loves your listing on GaySugarDaddy.com."
rageprufrock  jealousy  established!relationship  romance  humor  earthside  schoolau  au  mcshep  sga  from delicious
december 2012 by popkin16
Lock the Door
"You can't possibly be this stupid," is what Rodney finally decides to start with. Teacher!Rodney/Student!John
sga  mcshep  canon  au  schoolau  pre-atlantis  pining!john  pining!rodney  first!time  length:moderate  kink  1000-9999  from delicious
july 2012 by popkin16
the fixation of belief
The one where Rodney's the hotshot atheist philosophy professor, John's the hot new campus chaplain, and Ronon runs a coffee shop. WIP
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  schoolau  ronon/other  wip  pre-slash  from delicious
december 2011 by popkin16
He doesn't know why he lets John drag him to these things.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  schoolau  first!time  cute  length:short  meet.young  from delicious
december 2011 by popkin16
Reliance Week (was Subtle Hazards)
It wasn't enough to survive a week on the mainland, completely alone -- you wanted to have created something during your alone time that made it completely clear that you could have stayed alone forever without a problem.
sga  mcshep  au  angst  hurt/comfort  romance  established!relationship  length:short  schoolau  meet.young  from delicious
december 2011 by popkin16
High School Confidential
An AU set in Xanthe’s "Coming Home" and "The General and Dr. Sheppard" BDSM universe, in which John and Rodney meet in high school. As an AU, it should be readable alone, but it would probably make more sense to read Xanthe’s fics first.
sga  mcshep  bdsm  au  schoolau  length:long  kink  sub!rodney  dom!john  gorgeous/favorite  elayna88  romance  angst  earthside  pre-atlantis  series  meet.young  from delicious
november 2011 by popkin16
This One's For the Girls
The one where they're sorority girls. Joan Sheppard learns to stop worrying and love the skirt.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  schoolau  first!time  romance  length:short  pining!john  alternate.sex  meet.young  from delicious
november 2011 by popkin16
Home of The Spartans!
John meets the new kid at school in an entirely unique fashion, then finds himself drawn to him. [Includes link to previous installment.]
sga  mcshep  pre-slash  earthside  schoolau  cute  length:short  meet.young  from delicious
october 2011 by popkin16
Always Get Your Way
It's not as though Rodney goes out looking for a book on gay sex. Honestly. He just sort of stumbles into the gay and lesbian literature section on his way to the periodicals, and since he's here, he decides he might as well have a look around. [Sequel to "Star of Track and Field"]
sga  mcshep  established!relationship  au  earthside  pwp  romance  length:short  unamaga  schoolau  kashmir1  meet.young 
october 2011 by popkin16
Hogwarts: The Atlantis Years
The one where Rodney intends to have an Order of Merlin for knowledge before he graduates, Ronon's got a secret and John's the coolest muggleborn in school.
sga  mcshep  schoolau  fantasyau  crossover/fusion  romance  first!time  pining!john  oblivious!rodney  cute  length:moderate  1000-9999  meet.young 
september 2011 by popkin16
And the (Jazz) Band Played On
A high school jazz band AU. Rodney plays piano and builds bombs. John is the new kid in school.
sga  mcshep  schoolau  au  earthside  length:short  pre-slash  meet.young 
september 2011 by popkin16
A Meeting of Minds
John is seriously fed up with the loud guy with the nice ass taking his table.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  humor  romance  first!time  oblivious!rodney  schoolau  length:moderate  1000-9999 
september 2011 by popkin16
Star of Track and Field
Watching John run was captivating: the pump of those sturdy legs, the sweat that shined along the vulnerable back of John’s neck, the blank, blissful expression on John’s face when he built up enough speed at the end of a sprint to jump straight over a kid lying down to stretch his hamstrings.
sga  mcshep  first!time  au  earthside  romance  sweet  schoolau  cute  length:moderate  unamaga  1000-9999  meet.young 
september 2011 by popkin16
Where the Wild Things Are
Sometimes you only realized later that an experience had been one of the highpoints of your life, but this time he knew. Tonight was going to be up there with his Nobel ceremony. [Or, where John and Rodney meet when they're 15.]
sga  mcshep  earthside  pre-atlantis  first!time  canon  schoolau  length:moderate  romance  mcshep_match  mific  1000-9999  meet.young 
august 2011 by popkin16
[Abandoned.] Rodney's a young professor; John's the dean's nephew. John is 16, Rodney is 22.
sga  mcshep  au  schoolau  first!time  angst  humor  length:long  romance  wip  meet.young 
august 2011 by popkin16
Pegasus High
Pegasus High is a school that defies normality. Where the head cheerleader leads yoga classes, the football captain dates the president of the science club, and everyone is scared of the goths that call themselves Wraith. Around fighting off the Genii biker gang, studying for Carter’s physics quizzes, and trying not to barf up the cafeteria food, well the students of Pegasus’s inner group might even find the time to discover a new hideout which they promptly named Atlantis.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  schoolau  lorne  length:short  first!time  cute  meet.young 
august 2011 by popkin16
Ganymede's New Groove (The Erastes Expansion)
It's hard to believe he's twice Rodney's age. // Teacher/Student relationship, prostitution. Remix fic, link to the original in the notes.
sga  mcshep  first!time  earthside  au  schoolau  canon  length:short  kink  angst  sabinelagrande 
june 2011 by popkin16
Paper Airplanes
John came over and sat down in front of Meredith with another big piece of construction paper. He began fashioning another plane. "I'm bored," he said. "Don't we get to go outside? It's summertime."
