Drawing Lines is Hard
Twitter: @mattdesl Drawing lines might not sound like rocket science, but it’s damn difficult to do well in OpenGL, particularly WebGL. Here I explore a few different techniques for 2D and 3D line rendering, and accompany each with a small canvas... | Matt DesLauriers | creative developer
webgl  line 
15 hours ago
Am I Happy At Work? [analyzing my entire career from day 0]
I've always wondered if I'm really happy at my work. After analysing my happiness throughout my entire career, I've found the exact answer to this question!
happiness  quantified-self  work 
16 hours ago
Funduf - micro crowdfunding
Start a small crowdfunding campaign to prove demand
4 days ago
Simple diagrams of convoluted neural networks – InBrowserAI – Medium
Neural networks are complicated, multidimensional, nonlinear array operations. How can we present a deep learning model architecture in a way that shows key features, while avoiding being too complex…
my  deep-learning  data-viz  data-art  diagram 
5 days ago
Day Doh Viz — Amy Cesal
#DayDohViz Data visualizations created out of Play-Doh produced "daily". 
data-viz  data-art 
6 days ago
Mathematicians for All, Equality, Unity... Poster | Zazzle.com
Shop Mathematicians for All, Equality, Unity... Poster created by MathForEquality. Personalize it with photos & text or purchase as is!
math  humour  socialism 
8 days ago
EU Copyright Directive vote: Articles 11 and 13 approved - The Verge
The European Parliament has voted on amendments to the Copyright Directive, including approving the controversial Articles 11 and 13, which critics say threaten the internet as we know it.
eu  internet  copyright 
8 days ago
erikbrinkman/d3-dag: Layout algorithms for visualizing directed acylic graphs
Layout algorithms for visualizing directed acylic graphs - erikbrinkman/d3-dag
d3  graph 
12 days ago
Productive Procrastination: How to Get More Done by Procrastinating on Purpose | Nick Wignall
"Most peoples’ problems with procrastination begin and end with being jerks… to themselves."
procrastination  productivity 
15 days ago
Stone Soup

Stone Soup

Experience Design Camp

August 30 - September 3, 2018
Przyborowo, Poland

Registration is closed
Contact Stone Soup
event  experience 
17 days ago
Why I Wrote Yet Another SQL Tutorial – Dave Fowler – Medium
A quick Google search reveals that there are already hundreds of SQL Tutorials freely available on the web, almost as many books, courses, and video tutorials as well. As I wrote 4 years ago the…
17 days ago
Select Star SQL
"This is an interactive book which aims to be the best place on the internet for learning SQL."
sql  book  tutorial 
17 days ago
Programming My Child | Boston Review
"There is no restarting from scratch. Google, Amazon, and Facebook are less valuable for their algorithms than for their state: the sum total of all the data the system contains and manipulates."
parenting  cognition  programming 
22 days ago
How the Dutch created a casual biking culture - Vox
A chat with the authors of a new book on cycling in the Netherlands.
bike  biking  netherlands  city 
22 days ago
What does the GDPR actually mean for Startups – Hacker Noon
A few days ago, I saw an article that began with the words “Now that the GDPR is over”, which is pretty reflective of an idea that’s surprisingly common — that post May 25th the GDPR is no longer an…
22 days ago
How to train a Keras model to generate colors – Heartbeat
Skimmable bytes of mobile machine learning delivered right to your inbox. Puns free with sign up.
keras  color  lstm 
22 days ago
The Revolutionary Sex – Aeon Magazine – Medium
‘W e don’t have sex in the USSR, and we are categorically against it.’ When a female hotel manager said this on Soviet state television in 1986, the studio audience laughed. The line soon became a…
feminism  history  russia  soviet 
23 days ago
No, Liberal Lefties are Not Right-Wing - Areo
Left-wing liberals who are opposed to the identity politics developments on the left increasingly find ourselves accused of being right wing, referred to as "right wing" and scornfully urged to admit that we are right wing by identitarian lefties. No. Because that is not true. Of course, there are some individuals who insist they are…
leftism  identity-politics  gender  identity  feminism 
28 days ago
Weltschmerz by Age
I am X years old and... [Google autocomplete]
google  autocomplete  age  pregnant 
29 days ago
[D] Why is Deep Learning so bad for tabular data? : MachineLearning
By personal experience and general ML culture, I know that standard ML methods like SVM, RF and tree boostings outperform DL models for supervised...
machine-learning  deep-learning  tabular 
4 weeks ago
Spectral Clustering for beginners – Towards Data Science
Clustering is one of the most widely used techniques for exploratory data analysis. Its goal is to divide the data points into several groups such that points in the same group are similar and points…
laplacian  clustering  eigenvalue 
4 weeks ago
Inside Reddit's no-strings-attached oral-sex trade | The Daily Dot
Men and women alike, hidden behind an array of throwaway accounts, are hooking up through two new subreddits. 
dating  sex  reddit 
4 weeks ago
google/python-fire: Python Fire is a library for automatically generating command line interfaces (CLIs) from absolutely any Python object.
Python Fire is a library for automatically generating command line interfaces (CLIs) from absolutely any Python object.
python  cli 
4 weeks ago
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