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Your Speech, Their Rules: Meet the People Who Guard the Internet
Tech platform trust and safety employees are charged with policing the impossible. They open up to Medium’s head of trust and safety.
internet  infrastructure  moderators  moderation  governance  web  culture  trust 
10 weeks ago by po
Rebooting UUCP to redecentralize the net / Boing Boing
UUCP (Unix-to-Unix Copy Protocol) is a venerable, non-hierarchical networking protocol that was used as transport for early email and Usenet message boards; its intrinsic decentralization and its cooperative nature (UUCP hosts store and forward messages for one another) make it a kind of symbol of the early, decentralized robustness that characterized the early net and…
uucp  lolwat  networking  distributed.network  internet  history 
12 weeks ago by po
Verso Books is the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world.
books  anonymous  journalism  internet  culture  trolls 
march 2019 by po
How sex censorship killed the internet we love
When was the last time you thought of the internet as a weird and wonderful place?

I can feel my anxiety climbing as I try to find current news stories about s...
freedom  internet  sex  privacy  marginalization 
february 2019 by po
The Rise and Demise of RSS
This version of events is far too kind to Winer.
He has done as much to sabotage RSS as promote it.
RSS is for sharing but only _his_ way. q.v. 17 U.S.C. 101, et seq.

Winer, in a message to me, said that he was not trying to control RSS and just wanted to use it in his products.
Rot and rubbish.

Ask Tim OReilly or Rogers Cadenhead, both of whom were once staunch defenders of Winer, what their lasting impression of him is.
Or work backwards from "17 U.S.C. 101, et seq...
rss  history  internet  atom  blogs  syndication  web  standards 
january 2019 by po
How to fix the digital divide in Africa, developing countries — Quartz Africa
We simply don’t have the data in developing countries to know the status quo or whether the digital divide is being closed.
africa  technology  internet  web 
december 2018 by po
The internet is a manifestation of our psyches—neither better nor worse — Quartz
We were once so enthusiastic about this experiment called the world wide web. Now we're more cynical. But if we don't like what we see, the internet isn't the culprit.
psychology  internet  fail  cognition  media  data 
december 2018 by po
Why You Should Never, Ever Use Quora – Waxy.org

Quora has:

No public API.
No backup or export tools.
Restricted access to answers without an account.
Blocked scrapers and unofficial APIs, and deleted questions related to scraping on their site.

What a, uhm, surprise.
quora  walled.gardens  web  internet  history  data.hoarding  archiving  internet.archive  rent.seeking 
december 2018 by po
F8: Developers trust that Facebook, and “Mark” will do the right thing — Quartz
> There are few properties on the web as dominant as Facebook, leaving developers without much choice on what platforms to build for. “If my customer wants to use Facebook Workplace or any of the Facebook products, integrated into our product, and there’s a real business opportunity for us to do it, we will do it, but with complete open conversation and transparency and customers,” Sethi said.

"Sure, it's unethical and immoral, but look at the profits!"
facebook  ethics  stewardship  internet  fail  governance  walled.gardens 
may 2018 by po
Internet addiction: How do you treat addiction when abstinence isn't an option? — Quartz
> One of the key steps in treating any internet-based addiction, he says, is to figure out the impulses driving such behavior. Are patients distracting themselves with games as a soothing coping mechanism, or are they seeking the buzz of a reward from each new like on Twitter? Just as there are different emotional impulses behind the alcoholic who goes to a bar to be sociable and the one who drinks spirits at home alone, it’s important to understand the emotional desires behind the addiction.

>In order to both limit your internet activity and replace it with something more satisfying, Graham suggests that rigorous scheduling can help to replace online behavior with more positive activities. “Make sure you don’t just slide into another evening of social media or blogging and suddenly, there’s another day gone,” he adds.
web  addiction  gambling  abstinence  internet  culture  gamification  games  skinner.boxes 
january 2018 by po
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