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  pre-slash  neevebrody  schoolau  cute  sweet  length:short  meet.young 
june 2011 by popkin16
Maximum Blond
Rodney McKay, a grad student, refuses to believe that he has a crush on John Sheppard and his Billy Idol hairdo; John Sheppard, also a grad student, refuses to believe that his complexion is best served by his natural hair color. Also, Rodney’s pretty sure John has a stable of boyfriends but he’d know for sure if they ever got a chance to talk to each other.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  schoolau  length:long  hewligan  big.bang  romance  pining!rodney  oblivious!john  humor  first!time  ronon/teyla  meet.young  10000-29999 
may 2011 by popkin16
Hotel California
An Earthside AU wherein John is a college student on his way to Spring Break and Rodney is a hotel receptionist.
sga  mcshep  first!time  au  earthside  schoolau  length:short  pwp  bottom!rodney  meet.young 
may 2011 by popkin16
The Corps
After four years of the Wraith winning the Drum Corps International World Championships, Atlantis is finally poised to take over the title.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  kisahawklin  first!time  romance  series  schoolau  length:long  mcshep_match  meet.young 
april 2011 by popkin16
It wasn't exactly the first time that a student had developed a crush on him, but Rodney was about the last person he thought would ever. [Teacher/Student relations.]
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  angst  kink  velocitygrass  length:short  romance  first!time  hot  pwp  schoolau  bottom!rodney 
march 2011 by popkin16
Bagglevarger's Theory of Inversive Magic
After the first day, McKay had sniffed imperiously, chin tipped up, and told him that he wasn't a complete idiot, and his shame would only be marginal if they were seen together outside of class. Instead of telling him to fuck off, John had grinned sardonically and drawled a mocking, "Thanks," and McKay took that as the olive branch it wasn't and bullied his way into John's daily life.
sga  mcshep  pre-slash  humor  skoosiepants  au  crossover/fusion  schoolau  length:long  jealousy  pining!rodney  oblivious!john  harry.potter  meet.young  10000-29999 
march 2011 by popkin16
How To Have A Relationship Without Even Trying
College-au. Sleep-fuzzed and disoriented, Rodney struggles onto his back and actually gets a hand onto his belly before he realizes that there's no more comforting clack and click of keys. Oh. Oh.
sga  mcshep  first!time  au  schoolau  length:moderate  pwp  pining!john  oblivious!rodney  earthside  ladycat777  humor  romance  1000-9999  meet.young 
march 2011 by popkin16
Under the Sea
For svmadelyn's badfic-summary challenge, summary from hyperfocused: Rodney MmmKay's mother always told him smart boys never get the hot guys. Can he pretend to be dumb so hunky pilot John Shep Hard will ask him to the Atlantis: Under the Sea prom?
sga  mcshep  astolat  earthside  au  humor  angst  pining!rodney  schoolau  length:short  meet.young 
february 2011 by popkin16
Double Trouble by Tzigane and Zaganthi
In which Carson is Rodney and (eventually) John's Benefactor, Rodney loves them both, and John just wants Rodney all to himself.
sga  mcshep  first!time  au  earthside  pining!john  romance  schoolau  angst  hurt/comfort  80000-99999  bottom!rodney  meet.young 
january 2011 by popkin16
Spruce Summit Mensa Camp
Radek, John and Rodney first met as kids at Mensa Camp.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  schoolau  canon  cute  humor  pre-atlantis  meet.young 
january 2011 by popkin16
Made For Each Other
She remembered all of the kids that went to her kindergarten, but John and Rodney had a special place in her heart.
sga  mcshep  earthside  au  cute  velocitygrass  sweet  outside.pov  first!time  length:short  schoolau  meet.young 
january 2011 by popkin16
Love, Or Something Like It
Love is not easy, especially when you're five. [Sequel is called The Mighty Ducks of the Stars.]
sga  mcshep  pre-atlantis  au  earthside  sweet  cute  humor  length:short  pre-slash  schoolau  meet.young  1000-9999 
january 2011 by popkin16
The first circle
Rodney's first day of doctoral school.
sga  mcshep  pre-slash  au  earthside  aesc  humor  length:short  schoolau  meet.young 
january 2011 by popkin16
Index Cards (and things written in the margins)
Rodney's speech yields mixed reactions. Takes place in the Quantum Entanglements universe.
