Work Cycles - Max Out Your Productivity on Saturday December 16th — Ultraworking
Feeling like having a maximally productive Saturday? While everyone else is
binge-watching Netflix next Saturday, you could instead be doing the most
meaningful and important work to you, in a maximally supportive and
structured environment.
pandas-profiling/pandas-profiling: Create HTML profiling reports from pandas DataFrame objects
pandas-profiling - Create HTML profiling reports from pandas DataFrame objects
5 days ago
Longevity FAQ — Laura Deming
A beginner's guide to longevity research
health  aging  mortality 
13 days ago
I Tracked My Sex Life on a Spreadsheet This Year, And I Orgasm So Much More | Glamour
You can learn a lot about your sex life from tracking it on a spreadsheet, according to one writer who did just that for an entire year.
sex  excel 
14 days ago
The art of the error message – The Style of Elements
The concept of “embracing failure” is big in the tech industry. Fail fast, fail often! is almost an industry mantra. But there’s an everyday type of failure that doesn’t get much attention in the…
ux  error 
14 days ago
Contribute to conceptnet-numberbatch development by creating an account on GitHub.
14 days ago
What eyes and odours reveal about sexual attraction
Do men, in essence, marry their mothers, and women their fathers? And do they also choose mates by smell in a way that is likely to result in healthy offspring? These are both old hypotheses and both…
16 days ago
Improving your data science workflow with Docker - Unsupervised Pandas
Data scientists looking to learn Docker can get a brief intro and a look at how to improve your workflow
16 days ago
The Future of Online Dating Is Unsexy and Brutally Effective
When I give the dating app LoveFlutter my Twitter handle, it rewards me with a 28-axis breakdown of my personality: I’m an analytic Type A who’s unsettlingly sex-focused and neurotic (99th percentile). On the sidebar where my “Personality Snapshot” is broken down in further detail, a section called “Chat-Up Advice” advises, “Do your best to avoid being negative. Get to the point quickly and don’t waste their time. They may get impatient if you’re moving too slowly.” I’m a catch.
16 days ago
Productivity in 2017: What we learned from analyzing 225 million hours - rescueTime
What was the most productive day of 2017? How often do we get distracted by emails or IM? By analyzing millions of hours of anonymized data, we found out.
productivity  quantified-self 
17 days ago
Pen Plotter Art & Algorithms, Part 1
— You can find the source code for this blog series here. Over the last several months, I’ve been looking for ways to produce physical outputs from my generative code. I’m interested in the idea of developing real, tangible objects that are no... | Matt DesLauriers | creative developer
art  programming  plotter 
20 days ago
My Favorite Deep Learning Papers of 2017
Here are five deep learning papers I felt rose above the rest in 2017.
23 days ago
Why Bullies Have More Sex | Big Think
A new study shows that teens who use bullying tactics have more sexual partners.
dating  bullying  psychology 
25 days ago
Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature | Psychology Today
Why most suicide bombers are Muslim, beautiful people have more daughters, humans are naturally polygamous, sexual harassment isn't sexist, and blonds are more attractive.
psychology  gender  evolution 
27 days ago
Game developer’s guide to graphical projections (with video game examples), Part 1: Introduction
TL;DR: This article series explains one of the fundamentals of drawing: how to draw three-dimensional things correctly. It’s an essential skill for artists, but it’s also a great first topic for…
gamedev  drawing 
27 days ago
Pirates of the Caribbean - He's a Pirate (Extended) - YouTube
Concert for Kids Jacek KASPSZYK - dyrygent/conductor Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra/Orkiestra Filharmonii Narodowej recorded at Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Ha...
27 days ago
Polish Christmas Wafer: A Flavorless Tradition That's Oh So Sweet : The Salt : NPR
Before Christmas Eve dinner, some families share the oplatek along with good wishes for each other. The tradition dates back hundreds of years: Back when bread was scarce, exchanging it with neighbors was a gesture of goodwill.
poland  xmas 
27 days ago
Growing One's Consulting Business
How I got started consulting and the advice which changed my (business) life.
29 days ago
What People Think You Can’t Say in Silicon Valley – Jason Crawford – Medium
Paul Graham, Jessica Livingston, Tim Ferriss, and most recently Sam Altman (but see his clarification) think there are too many opinions that are held to be taboo in Silicon Valley. There has also…
dating  taboo  diversity 
5 weeks ago
BBC - Earth - The truth about swans
Swans often do mate for life but it's less romantic than you'd think. And they probably can't break your arm
biology  swan  monogamy 
5 weeks ago
This Game Teaches You How to Build a Quantum Computer - Motherboard
Learning about how quantum computers work doesn’t have to be boring.
5 weeks ago
fish shell
A smart and user-friendly command line shell
osx  shell  linux  terminal 
5 weeks ago
How to Get Your First 100k (Active) Users – Winnie
Acquiring your first 100k active users is an art, but a messy one—especially if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing and paid acquisition. Winnie crossed this important milestone…
startups  growth 
5 weeks ago
Bad News for the Highly Intelligent - Scientific American
Superior IQs associated with mental and physical disorders, research suggests
iq  depression 
6 weeks ago
What is “creepiness”? - Sociological Images
The web's community of communities now has one central hub.
6 weeks ago
Learning to Segment – Facebook Research
New detection technologies will move us toward a more precise understanding of images.
deep-learning  image-segmentation 
7 weeks ago
Graph Algorithm Playground
Interactive Graph Creator and Graph Algorithms
graph  algorithms  interactive 
7 weeks ago
Physics - Focus: Dice Become Ordered When Stirred, Not Shaken
A jumble of thousands of cubic dice, agitated by an oscillating rotation, can rapidly become completely ordered, a result that is hard to produce with more conventional shaking.
physics  packing  dice 
7 weeks ago
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