Why I don't use my real photo when messaging with customers on my website · Kapwing Blog
We changed the photo and name of our customer support agent four times to see how it changed users' responses. This is the story of how gender matters when chatting with users on the internet.
sexism  chat  harassment 
deborausujono/word2vecpy: Python implementation of CBOW and skip-gram word vector models, and hierarchical softmax and negative sampling learning algorithms
word2vecpy - Python implementation of CBOW and skip-gram word vector models, and hierarchical softmax and negative sampling learning algorithms
word2vec  numpy 
2 days ago
What I wish I knew when I became CTO – SketchDeck developer blog – Medium
Over the last four years I’ve been the CTO at SketchDeck and now, as I leave and hand the reins onto the team, I wanted to reflect on the experience and what I wish I’d known at the start. It’s been…
career  management 
2 days ago
Sequence Tagging with Tensorflow
GloVe + character embeddings + bi-LSTM + CRF for Sequence Tagging (Named Entity Recognition, NER, POS) - NLP example of bidirectionnal RNN and CRF in Tensorflow
ner  lstm  tensorflow 
2 days ago
How I Shipped a Neural Network on iOS with CoreML, PyTorch, and React Native - Stefano J. Attardi
UI Engineering and Design consultant, specializing in React and React performance. Previously at Facebook and Storehouse. Winner of the first Node.js Knockout with Swarmation.com.
pytorch  deep-learning  ios 
4 days ago
Angular vs React — the DEAL BREAKER – Hacker Noon
Angular is a full framework with all the tooling and best practices designed on top of it. Suits ones, hates the others. React on the other hand is just a small view library that you would need while…
javascript  angularjs  reactjs  vuejs 
4 days ago
Machine learning mega-benchmark: GPU providers (part 2) | RaRe Technologies
We had recently published a large-scale machine learning benchmark using word2vec, comparing several popular hardware providers and ML frameworks in pragmatic aspects such as their cost, ease of use, stability, scalability and performance.
gpu  aws  deep-learning 
9 days ago
Make Patterns Pop Out of Heatmaps with Seriation
One of the easiest ways to start visualizing data is to turn a table into a heatmap: every cell gets a colour, the higher the number the brighter the colour. Unfortunately, this is often a fairly unrewarding exercise, yielding graphics that look like plaid or tartan fabric. Part of the problem is that the rows and columns of a dataset often have no natural ordering, such as time, and are instead shown in alphabetical order, or else the dataset is sorted by one of the rows or columns,...
clustering  heatmap 
10 days ago
"Grad Student Descent" - [D] How do people come up with all these crazy deep learning architectures? : MachineLearning
For the past few days, I've been reading TensorFlow source codes for some of the latest DL architectures (e.g. Tacotron, Wavenet) and the more I...
10 days ago
Google Brain’s Lukasz Kaiser: How Deep Learning Quietly revolutionized NLP
On January 11th 2017, more than 20 world-class AI experts from both industry and academia came together in Santa Clara to participate in this year’s AI Frontiers Conference. This year’s conference…
translation  lstm 
11 days ago
28 Jupyter Notebook tips, tricks and shortcuts
jupyter nbextensions_configurator enable --user
jupyter  python 
19 days ago
What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Data Scientist Self?
I am a "data scientist" by job title, and I am the editor of a "data science" website, and I deliberately pursued a career of "data science," and I am interested in all things "data science."

But I don't really like the term "data science."
data-science  taxonomy 
19 days ago
Faster R-CNN: Down the rabbit hole of modern object detection - Tryolabs Blog
Previously, we talked about object detection, what it is and how it has been recently tackled using deep learning. If you haven’t read our previous blog post, we suggest you take a look at it before continuing.
Last year, we decided to get into Faster R-CNN, reading the original paper, and all the referenced papers (and so on and on) until we got a clear understanding of how it works and how to implement it.
deep-learning  object-detection  rcnn 
21 days ago
RetroClip: Instant Replay for your Mac
Fast, native, comprehensive issue tracking for GitHub
video  osx 
21 days ago
How to build your own AlphaZero AI using Python and Keras
The codebase contains a replica of the AlphaZero methodology, built in Python and Keras. Gain a deeper understanding of how AlphaZero works and adapt the code to plug in new games.
reinforcement-learning  deep-learning 
21 days ago
reddit: the front page of the internet
deep-learning  porn  faceswap 
22 days ago
LSTM by Example using Tensorflow – Towards Data Science
In Deep Learning, Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN) are a family of neural networks that excels in learning from sequential data. A class of RNN that has found practical applications is Long Short-Term…
deep-learning  lstm 
25 days ago
Work Cycles - Max Out Your Productivity on Saturday December 16th — Ultraworking
Feeling like having a maximally productive Saturday? While everyone else is
binge-watching Netflix next Saturday, you could instead be doing the most
meaningful and important work to you, in a maximally supportive and
structured environment.
27 days ago
pandas-profiling/pandas-profiling: Create HTML profiling reports from pandas DataFrame objects
pandas-profiling - Create HTML profiling reports from pandas DataFrame objects
4 weeks ago
Longevity FAQ — Laura Deming
A beginner's guide to longevity research
health  aging  mortality 
5 weeks ago
I Tracked My Sex Life on a Spreadsheet This Year, And I Orgasm So Much More | Glamour
You can learn a lot about your sex life from tracking it on a spreadsheet, according to one writer who did just that for an entire year.
sex  excel 
5 weeks ago
The art of the error message – The Style of Elements
The concept of “embracing failure” is big in the tech industry. Fail fast, fail often! is almost an industry mantra. But there’s an everyday type of failure that doesn’t get much attention in the…
ux  error 
5 weeks ago
Contribute to conceptnet-numberbatch development by creating an account on GitHub.
5 weeks ago
What eyes and odours reveal about sexual attraction
Do men, in essence, marry their mothers, and women their fathers? And do they also choose mates by smell in a way that is likely to result in healthy offspring? These are both old hypotheses and both…
6 weeks ago
Improving your data science workflow with Docker - Unsupervised Pandas
Data scientists looking to learn Docker can get a brief intro and a look at how to improve your workflow
6 weeks ago
The Future of Online Dating Is Unsexy and Brutally Effective
When I give the dating app LoveFlutter my Twitter handle, it rewards me with a 28-axis breakdown of my personality: I’m an analytic Type A who’s unsettlingly sex-focused and neurotic (99th percentile). On the sidebar where my “Personality Snapshot” is broken down in further detail, a section called “Chat-Up Advice” advises, “Do your best to avoid being negative. Get to the point quickly and don’t waste their time. They may get impatient if you’re moving too slowly.” I’m a catch.
6 weeks ago
Productivity in 2017: What we learned from analyzing 225 million hours - rescueTime
What was the most productive day of 2017? How often do we get distracted by emails or IM? By analyzing millions of hours of anonymized data, we found out.
productivity  quantified-self 
6 weeks ago
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