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Human log loss for image classification | Blog
Deep learning vs human perception: creating a log loss benchmark - my post based on @kaggle cervical cancer contest
deep-learning  log-loss  human-learning 
7 days ago by pmigdal
Neptune - Machine Learning Lab
Neptune by @deepsense_ai - machine learning lab & experiment tracking - now gives $100 for GPU cloud computing
cloud-computing  machine-learning  deep-learning  version-control 
25 days ago by pmigdal
ImageNet: the data that spawned the current AI boom — Quartz
In 2006, Fei-Fei Li started ruminating on an idea. Li, a newly-minted computer science professor at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, saw her colleagues across academia and the AI industry hammering away at the same concept: a better algorithm would make better decisions, regardless of the data. But she realized a limitation to this approach—the best...
deep-learning  imagenet  dataset 
7 weeks ago by pmigdal
37 Reasons why your Neural Network is not working – Slav
The network had been training for the last 12 hours. It all looked good: the gradients were flowing and the loss was decreasing. But then came the predictions: all zeroes, all background, nothing…
deep-learning  debugging 
7 weeks ago by pmigdal
How to Visualize Your Recurrent Neural Network with Attention in Keras
Visualizing recurrent NNs for machine translation using "attention" in keras Blog post coming soon! @your_datalogue
rnn  keras  deep-learning 
8 weeks ago by pmigdal
Neural Coreference - they, she I – Hugging Face
State-of-the-art neural coreference resolution system
nlp  pronoun  deep-learning  spacy 
9 weeks ago by pmigdal
Semantic Segmentation using Fully Convolutional Networks over the years
Semantic Segmentation using Fully Convolutional Networks over the years

(U-Net, DenseNet, Mask R-CNN, ...)
deep-learning  u-net  image-segmentation 
10 weeks ago by pmigdal
Cardiologist-Level Arrhythmia Detection With Convolutional Neural Networks
Diagnosing arrhythmias from single-lead ECG signals better than a cardiologist.
ecg  deep-learning 
10 weeks ago by pmigdal
[D] Why do people draw neural networks upside down? : MachineLearning
Why do people draw neural networks upside down?
Even decision trees grow from their roots downwards!

flow  deep-learning  metaphor  tree  from twitter
12 weeks ago by pmigdal
General Game Playing with Schema Networks
Vicarious introduces the Schema Network, a generative graphical model that can simulate the future and reason about cause and effect. We demonstrate the benefits of this kind of reasoning for game playing and show an adaptability not seen before in other agents.
deep-learning  q-learning 
june 2017 by pmigdal
Exploring LSTMs
RT @echen: Exploring LSTMs: tutorial + discovery Finally moving my blog into m…
lstm  deep-learning 
june 2017 by pmigdal
AlphaGo, in context – Andrej Karpathy – Medium
I had a chance to talk to several people about the recent AlphaGo matches with Ke Jie and others. In particular, most of the coverage was a mix of popular science + PR so the most common questions I…
go  q-learning  deep-learning 
june 2017 by pmigdal
szagoruyko/diracnets: Training Very Deep Neural Networks Without Skip-Connections
diracnets - Training Very Deep Neural Networks Without Skip-Connections
relu  deep-learning 
june 2017 by pmigdal
Fontjoy - Get font ideas with deep learning
Fontjoy helps designers choose the best font pairs using deep learning
font  deep-learning 
may 2017 by pmigdal at master · handong1587/
nice convnet pictures
Contribute to development by creating an account on GitHub.
convolution  deep-learning 
may 2017 by pmigdal
2nd place solution for the 2017 national datascience bowl – Julian de Wit – Freelance software/machine learning engineer.
This document describes my part of the 2nd prize solution to the Data Science Bowl 2017 hosted by I teamed up with Daniel Hammack. His part of the solution is decribed here The goal of the challenge was to predict the development of lung cancer in a patient given a set of CT images. Detailed descriptions of the challenge can be found on the Kaggle competition page and this blog post by Elias Vansteenkiste. My solution (and that of Daniel) was mainly based on nodul...
lung  cancer  3d-conv  deep-learning  health  unet 
may 2017 by pmigdal
Learning Deep Learning with Keras by Piotr Migdał
@DataScienceLA So, here is Learning Deep Learning with Keras, with your chart: I asked & hope you like it's usage :)
keras  deep-learning 
may 2017 by pmigdal
A Brief History of CNNs in Image Segmentation: From R-CNN to Mask R-CNN
At Athelas, we use Convolutional Neural Networks(CNNs) for a lot more than just classification! In this post, we’ll see how CNNs can be used, with great results, in image instance segmentation. Ever…
rcnn  deep-learning  image-detection 
april 2017 by pmigdal
Deep Learning - What I actually do | What People Think I Do / What I Really Do | Know Your Meme
Writing Learning Deep Learning: spent one hour tracking one meme's origin (), another - creating its #Keras variant.
deep-learning  humour  meme  theano 
april 2017 by pmigdal
Deep learning for satellite imagery via image segmentation |
Turning satellite images into maps with #DeepLearning:
- insights from our 4th place in Dsl…
deep-learning  image-segmentation  unet  deepsense 
april 2017 by pmigdal
Learning to Learn by Gradient Descent by Gradient Descent
When I first came across DeepMind’s paper “Learning to learn by gradient descent by gradient descent”, my reaction was “Wow, how on earth does that work?”. Unfortunately, my first read-through of the…
tensorflow  meta-learning  deep-learning  gradient-descent 
april 2017 by pmigdal
Unsupervised sentiment neuron
We’ve developed an unsupervised system which learns an excellent representation of sentiment.
lstm  deep-learning  sentiment-analysis 
april 2017 by pmigdal
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