Webshell - The API of APIs
js repl with lots of slick features & api integrations
js  dev  web  coffeescript  api 
november 2012
Mac OS X native client for Google Docs, supporting multiple accounts
software  apps  google 
july 2012
Code School - Try Git
Got 15 minutes and want to learn Git?
git  dev  education 
july 2012
Simperium is a service for developers to move data everywhere it's needed, instantly and automatically
data  framework  mobile  dev  web  api 
may 2012
[no title]
This looks awesome. Such a cool idea.
apps  running  exercise  sports  inspiration 
march 2012
Why Objective-C is Hard » Ash Furrow
fairly good article except for this quote "Objective-C is almost useless without the Cocoa/Cocoa Touch frameworks used by developers to build apps. It would be like trying to write a web app in Ruby from scratch without Rails."
objectivec  dev 
march 2012
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