sga  mcshep  schoolau  au  marriage  humor  length:short  established!relationship  earthside  jeannie.miller 
january 2011 by popkin16
Match Point
McKay discovers the joys of vacations and pro beach volleyball players.
sga  mcshep  au  earthside  length:moderate  first!time  happy!fic  schoolau  1000-9999  meet.young 
january 2011 by popkin16
Not Like Years Ago
The first time he met Coach Sheppard, Rodney was ready to write him off as just another pretty-boy jock, no different from the dimwitted assholes in high school who'd done their best to make his life a living hell all those years ago.
sga  mcshep  au  schoolau  earthside  humor  length:short  first!time  romance  oblivious!rodney  0-999 
january 2011 by popkin16
Young Sentinels and Guides by ladyholder
Due to the greedy actions of the Director to the University's Sentinel/Guide Center, Guide McKay and Sentinel Sheppard are locked in a room together.
sga  mcshep  series  crossover/fusion  schoolau  first!time  angst  the.sentinel  meet.young  10000-29999 
december 2010 by popkin16
Teach the World to Sing
For we are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams. -Arthur O'Shaughnessy (and Willy Wonka)
sga  mcshep  established!relationship  au  earthside  sweet  schoolau  length:moderate  jack/daniel  1000-9999  meet.young 
december 2010 by popkin16
Long Long Road
While shopping, two college students run into each other. Literally.
sga  mcshep  dom!rodney  sub!john  bdsm  romance  kink  schoolau  pre-atlantis  canon  au  length:long  angst  first!time  series  earthside  telesilla  meet.young  50000-79999 
december 2010 by popkin16
Head of the Class
AU featuring Rodney McKay as a U.C. Berkeley physics professor who absolutely cannot stand the new faculty hire, John Sheppard. Although not intentional, this ended up being very "You’ve Got Mail"-ish.
sga  mcshep  au  schoolau  pir8fancier  angst  romance  first!time  length:long  10000-29999 
november 2010 by popkin16
Boys Gone Wild
Spring Break, 1988, South Padre Island, Texas. John goes off with his buddy Mitch in an effort to forget about his tutor, Rodney McKay.
sga  mcshep  tex  pining!john  au  schoolau  sweet  romance  humor  meet.young 
november 2010 by popkin16
Hands-On Science
The guy's name was Rodney McKay and touring the Science Centre with him was like having a backstage pass.
sga  mcshep  pre-atlantis  pre-slash  humor  earthside  au  schoolau  length:moderate  1000-9999  meet.young 
november 2010 by popkin16
The Best Things in Life are Free
Hopeless geek Rodney McKay offers high school quarterback John Sheppard $1000 to make him cool. A story about growing up, finding out who you are, and deciding what you're going to do about it. Lots of Rodney/Other & John/Other.
sga  mcshep  smittywing  angst  au  earthside  humor  romance  first!time  pining!rodney  oblivious!john  schoolau  pining!john  meet.young  100k+  bottom!john  bottom!rodney 
october 2010 by popkin16
Creed Cascade's Sentinel series
Sentinels and Guides form a juvenile pair bond in childhood in order for Sentinels to survive. Neither John or Rodney formed that bond until they were older, which shocked both their parents, the academic community, and their governments.
sga  mcshep  schoolau  au  length:moderate  humor  cute  crossover/fusion  the.sentinel  1000-9999  meet.young 
october 2010 by popkin16
Rodney pokes him in the back. "Seriously, I don't think I can bottom ever again if that's normal." [Ficlet #3, Not Exactly Rocket Science].
sga  mcshep  apple_pi  au  earthside  humor  schoolau  length:short  established!relationship  series  meet.young 
august 2010 by popkin16
Doughnuts and Coffee
Rodney wore the striped boxers from the night before, low on bony hips, and he had two donuts clutched in one hand. The next morning, after "Not Exactly Rocket Science" [Ficlet #2]
sga  mcshep  apple_pi  established!relationship  schoolau  au  length:short  cute  earthside  series  meet.young 
august 2010 by popkin16
Not Exactly Rocket Science
John is the school newspaper editor, and Rodney writes a sex column.
sga  mcshep  schoolau  au  apple_pi  earthside  romance  humor  first!time  length:long  series  bottom!rodney  meet.young  1000-9999 
august 2010 by popkin16
Tied to the Rocket
Rodney McKay meets John Sheppard in 1989, after which nothing is the same. Pre-series AU.
sga  mcshep  canon  au  length:long  mcshep_match  angst  pre-atlantis  first!time  pining!john  pining!rodney  romance  schoolau  bottom!john  meet.young  10000-29999 
august 2010 by popkin16
Finally Found Out
Through the years, Rodney keeps losing things, some of which are found, some of which can be replaced, some of which don't matter and some of which do.
sga  mcshep  au  schoolau  first!time  pining!john  mcshep_match  velocitygrass  earthside  romance  meet.young  1000-9999 
july 2010 by popkin16
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