Dear Data
Omg this is my favorite thing ever.
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7 days ago
Marketing and product design are the same thing.
Second, it buckets similar problems together. The problem of knowing what product to build is something that both product designers and marketers need to understand intimately in order to do their jobs…the designers in order to design the product and the marketer in order to share the story. Both designers and marketers then need to continue to focus on that problem so they know how to proceed…is the product and its story resonating with people or not?
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21 days ago
How to Get Startup Ideas
But imagine asking that in the future, not now. When one company or industry replaces another, it usually comes in from the side. So don't look for a replacement for x; look for something that people will later say turned out to be a replacement for x. And be imaginative about the axis along which the replacement occurs. Traditional journalism, for example, is a way for readers to get information and to kill time, a way for writers to make money and to get attention, and a vehicle for several different types of advertising. It could be replaced on any of these axes (it has already started to be on most).
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22 days ago
Grantland and the (Surprising) Future of Publishing - Stratechery by Ben Thompson
In fact, it’s more than possible that in the long-run the current state of publishing — massive scale driven by advertising on one hand, and one-person shops with low revenue numbers and even lower costs on the other — will end up being an aberration. Focused, quality-obsessed publications will take advantage of bundle economics to collect “stars” and monetize them through some combination of subscriptions (less likely) or alternate media forms. Said media forms, like podcasts, are tough to grow on their own, but again, that is what makes them such a great match for writing, which is perfect for growth but terrible for monetization.
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26 days ago
Serializers · Ember CLI Mirage
. just open-sourced (with amazing docs) Mirage features that would have saved me days on my last project
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27 days ago
My Role as a Manager
My job doesn’t exist so that I can know more, or so that I can tell others what to do. My job exists to cultivate a healthy and safe environment for amazing people to do the best work of their lives. My job is to make sure that people feel supported and have a clear path to success and growth. And when things get murky or confusing, it’s my job to assist in finding clarity again, to reframe the conversation.
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28 days ago
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