To Understand Facebook, Study Capgras Syndrome – Nautilus – Medium
W e start with the case of a woman who experienced unbearable tragedy. In 1899, this Parisian bride, Madame M., had her first child. Shockingly, the child was abducted and substituted with a…
psychiatry  facial-recognition  prosopagnosia 
4 days ago
Anti-social Punishment - LessWrong 2.0
This is a cross post from 250bpm.com [http://250bpm.com/blog:132].

There's a trope among Slovak intellectual elite depicting an average Slovak as
living in a village, sitting a local pub, drinking ... (Read More)
game-theory  cooperation  punishment  psychology  communism 
8 days ago
Rom-Coms Made Me a Stalker – Not Another First Time Story – Medium
“Whether a gesture is alarming or charming depends on how it’s received.” Ted Mosby delivered this sage advice in the last season of How I Met Your Mother, about 15 years too late by my timing. It’s…
dating  asperger  creepiness 
8 days ago
Differential Equations - Definitions
In this section some of the common definitions and concepts in a differential equations course are introduced including order, linear vs. nonlinear, initial conditions, initial value problem and interval of validity.
maths  differential 
9 days ago
25 Open-Source Machine Learning Repos to Inspire Your Next Project
In the last couple of years, machine learning has opened up new horizons in a wide range of industries, with advanced use cases emerging: facial recognition Facebook’s facial recognition, Netflix’s…
machine-learning  deep-learning  list 
9 days ago
Vue component to graph networks using d3-force
vuejs  d3js  graph 
9 days ago
Deep in Human DNA, a Gift From the Neanderthals - The New York Times
Long ago, Neanderthals probably infected modern humans with viruses, perhaps even an ancient form of H.I.V. But our extinct relatives also gave us genetic defenses.
neanderthal  dna  biology 
10 days ago
Which GPU(s) to Get for Deep Learning
You want a cheap high performance GPU for deep learning? In this blog post I will guide through the choices, so you can find the GPU which is best for you.
gpu  deep-learning  hardware  benchmark  performance 
11 days ago
Yedoma Globula by Bananaft
3D fractals exploration game
His house ar Ryleh
game  fractal 
14 days ago
Always Up-To-Date Guide to Social Media Image Sizes | Sprout Social
From Twitter to Facebook to Google+, here's a guide to every important social media image size, which we always kept up-to-date.
facebook  twitter  socialmedia  thumbnail 
16 days ago
BYF [be yourself form] – johnronand – Medium
After someone tells you “be yourself”, ask them to check this list before having further conversation with them. “BYF [be yourself form]” is published by johnronand
17 days ago
Super Seducer 2 creator faults #MeToo movement, "a few bad apples" for first game's controversy | GamesIndustry.biz
Richard and Kate La Ruina discuss production struggles, criticism, and changes they did and did not make in the sequel
pua  game  dating 
17 days ago
Naked mole-rat mortality rates defy Gompertzian laws by not increasing with age | eLife
Unlike all other mammals studied to date, the age-specific risk of mortality for naked mole-rats did not increase over decades of life, identifying this species as a non-aging mammal.
mortality  molerat  biology  gompertz 
17 days ago
Tym zdjęciem chcę Wam udowodnić, że waga to nie wszystko! - Zdrowe jedzenie - zdrowsza ja - Posts
Zdrowe jedzenie - zdrowsza ja. 20K likes. Propagowanie podejścia, że aby schudnąć, trzeba jeść. Mówię stanowcze NIE głodówkom, dietom cud, tabletkom itp....
weight  bodybuilding 
18 days ago
Deep Learning Framework Power Scores 2018 – Towards Data Science
Deep learning continues to be the hottest thing in data science. Deep learning frameworks are changing rapidly. Just five years ago, none of the leaders other than Theano were even around. I wanted…
deep-learning  popularity  keras  pytorch  tensorflow  caffee 
20 days ago
Machine Learning for Visualization – Ian Johnson – Medium
When exploring a new dataset we have various tools in our analysis and visualization toolkit. These tools include things like averages and summary statistics, line charts and histograms, as well as…
dataset  google-draw  tsne  drawing  deep-learning 
20 days ago
Hella Positive Pin Up and Boudoir
Radically inclusive pin up and boudoir photography. All genders, all
orientations, all ethnicities, all body types. Hella positive.
sex-positivity  photos 
21 days ago
What convolutional neural networks look at when they see nudity - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
Automating the discovery of nude pictures has been a central problem in computer vision for over two decades now and, because of its rich history and straightforward goal, serves as a great example of how the field has evolved.
deep-learning  nudity 
23 days ago
On Generative Algorithms: Introduction · inconvergent
An illustrated essay on generative algorithms written by Anders Hoff.
patterns  art  generative-art 
25 days ago
Yuval Noah Harari: the myth of freedom | Books | The Guardian
Governments and corporations will soon know you better than you know yourself. Belief in the idea of freedom has become dangerous
free-will  philosophy  democracy  religion  psychology  human-hacking 
26 days ago
Drawing Lines is Hard
Twitter: @mattdesl Drawing lines might not sound like rocket science, but it’s damn difficult to do well in OpenGL, particularly WebGL. Here I explore a few different techniques for 2D and 3D line rendering, and accompany each with a small canvas... | Matt DesLauriers | creative developer
webgl  line 
28 days ago
Am I Happy At Work? [analyzing my entire career from day 0]
I've always wondered if I'm really happy at my work. After analysing my happiness throughout my entire career, I've found the exact answer to this question!
happiness  quantified-self  work 
28 days ago
Funduf - micro crowdfunding
Start a small crowdfunding campaign to prove demand
4 weeks ago
Simple diagrams of convoluted neural networks – InBrowserAI – Medium
Neural networks are complicated, multidimensional, nonlinear array operations. How can we present a deep learning model architecture in a way that shows key features, while avoiding being too complex…
my  deep-learning  data-viz  data-art  diagram 
4 weeks ago
Day Doh Viz — Amy Cesal
#DayDohViz Data visualizations created out of Play-Doh produced "daily". 
data-viz  data-art 
4 weeks ago
Mathematicians for All, Equality, Unity... Poster | Zazzle.com
Shop Mathematicians for All, Equality, Unity... Poster created by MathForEquality. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is!
math  humour  socialism 
5 weeks ago
EU Copyright Directive vote: Articles 11 and 13 approved - The Verge
The European Parliament has voted on amendments to the Copyright Directive, including approving the controversial Articles 11 and 13, which critics say threaten the internet as we know it.
eu  internet  copyright 
5 weeks ago
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